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Best MLM companies in Brazil


If you want to give time to your family and along with that want to earn huge Reals then you should quickly move to networking business as on this platform you can become entrepreneur and can earn a lot to spend on all your dreams.

Even Bill Gates says that if he is given a chance to start all over again he would choose networking marketing. Network – marketing is a business model in which you can make money with it in a few different ways like selling your products ,along with it you have to join more members to the business and you get commissions accordingly.

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Here we have shortlisted best companies in Brazil and these are the legal companies as the Brazilian government has made many rules and restrictions for the MLM companies to operate there. These brands are even loved by many Brazilian population:


Natura MLM Company, Brazil :

This Brazilian company by founded in 1969 by Luiz  Seabra , its headquarters are in Cajamar,  Brazil and today it is the largest Brazilian cosmetics company by revenue which is preferred by huge population.

The Natura &Co Group currently includes Natura Cosmetics, Aesop,  The body shop and Avon. Brazilians support their local business and which is why it gets the top spot. Natura products are created to generate pleasure and well – being. They awaken the senses and improve the relationship of people with themselves, with their bodies.


Amway MLM Company, Brazil:

This American company which is short of American Way was founded in the Michigan by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos in 1959 . Almost 1 out of 10 people know about Amway as it currently the largest Multi level company in the world. It is operating in various countries and sells health, beauty and home care products.  Amway stepped in Brazil during 1991 and has grown huge there. Even many tropical fruits for the use of company is produced there.


Belcorp MLM Company, Brazil:

With the aim of transforming the  lives of thousands of women and their families this brand is doing a extremely good job. This cosmetic brand was founded 50 years ago by Eduardo. It is currently operating in 14 countries and Brazil is one out of them. Belcorp has a strong presence in Brazil and even Brazilians are passionate about their products and in future also it will keep growing.


Yanbal International MLM Company, Brazil:

Both Belcorp and Yanbal  are the competitive companies founded by two brothers, Fernando founded Yanbal. This American company started 50 years ago following the methods of Avon selling door to door. This brand sells cosmetics,  perfumes and more and claims that is inspired by and created for women. Many Brazilians are showing their love to this brand and in today’s date its turnover is in millions.


Tupperware MLM Company, Brazil:

To help people in managing kitchen products , Tupperware is a home product company that includes preparation  storage and services products for the kitchen and home. This brand was founded in 1948 by Earl Tupper. It has more than 1.9 million distributors all around the globe. Currently, many kitchens and homes of Brazil are having Tupperware boxes. Its sales are increasing with the addition of years.


Nu Skin MLM Company, Brazil:

Nu skin was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah. This American company manufactures and sells personal care products and dietary supplements. In 1990 it began its international operations in Canada and now it is selling its products in more than 54 markets globally , Brazil is one of them. These products are earning a huge name in Brazil. They aim to empower people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities and innovation products.


Avon MLM Company, Brazil:

This UK based business model started operations a huge time ago in 1886 by David H. McConnell and today it is one of the oldest MLM company. It produces beauty,  household and personal care products. In 2019, the Brazilian company Natura &Co announced its intent to acquire Avon and now its ownership is of 76% stake. The  company aims to celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.


Mary Kay MLM Company, Brazil:

This American company is selling cosmetics and skin care products.  It was founded in Dallas,  Texas in US 57 years ago (1963) by Mark Kay Ash. Richard Rogers, Ash’s son , is the chairman and David Holl is president and was named CEO in 2006. Its last year revenue was US$3.6 B . Around 3.5 million representatives are joining hands together in this company. It believes that people with different lifestyles and profiles can become consultants.  Each have freedom to run business according to their lifestyle.


Forever Living MLM Company, Brazil:

Forever is one of the most popular company and it is known for its products which are made from natural ingredients as aloe-vera based drinks and bee derived cosmetics. Rex Maughan founded the company in 1978 in America and he is its present CEO. The company has a network of 9.3 million distributors and it is increasing with the years.  It started operations with Brazil in 1996 and now this brand is highly preferred by Brazilians.


Herbalife MLM Company, Brazil:

This is another wellness company which develops and sells dietary supplements, weight management, personal care and nutrition. This brand was founded in 1980 by Mark R. Hughes in California, US. It has its huge network in more than 94 countries and Brazil is one of them. It has millions of distributors around the globe.  The purpose of this brand is to help people live healthy lifes and giving business opportunities.

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The best thing of multi level marketing is that it is not a specific time job. You can enjoy all festivals with your families  as in traditional jobs many of us are not getting all festivals off.  Your can work from home and most importantly like some businesses you don’t have to face corruption for joining and for higher positions.  It is purely on your leads how many members are joined by  you and how is your performance on sales. You can yourselves use best quality products by the MLM manufacturers at low rates . So its the best time to start your journey with networking business.


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