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Binary MLM Software compensation plan is the most commonly followed plan among all MLM compensation plans. Of all the MLM plans, this plan is also is the simplest to understand.

In Binary plan, a member is only required to recruit two members under him, hence the name “Binary”. These two members are called the left leg and the right leg. Each of these legs will recruit two more legs each and it goes on like this.

The only catch is that you need to grow both legs in a balanced manner. Otherwise, you will be paid only for the weaker leg. This predefined condition helps the company cut down on commissions, but makes it somewhat difficult for associates. But because of the simplicity of the plan structure it has always been the favorite plan of most start-up MLM businesses.

If you are looking for an MLM plan  for MLM software that is easy to manage, simple to explain to prospects and as profitable as other relatively complex plans, binary compensation plan is the one you should be choosing.

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Binary MLM Software system in network marketing When a member recruits more than two members, they automatically go under any of his initial frontline members. This is called the spill over. This makes it easier for new members because all they need to do is recruit two members and they are ready to start earning.

The only concern from then on is balancing the legs because the earnings of a member will be based on his weaker leg. So, even if a lot of people join under you, it doesn’t mean you will be earning a lot. And it is also possible that a member under you will be earning more than you.

The recruiting member has the freedom to select which leg to develop at a given point. That is, a team leader can decide under which of his frontline members new team members should go. But it gets difficult to balance the legs over time, since some members grow their legs fast themselves, while others lag behind. It then becomes the responsibility of the upline member to do the balancing it can easily get out of hand in a matter of time.


  • Benefit from work done by both upline and downline members. Any new associates recruited after the first two downline members automatically goes under one of these two. So, you stand to benefit even if the new associate is recruited by the person above you. At the same time, you will also be profiting when any member under you recruits new associates under him.
  • Possibility of infinite income. Since there is no limit to the depth a leg can grow, unlike the Matrix Plan, there is theoretically no limit to the income you can make. As long as you balance both your legs, your will get continuing income.
  • The best plan to foster teamwork. Since balancing the legs is important to all members, teamwork prevails above anything in binary compensation plan models. When a leg gets weaker, it will automatically get help from the stronger leg. Similarly, when one leg gets better opportunities in recruiting, the other leg gets a share of it.
  • Comparatively faster growth rate than other plans. Since the work load on every member is distributed into recruiting just two members at a time, this plan has tremendous potential for growth.
  • The simplest to understand compensation plan of all. The relatively simple idea of recruiting just two members is easy to understand for prospects. This makes it very easy for members to recruit new associates.
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  • You will have to work harder if your sponsor is not strong enough. Since the balancing of your legs is largely dependent on spill over, it is crucial that your sponsor is hard working and continue to be good at it. If not, your legs will not get any spill over and balancing becomes difficult.
  • When associates on other legs gets weaker, they eat into your hard work. Again, because of the spill over system, when associates on the other leg of your sponsor gets weak at recruiting, your recruits will be treated as spill over for them. So, it becomes difficult for you to balance your legs, even though it works the other way around too.
  • Every new recruit will want to join your stronger leg. If the people you approach to recruit have knowledge about how the plan works, they will naturally want to be part of your stronger leg. This is not practical because it is to strengthen your weaker leg that you need them in the first place. But prospects will want to join your strong leg or they will turn down the offer.
  • Lazy associates will sit back and expect you to do the work for them. Since everyone knows balancing your legs is important to you and they will get the benefit of the spill over system, some cunning members will deliberately lag in recruiting, expecting you to recruit on their behalf.


As you can see above, the Binary plan is only slightly more advantageous than disadvantageous to recruits. This is why some companies prefer other plans because they want the plan to be more advantageous to recruits.

But the bottom line is that binary compensation plan is the simplest of all MLM compensation plans to understand and manage. And it has the potential for infinite returns for both the recruits, as well as the company.

If you can find members who are equally hard working and are willing to put in team work, binary compensation is more than enough for building a thriving MLM business.


In Binary Compensation Plan one member can recruit two people to the first level. Most of the binary MLM companies gives binary compensations based on the least active leg(Weak Leg).To make the concept more simple say if the left team has fewer business sales than the right team, the binary bonus will be paid based on the left team sales amount.

So the profit margin depends entirely on your down-line team being active. That is if one of your team is inactive, then you will not earn much money. Best Binary MLM Software will help to manage effortlessly all concepts of a best binary MLM plan features.


MLM businesses pay pairing bonuses to distributors for the down lines placed under their direct down lines. The maximum pairing bonus will be calculated by the plan you choose and the rules fixed by the company


It is same like in other compensation plans. This as a motivational bonus because these type of bonus is offered by sponsors to make members active in stable network expansion


It is the amount earned as a percentage for every person signed on by your down lines. This actually starts almost 5-6 levels below you and is actually a motivation for you to grow your network deeper.


his bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. It acts as a promotion bonus in the MLM industry.

+91 9946345177


+91 9946345177