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Monoline plan is the simplest of all MLM compensation plans. In this plan, members are added in a linear fashion, one below the other, in a first come first serve basis. Therefore, this plan is also called Linear Plan or Single Leg plan.

In monoline plan, there are no restrictions like width or depth or number of legs. Anyone who joins the company after you is placed below you and you stand to make a commission every time a member joins. It does not matter who recruits whom but it is merely about the timing of joining that decides your returns. Though there are no restrictions about the number of legs, some companies put in restrictions like one should recruit a minimum number of members to be eligible for commissions. This is to make sure that people simply join the company and do not make an effort in recruiting, knowing that whoever joins next will be placed under them and they can start profiting from it. Since this plan is pretty simple and has no much conditions to fulfill, this is one of the most popular MLM plans followed by many MLM companies.


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Unlike most other MLM business plans, all you need to do is recruit one member and he is placed immediately under you. The next person who joins the team, whether recruited by you or by the member whom you recruited, is placed under the member you recruited.

And the next person who joins, whether recruited by any three of you will be placed under the third member. It goes on in this manner infinitely. This makes it easy for the company to attract members fast because the sooner a person joins, the better it is for him.

Once you explain to prospects that whoever joins first will be placed on top of the next to join, prospects will want to join as early as they can. Moreover, there is no left leg, right leg, matrix, width or depth to satisfy. All they are expected is to join the company and start building the team as they see fit. And everyone who is already a part of the team stand to make a profit as the company grows. It is a win-win situation for all. Because of this simplicity and attractiveness of the plan, more and more companies are preferring monoline compensation plan.


  • First come, first served. This is by far the main advantage of the Monoline plan. If you are the first to join, you stand to benefit more and quite justly so. This also encourages more and more members to join fast, which really helps in accelerating the company’s growth.
  • Simplest business plan to understand as well as explain. In the case of other plans, it takes time for newbies to understand the requisites of the plan and the commission structure. But with the monoline plan, the conditions to fulfill are easily understood. And new members are equipped to explain it and recruit others right away, without any training whatsoever.
  • Consistent opportunity for income. You are eligible to make income right from the moment you join the company. As long as the company continue to grow, there will always be a steady income for all team members. Needless to say, this is because new members will be joining the company, one way or another.
  • No targets or deadlines. This is one of the main aspects many people look for, when they take up a profession. Meeting targets and deadlines puts undue pressure or most people and sometimes, it even demotivates them. But with a company that follows the monoline business plan, you are free to work as much as you can and still have a steady income.
  • All members get the incentive for the company’s growth. Incentives from the company’s overall profit is another concern for people in choosing a profession. In this plan, irrespective of whether you play a role in the company’s growth, you can make a profit as long as the company makes a profit.


  • Having no requisites and targets, it breeds laziness. Sooner or later, some members will start to feel that it doesn’t really matter whether they work or not. Getting used to profiting from the effort of others will start to grow on them, resulting in a laid-back attitude in some members.
  • Company has to spend too much in commissions. If certain conditions and restrictions are not set on the commission structure, the company’s profit rates will decline after a while. This is because more and more members will need to be paid commissions as the number of members increase.
  • Earlier members making more income will demotivate newer members. New members will start to feel uneasy seeing their seniors make more money with less effort. Sometimes, they might even feel that senior members are unjustly paid and are reaping the benefits out of their efforts.


Though having a few obvious disadvantages, there is no other MLM compensation plan as simple and straight forward as the monoline plan. The ease of recruiting and managing and accounting makes it one of the most preferred and popular business plans in the MLM business.

Though the commission structure is not so justifiable to newer members, it definitely encourages members to join as early as they can. This gives the much needed momentum to the company’s growth in the initial stages. At a later stage, the company can modify the commission structure or add requisites and conditions about minimum number of recruiting. This will balance the commission rates and also keep the company’s growth consistently.


The MLM Companies Define Their Compensation Plan Based On Their Policies. As A Leading Provider Of Monoline Software System, We Offer Different Compensation Structures As Per The Companies Requirements.


Even though it is a single leg structure, the users will get many re-entries when system grows and will be getting bonus/commissions too. This is a particular speciality of Monolonie mlm plan.


When a user getting some bonus like referral bonus or rejoin bonus his sponsor will be getting a bonus at the same time like other mlm plans offers.


It is same like in other compensation plans. This as a motivational bonus because these type of bonus is offered by sponsors to make members active in stable network expansion.


This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. It acts as a promotion bonus in the MLM industry.

+91 9946345177


+91 9946345177