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Top 5 Network Marketing Companies Trending in 2019

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Network Marketing Companies in 2019

Many people are skipping the 9 to 5 jobs to find the leveraged source of income. Are you one of them? But, does not know what to look out for or where to start?

Well, Network Marketing Companies are making a huge share in the present era. Most of the people look it at as a side-income. A few others have dived totally into this business and making greater profits.

Network Marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a type of business model that helps you to become a distributor of a particular company by spreading a word about its products.

You can start earning the commission by investing a smaller amount to kick-start your business. So, the distributors can directly sell the products or recruit distributors further that become part of your team.

Even you start earning the bonuses on the products that your team sells. According to a study, the global Direct Selling News has published the rankings of top 100 networking companies along with their revenue.


Top 5 Network Marketing Companies to Watch Out

Below is the list of 5 of the best networking companies that you can join in 2019. Let us dive into this powerful list:




This is one of the top companies doing better in terms of revenue and sales. It provides a whopping 30% to 50% of the commission for network marketers. The Company was launched back in 2014, made approximately $9 million dollars in revenue by the year 2017 and by the end of the year 2018, it made greater revenue of $100 million dollars.

An impressive rise in the sales that accounts to nearly 10x makes it stand on the top.

This Company specializes in Hemp based products and CBD Oil. It is the choice of the millions because of the powerful effect of this CBD-infused oil. The oil is available for humans and CBD Treats for the dogs.




This Company provides products that are based on natural healthcare. David Sterling and his peers, the pioneers from the healthcare industry, founded it in the year 2008.

This networking company made nearly 5 million dollars in its first five years and is growing rapidly. It has some marketing associates and budding Entrepreneurs too.

doTERRA sells essential oils that are found in the shampoo and deodorants. Therefor, They also have a great range of wellness products. It made revenue of nearly 325 million dollars by the year 2018. The distributors can make nearly 25% of the commission from the sales of the products. It stands amongst the networking companies that has a fine balance.


Young Living


Young Living is another essential oil selling company with market hold since the year 1993. The founder Gary Young got into the essential oils manufacturing through his organic herb farm.

The business was restructured so that the entrepreneurs can earn a good amount of commission by selling its products. This US-based network marketing company has made more than $ 1 billion by last year. It is pushing off its limits by providing quality essential oil and wellness products to its end consumers. The distributors can earn a maximum amount of $144,551 as an average monthly income after reaching a certain level.




It stands amongest the best networking companies globally with its distributors found in every corner of the world. Their annual revenue amounts to $8.8 billion, a massive amount that remains untouched by any of the network marketing companies.

This multi-level marketing company is based in the US and was started in the year 1959. Their brand sounds synonymous with the network marketing.

It has nearly 3 million distributors across the globe. It deals in beauty and wellness products, nutrition, home care products, and much more. The distributors with Amway can earn the commission in the following manner:

  • The difference between the distributor’s purchase price of the products and its selling price
  • The commission based on the volume of the products purchased through the marketer
  • The monthly commission that is received by the Amway distributor through the sales made by their downline or second-level distributor

The distributors have to pay the taxes according to the rules set up by the governments of the particular country. Most of the distributors may even receive already tax-deductible income in the country they are operating before getting their monthly commission.


Forever Living


Aloe Vera is in demand because of its effectiveness on skin and body. Forever Living has a product line based on the Aloe Vera, which is the hot market nowadays.  The plant has made its place not only in the households but also in many beauty and skincare products. The Forever Living stands amongest the top Networking Companies that are fully into providing the quality wellness products.

The Company was established in the year 1978 and has almost 40 years of experience in this field. Moreover, they have made to Forbes 400 list and the Inc.com 500 listing of the top companies.

The revenue registered of the company is $2.6 billion. Their distributors can earn the monthly commission of around 43% when they sell the product at retail prices.

Further, the marketers will get a personal discount of 18% for sponsoring new customer and helping them in making sales. The Group Volume Bonus is up to 13% on each team member.

When your downlines are placed on a few great positions, the distributor is eligible for a bonus between 2% to 6%.


Network Marketing Companies Future in 2019

To conclude, Network Marketing has worked for most of the people but some have flatly failed in this concept. If you are beginner then you must explore the potential fully before plunging into this business. So, there is a long list of best networking companies across the globe but here are some of the top-notch companies with their revenue and compensation plans.

Most of these network marketing companies also use leading MLM software for the seamless working of their online sites. The Lead MLM Software is one such pioneer in the field who brings forth latest developmental results through their expertise.

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