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E-Wallet in MLM Software

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E-Wallet in MLM Software

  • What is E-wallet?
  • Types of E-wallet
  • Popular E-wallets
  • What is E-wallet module in MLM software?
  • What are the main features of the E-wallet?
  • What you can do with E-wallet?
  • Customizable E-wallet MLM software module


What is E-wallet?

E-wallet refers to the online service that enables people to carry out electronic transactions online.

E-wallet stores information related to e-money such as e-pin etc.

Thus, e-wallets eliminate the necessity to go through user information every time an online financial transaction using e-money is conducted.

Checkout the video to know more about mobile wallets



E-money or e-currency is the monetary unit that does not exist in substantial form.

It only exists electronically in the online banking system.

Thus, The information stored in e-wallet is encrypted for security and protection against fraud.

E-wallets offer increased safety in online transactions. Because, card details are not passed but a unique transaction identifier is used.


Types of E-wallets

Know about the popular types of Ewallets used in the Industry, and their features




Online – Formerly online wallets are run on the cloud and can be accessed from any device and location. Though they are comparatively more convenient to retrieve and manage, they stand the risk of vulnerability to hacking attacks. Therefore the private keys are stored online in these e-wallets and operated by a third party.

Desktop – As the name suggests, these e-wallets are installed and run on a desktop computer or laptop. The limitation to desktop e-wallets is that they are accessible from only one location, i.e., the computer in which they are installed.

Mobile – Mobile e-wallets are similar to desktop wallets except that they are installed and run on mobile devices. So, They are also smaller and simpler than desktop wallets and have the advantage of accessibility from any location.

Hardware – These e-wallets totally differ from the above three that are basically software wallets. In hardware e-wallets, the user’s private keys are stored on a hardware device like a pen drive. The main advantage of hardware e-wallets is increased security because they store user information offline.

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Paper – This is a more straightforward type of e-wallet where the user information is stored as a paper printout. As is obvious, this is an unsafe and obsolete type of e-wallet.


Popular E-wallets

The following are the top ten most popular e-wallets in use in India.

Popularity is  based on number of transactions, total amount of transactions and number of installs.

Few of E wallets are,

  • PayTM
  • Momoe
  • PayUMoney
  • Mobikwik
  • Citrus Pay
  • State Bank Buddy by State Bank of India
  • Citi MasterPass by Citibank and Master Card
  • ICICI Pockets
  • HDFC Chillr
  • LIME by Axis Bank

Some of the lesser popular e-wallets in India are

  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe by Flipkart
  • Airtel Money
  • Ezetap
  • Freecharge
  • PayZapp
  • JioMoney by Reliance Industries
  • JusPay
  • Mswipe
  • MoneyOnMobile


What is E-wallet Module in MLM Software?

Much like any other e-commerce platform, MLM software also involves the use of e-money. The e-wallet module in our MLM software ensures secure and risk-free e-money transactions.

The e-wallet module allows companies to send payments directly to affiliates anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the e-wallet module enables companies to operate and manage all cash-in cash-out transaction information of users. Activities like generating e-pins, viewing transfer history and integrating bank accounts and credit cards are all made possible with the e-wallet module.

Without an e-wallet module, it is literally impractical to carry out prompt and efficient transactions involved in an MLM business.

Every compensation plan in MLM software will have a Ewallet in their dashboard.


What are The Main Features of the E-wallet?

E-wallett’s features are one of the important point to consider while choosing. So, finding a e wallet with best options available will be our choice.

The following are some of the main features of the e-wallet module in Lead MLM Software.




Checkout the man features of E-wallets. Few of them are,

  • Virtual Money Storage
  • Security & Trustworthiness
  • Execution of Cash-In Processes
  • Execution of Cash-Out Processes
  • Fund Transfer
  • Purchase of E-Pins
  • Adjustment of bonuses
  • Registration of new members
  • Up-gradation of existing members
  • E-Money withdrawal requests


What You Can Do with E-wallet?

E-wallets enable users to carry out numerous frequent functions involved in the multi-level marketing business. Effortlessly and efficiently.




A few of the major operations that can be independently performed using the e-wallet module

such as,

  • Users can transfer funds from their e-wallets to other members, directly to their e-wallets.
  • E-wallet balance can be used for the registration of new members .
  • Ordering or purchasing of products can be done with the amount in e-wallet.
  • The amount deducted in re-purchase from pay-outs can be transferred directly to the respective e-wallet.
  • E-pins can be purchased using the amount in e-wallet.


Customizable E-wallet MLM Software Module

Customize your E-wallet module in MLM software. Request for customizable E-wallet module in MLM software, Fill out the form and enter your query and requirement.  So, we can respond you within 1 hour.




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