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MLM Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

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MLM App for Mobile Devices

MLM mobile apps are one of the must have tool needed for every MLM customer. To enhance MLM business, MLM app provides an easy yet powerful interface to the user. Through this interface user can interact with all the MLM business modules on the go. Checkout the top MLM mobile app and their equipped features for Android and iOS hand-held devices.


MLM Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

  • Importance of mobile applications
  • Why do we need a mobile application for MLM?
  • Android MLM mobile applications
  • About Android OS from Google
  • Android based MLM software mobile apps
  • iOS MLM mobile applications
  • About iOS from Apple
  • iOS based MLM software mobile Apps
  • Common features of MLM mobile applications
  • Advantages of using MLM Mobile applications
  • Best MLM mobile applications development company
  • Importance of mobile applications in MLM
  • Customizable MLM mobile applications


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Importance of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications make computing much easier. Thus, Smartphones are no longer “phones”, they are portable computers. And it is difficult to find anyone not carrying a mobile device these days.

Modern-day hand-held devices are so powerful that you will hardly need to open your laptop or power up your desktop for most of the tasks they have been so far used for. But for this, applications need to be scaled down. So, mobile functionality will be implemented on the Apps.

So, every desktop application now has a mobile app to compliment. They are less resource-hungry but at the same time, are as fast and efficient as their desktop or web versions.


Why do we need a Mobile Application for MLM?

The reasons for wanting a mobile application for MLM is pretty much as same as having mobile applications for any other business process. A mobile application lets you manage your business from literally anywhere.



You do not need to be at your office or desk to run your MLM business. Whether you are travelling or on bed, you can get to your work at a few touches and swipes, thanks to the mobile application.

Network marketing is always a time consuming process, thus

This brings out more efficiency from you even as it makes work much easier for you. In short, a mobile application lets you work less but do more.


Android MLM Mobile Applications

MLM mobile apps for android is a must have mobile software for the MLM business management now a days. Mobile is always with us and about 80% of the user using the Android powered device due to its cost effectiveness. So MLM apps in Android phone will provide the highest portability and reliability.

Android mobile apps have always a light UI, which provide more user friendliness to the user, lots of complex tasks of the MLM business can be easily managed by using the mobile apps.



About Android OS from Google

Android is the operating system for mobile devices developed by search engine giant Google. It was initially developed by Android Inc. and was acquired by Google in 2005. By the year 2011, Android has become the best-selling smartphone OS in the world and still continue to dominate the smartphone market.



The latest release of Android is 9.0, known as “Android Pie”. This is the 16th version of the mobile OS and its 9th major update.


Android based MLM Software Mobile Apps

Techffodils Technologies LLP, the developers of Lead MLM software are among the very few software developers who thought about having a dedicated android version of their MLM software.



The Android version of Lead MLM software is having all the functionalities of the main software version. But it is a portable lightweight version of Lead MLM that is easy on resources but pretty smart on features.

The Android MLM software are compatible with smartphones andtablets. It lets users manage their profile, get updated information on compensations and commissions, without having to go to the desktop or laptop frequently.


iOS MLM Mobile Applications

ios or  i-Operating System powered by Apple Inc. is the second most used mobile operating system after Android. iOS is a linux based operating system to manage devices such as iPhone series and  iPad Series. UI of the iOS is very different from the Android.

MLM mobile apps for iOS development is an entirely different comapred to android app development.   MLM mobile apps for iOS can be develop as per the custom requirements of user.



About iOS from Apple Inc.

iOS is the mobile operating system for Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. Created originally in 2007 by Apple Inc.



itself, iOS is the second most widely used mobile OS, second only to Android. Its latest version is iOS 12, which is the 12th major release of the OS, unveiled in the late second quarter of this year.

iOS is exclusively made by Apple for Apple devices and do not run on any other devices.


MLM Software Mobile Apps for 

Though many MLM software companies have followed our steps by releasing Android versions of their MLM software, only a few have been able to also come out with iOS based MLM software.



Software development for iOS is much more complex and demanding than developing Android based software and only companies with a global reach can afford to offer robust iOS-based software.

What’s even more challenging is that every iOS application needs to be approved by Apple’s app review team. Before they can be made available in the app store. An iOS MLM app is a must for today’s urbane MLM professionals.


Common features of MLM Mobile Applications

Almost all the features of the primary MLM software package are available in the mobile applications also.

The only difference is that the features are arranged in such a way to suit the comparatively smaller display size of mobile devices.

But the touch and gesture capabilities of mobile devices compensate for this short fall. Following are some of the common features of MLM mobile applications.


  • Simpler UI –  MLM mobile applications are enhanced with touch and gesture enabled user interface . Which are simpler than the desktop version
  • Dashboard – Displays the summary of your business such as, membership info, customer details, payment details etc.
  • Registration – Lets you add new users from the mobile application itself
  • Profiles – Displays detailed user information
  • Password settings – Pretty self-explanatory feature, allows you to reset the password
  • E-Wallet – Displays the details of your E-Wallet and payment notifications
  • My Bonus – Details about your earned and eligible bonuses. Also displays new joining information in your network
  • Email – Lets you read, compose and send mails
  • Reports – Shows reports of activities like joining, sales, commission etc.


Advantages of Using MLM Mobile Applications

There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers. And unlike computers, almost 99% of mobile devices are online.  Whereas the percentage of computers that are online could hardly be 50%.

This gives you all the more reason to use mobile applications rather than desktop applications. Below are some of the advantages of using MLM mobile applications.


  • Constant reminder of your MLM business – Since mobile devices are always with the users, having an MLM mobile app is also an effective method to keep reminding users about your MLM business.
  • Increases user engagement – Owing to the same reason, people to tend to spend more time on work, if it is done through their mobile devices.
  • Making use of device features – Mobile apps use features that are exclusively available on mobile devices, which makes work easier.
  • Ability to deliver push notifications and instant updates – Mobile apps enable real-time updates and notifications related to your business to all your members.
  • Improved productivity – Since people these days are more accustomed to their mobile devices than personal computers, mobile applications also translate more productivity
  • Reduced costs – Mobile MLM applications are cheaper than desktop versions. So, it also means economy.


Best MLM Mobile applications development company

Techffodils Technologies, the makers of Lead MLM offer world-class software solutions for the multi-level marketing industry. The superiority of our team lies in the combined experience of each developer.



The team behind Lead MLM comprises of software professionals who are young, energetic and experts. They have been working in various MLM software companies as project managers, team leads etc.

With the extensive experience so gathered by serving international clients with a world-class MLM software, they have all come together to create Lead MLM.

Today, Lead MLM is the undisputed name in MLM software solutions, not just in India, but all of Asia-Pacific region.

We are not only experts in all the nuances of the MLM industry, but are also well-known veterans in mobile application development. Our team consist of android developers and iOS developers of high caliber.

This has helped us also become the best MLM mobile applications development company in India and the Asia-Pacific region.


Importance of Mobile Applications in MLM

Unlike most other industry verticals, the MLM industry is one that needs its members to be constantly in touch with the business, round the clock. This is why mobile applications are highly important in the MLM business.




The portability of mobile applications is something that every member in multi-level marketing essentially needs to ensure a smooth running of his team.

Viewing and keeping updated on each and every activity in one’s team and is an indispensable aspect of being productive in this field.

It is a must to keep track of the growth and performance of each legs in real-time.


Customizable MLM Mobile Applications

Lead MLM also offers the provision to customize your MLM mobile applications. Bespoke mobile solutions to suit your individual and unique business is just a call away.

This is crucial, because we understand that every MLM business has its own combination of compensation plans and commission schemes. It is not possible to efficiently manage them all using a single generic mobile application.

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That’s why the innovative minds at Lead MLM offers you the choice to customizable MLM mobile applications. Lead MLM uses high end robust frameworks to develop custom mobile apps. We will enhance the custom user modules to the base Lead MLM mobile app. Lead MLM base software have ample flexibility to tailor make your own unique mobile application solution.


Request Custom MLM Mobile Apps for Android or iOS

Use the below form and send the query to us or want to know the price of the MLM software, we will help you within 10 minutes.

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