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Category: MLM Glossary


What is a Team in MLM?

What is a Team in MLM? “Team” is a group of members recruited to an MLM company. It includes the members recruited by a distributor to his downline and his downline recruits as well. Sometimes the members in the company may not know each other of the team as a […]

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What is a Leg in MLM?

What is a Leg in MLM? A downline formed under one of the other downlines and followed by a frontline distributor is referred to as a “Leg”.The role of each leg depends on the type of plan the company is using. Each person who is directly below the recruitment line forms […]

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What is Incentive in MLM?

What is Incentive in MLM? Incentive refers to extra perks earned by accomplishing certain targets such as specific orders or sales volumes. MLM Company will offer them special bonuses and rewards to stimulate them to do more business by considering the distributor’s sales performance and business volume. This is bonus […]

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What is Upline in MLM?

What is Upline in MLM? Upline simply refers to the person who recruited you to the MLM business. In another way, your upline in Network Marketing is the total distributors that are above you. Upline usually gets benefits from every person you bring into the network and for every sale […]

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What is Downline in MLM?

What is Downline in MLM? The Downline refers to the network members that have been recruited by the consultant or a sponsor of an organization. A downline consists of all the sales and distributors below an already existing member as they receive a percentage of their recruit’s sales and recruitments. […]

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What is Enrolment in MLM?

What is Enrolment or Enrol in MLM? It simply refers to recruiting or joining new members into the network marketing company. Mostly every enrolment in MLM Business is free, but some companies do have small Registration- fee and packages specially made for new recruitments. Enrolling someone under an already existing […]

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What is Achievement Level in MLM?

What is Achievement Level in MLM? Achievement level is accomplishing a specific level of target for an MLM Company. This level is achieved by recruiting a particular number of distributors or making a certain quantity of products sales within a certain period. These levels are earned based on the collective […]

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What is First-line in MLM?

What is First-line in MLM? As the name indicates, a “First-line” refers to your front-line distributors. A distribution partner’s First-line is the direct sales line the distribution partner belongs to, whereby upline refers to higher-ranking distributors. Members can sponsor unlimited in width under their first-line and earn compensation. All first-line […]

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What is Spillover in MLM?

What is Spillover in MLM? Spill-over refers to the process of having new customers or new representatives placed under you by your upline. In some MLM compensation plans like binary, matrix, and monoline, there has a limit to place the recruits on your frontline; your front line is fixed or […]

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