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‘Create Better, Share the Future’

Joymain International Group focuses on manufacturing, marketing, and selling ‘Health Care Products, Medical Devices and its Services’ around the globe. Joymain was established in 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. ‘Wang Youshan’ is the chairman and vice president of ‘The Joy Main Science and Technology Group’. The company advocates honesty and execute ‘Standardized Operations, and Systematic Warfares’ as their development policy. Joymain MLM constantly implements the core values of ‘Co-Creating & Sharing’ with their members and consumers.

‘Joymain Health Care’ is a large-scale medical enterprise with a wide range of products. Joymain has witnessed the development of China’s Health Care Industry for more than 20 years and has been continuously serving its consumers with diversified, high-tech services in the international MLM Market. Since its establishment, Joymain has been committed to developing an ‘Ecologically Healthy Society’ by providing consumers with high-quality products. Today we will be covering the following contents based on the Topic ‘Joy Main International MLM.’



  1. What is Multi-Level Marketing?
  2. History of Joymain MLM.
  3. How do people earn from Joymain MLM?
  4. Popular Services of Joymain MLM.
  5. Projects and Missions of the Joymain MLM.



Multi-Level Marketing is also known as Network Marketing. Network Marketing is a business method that mainly relies on marketing products and the services of MLM companies through their network of distributors. In Multi-Level Marketing, independent agents sell products to the public. MLM business is a flexible working method that can be done as a home-based business as well. All you need is to build a network chain of business partners or salespeople who can support your business by generating leads and managing recruitments. Since You have a clear idea about Multi-Level Marketing Business, let’s get into details about Joymain International.



Joymain encourages sharing Happiness and a Healthy Lifestyle with society. They develop their products by optimizing the life values with consumers and creating a healthy generation together. In response to the call of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for the construction of an ecological environment, Joymain moved forward with the concept of the Joymain Eco-home and is committed to improving the quality of family ecology and building a healthy society.

The Joymain Technology Liaoning Branch was established in 2009. Joymain Technology donated around 10 Million Yuan to the ‘China Public Security Police Hero Foundation’, approximately 1.50 Million USD. In 2014, the ‘Police and People’s Heart-To-Heart Warm Assistance Action’ organized by Joymain Technology and the ‘Chinese Public Security Civil Police Hero Foundation’ of the Ministry of Public Security was carried out smoothly in Xiaogan, China.

“To measure the achievement of an enterprise is not only to see its profits,
but also important, to win respect and trust of the society”.

Joymain MLM has firmly believed in this quote from the very beginning. By 2018, the ‘Nanjing Private Economy Development Conference’ was grandly held. The Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government awarded Joymain Technology the title of ‘Nanjing Excellent Private Enterprise’. Let’s now look at how Joymain MLM representatives make money.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies use a unique marketing model where ‘Upline’ salespeople recruit people below them called their ‘Downline’. The Downline describes income for the consultant, as they receive a percentage of commission from their recruit’s trades. Upline defines as the person who recruited you into the MLM company (also called a ‘Sponsor’) along with the people in the same line in the levels above you. The income-earning methods in Multi-Level Marketing business are majorly through 2 ways. They are;

  • Personal Sales Commission.
  • Recruitment Commission.

The person at the top gets a share of profit from any sales generated by people of their downline. That leads to a system in which the salespeople or MLM representatives can make money from the personal sales and the percentage of commission they receive from their later recruited members in their downline network.



Joymain International Development Group has a wide range of product lines. Joymain focus on manufacturing, marketing Medical Devices, Health Care Products and more. Its leading product line has achieved healthcare function certification and has passed the EU certification. Joymain stocks are worth over 7 billion USD, even though it had 1.4 million USD just through sales. Let’s have a look at the popular products by Joymain International.


Youle compound fruit and vegetable juice is a beverage with a variety of natural nutrients. We all know fruits, vegetables and grains are magical to our healthy lifestyle. It can be said that they concentrate the essence of heaven and earth in one body. At the same time, they obtain sunlight and air from the vast universe. The fruits and grains on the planet all embody the magic of nature. Regardless of the shape, colour, aroma, and taste, they are all unique and desirable.


Cellight product is the core raw materials that are still from the Gulf Islands in Canada. They are rich in more than 200 kinds of single-celled marine seaweeds. Cellight includes four active ingredients: Inulin, Blueberry powder, Pectin and Propylene Glycol Alginate, and other active ingredients to improve the taste and make the flavour more unique. The capsule has changed to a powder form, which solves the ‘Difficult-to-Swallow’ situation for many consumers.


The menstrual cycle is a unique manifestation, growth process and the weakest time for women, which last for one-half of a woman’s life. Without a comprehensive protection measure, various gynecological diseases can quickly occur, which will cause significant harm to women’s health and career, and family will be a severe challenge by conditions. Through years of research, Joymain Technology has launched the ‘Yian Feminine Care Set’, designed for female reproductive health.




Joymain International always actively assumes the responsibilities of stakeholders such as society, government, consumers, and employees. Joymain has participated in public welfare undertakings and has carried out large-scale public assistance projects and other supporting activities like 24/7 Customer Support Sevices, Flagship Stores.

Joymain Tmall Flagship Store

Joymain Tmall Flagship Store has been successfully initiated. Products for sale on the Product-line include the complete set of Joymain Yuanhong Sleeping System and Joymain Yuanhong Rotary Magnetic Chair. Due to factors such as Tmall’s investment policy restrictions, Yixin, Yijia, Yicui, Youle and other products in Tmall franchise stores are opened, and they are expected to be online during the festival seasons. At the same time, consumers are also warmly welcome to check in to the new collection stores.

Projects and Missions of Joymain MLM

Joymain participates in social welfare undertakings and has successively carried out large-scale social welfare assistance projects such as the ‘The Joymain Charity Foundation, The North Korean Yang Project and Chaoyang Project: Teenager Safety Guarding Action’. The management coordinates the benefits, amplifies the social effect and rescue value of charity, and strives to build a professional industrialized, internationalized, and innovative foundation.

Joymain Charity Foundation

On September 22, 2014, Joymain Charity Foundation was formally announced in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. The Joymain Charity Foundation was initiated and established by Joymain Technology Development Co. The Ministry of Civil Affairs officially approved around 70 Million USD in July 2014. Joymain is the first company to be supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Joymain also advocates that all Joymain’s distributors, employees and consumers contribute and make the world a better place.

North Korean Yang Project

From the simple initial donations to the creation of branded public welfare projects in children and the ‘China Care for the Next Generation Working Committee’ combined to launch the ‘North Korean Yang Project’. This project equips primary and secondary schools in poverty-stricken areas in the central and western regions with infirmaries and trains school health records.

Chaoyang Project: Teenager Safety Guarding Action

‘Chaoyang Project: Teenager Safety Guarding Action’ is all about building safety experience classrooms in urban primary and secondary schools and carrying out safety self-rescue and mutual rescue education for teachers and students. Joymain MLM plans to invest 150 Million USD in the next five years in co-operating with the China Children and Teenagers Fund.



Joymain International MLM Company has been added in the first “Blue Book on the Development of China’s Health Care Industry” and have been recognised as an evergreen tree in China’s health care industry. Joymain has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and it has also won the honours of China’s Top Ten Credible Brands for Healthcare Products, China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, etc.








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