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Scentsy is a Multi-level Marketing company based in Meridian, USA. The company has sold scented products such as Home & Body and Wax warmers, won several awards, and generated billions of income. Karan Egan and her sister-in-law Colette Gunnell founded Scentsy in 2003. In 2021, the company opened an east coast distribution centre in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and the current Chief Executive Officer is Orville Thompson. And the company provides scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Scentsy Employees and consultants.

Before we come to more details, we will check what multi-level marketing is?




Multi-level marketing or Network marketing is a method for marketing products and services. As per the MLM definition, multi-level marketing is a selling model where Business people are authorized to recruit new members. These agents will get a percentage from the sales of the new members they bring to the team. Whenever made a sale, every seller earns a profit.

A business strategy that takes for granted individual participants selling to people one on one, commonly from their homes. To create a network marketing business, you may need to expand a network of experts, professional associates, or marketers to help you produce prospects and close more deals. An individual can perform direct sales business on a structural loads basis by the direct selling corporation through a legally valid contractual agreement.




Scentsy is an MLM company situated in America. The founders met Orville Thompson, a struggling businessperson who had previously started various fruitless business ventures. Thompson was interested in the Pair’s wick-less Candle Company; a few months later, he and his wife Heidi Thompson acquired the company from the founders Egan and Gunnell. Thomson moved from the company’s Headquarters to a small Sheep farm in Meridian on July 1st, 2004. Then they started using a Multi-level marketing distribution model and re-launched Scentsy.

A Layton, Utah-based graphic design company has created the Scentsy marketing materials called ScentsySuccess. In 2008, ScentsySuccess was acquired by Scentsy. So they have moved their new distribution centre and showroom in Layton. In 2009, the company expanded to Canada, and in 2011, it again expanded to UK and Germany. The company had over 1 70,000 active independent consultants in 2012. In 2017, the company turnover was $450 million in annual sales. The company got 44th rank on the ‘Direct selling News’ list of the top direct selling companies in the world.


Name of the Company SCENTSY
Headquarters United States of America
Creators Kara Egan & Colette Gunnell
Chief Executive Officer Orville Thompson
Products Selling Scented Items
Address 2701E. Pine Ave. Meridian, USA
Official Website https://scentsy.com/
Customer Care Number (877) 855-0617 (Toll-Free)
Email ID [email protected]




Scentsy Company is working under the Multi-level marketing (MLM) model. They sell all the products exclusively via independent consultants, with no retail sales, and consultants can receive a section of the sales of any new consultants they recruit. The CEO, Orville Thompson, said they are using a direct selling model because the MLM distribution allows them to offer a sizeable selection of viable products in a limited retail store area.

The business model of Scentsy is similar to Amway, Herbalife, and other organizations that use Multi-level marketing. But many of these companies have been forced to return due to their misleading practices. Multi-level marketing is a Billion of revenue-generating industry. People are interested in making money but frequently do not, which might be because of the fear of losing money.




Scentsy is not a scam; they make legit products with commissions as guaranteed by their consultants. Even while it is technically legal, that does not necessarily mean it is the ideal way for you to earn money online. Indeed, Scentsy is an actual MLM Organization and contains its unique items. Furthermore, they are perfect! Yet, regarding building a business, you have numerous choices without MLM. What’s more, regardless of whether you are prepared to become an organizer, you have preferred options over Scentsy.

Remember that I am not advancing MLM and this Organization. I’m just showing the review of the organization.



First, we want to be aware of what Pyramid Scheme is?

Pyramid schemes are the same as MLMs, yet the primary contrast is that in an MLM, bringing in cash from selling items instead of simply enlisting others into the business is conceivable. A conventional Pyramid business model takes an underlying venture from every part and promises to pay them for selecting others into the plan.

I will say that from the pay plan and Expert Aide, Scentsy most certainly appears to zero in on selecting individuals into the Scentsy ‘opportunity’ instead of selling items, which is undoubtedly an indication of an item-based Pyramid business model.

To decide if Scentsy is a Pyramid business model, we should attempt to respond to 3 inquiries.

  1. Are most people unable to get a profit?
  2. Do you need to ‘pay to play?
  3. Is there a big spotlight on recruitment?

Now, we will talk about Inside the Scentsy MLM Business’s valuable open doors.


How to make money if you become a Scentsy consultant?


Before discussing this, we will see who the Scentsy consultant is? A Scentsy Consultant is a free entrepreneur approved to sell Scentsy items for a commission. Being a Scentsy sales representative means that you shape your business how you maintain that it should be.

You can bring in cash with Scentsy by its Party Plan MLM Structure. Indeed, if you worked hard as a Networker or Consultant and made a massive group in your downline, you can bring in genuine cash. Honestly, it isn’t easy.

You can bring in cash with Scentsy as commissions in ten different ways.

  • Commission from the sale of the products(20-25% per sale)
  • Bonus from wholesale sales
  • Frontline Bonus TWV(Team Wholesale Volume)
  • Frontline consultant bonus TWV
  • Frontline Star consultant TWV bonus
  • Frontline Superstar consultant bonus TWV
  • Frontline director TWV bonus
  • First generation direction bonus TWV
  • Second generation direction bonus TWV
  • Third generation direction bonus TWV

How much can you make on Scentsy?


Total eight ranks there in Scentsy. Commission and eligibility requirements will be there in each position. If you want to move from the lower to the upper level, you should add more people to your downline.


Scentsy top consultants levels:-

  • Lead consultant
  • Star
  • Superstar
  • Director
  • Star Director
  • Super Star Director.


When you meet the Director Level Bonus rules, you will be paid a commission for the wholesale volume of everybody in your downline. You can produce rewards like three-director generation on your downline.


Scentsy Rewards are as per the following:

  • 3% for first-generation
  • 4% for the subsequent age
  • 5% for third-age directors.

How about we sum up it. First, you will get a 30% commission on your retail deals and a 9% Commission from wholesale for the consultants you employ. So when you are promoted to a director, there is a 5% director reward for going to the director level.




Most MLM organizations will have a “Unique selling point” since they frequently sell items that are very normal and the same as things that you can undoubtedly find somewhere else.

Scentsy is the same as it.

Scentsy sells essential fragrant family items.

Here is the justification for why Scentsy’s wax bars and warmers should be not quite the same as candles are:

  1. They are not a risk of fire and don’t deliver cancer-causing agents (which might cause disease).
  2. Warmers are protected and occupy the room with a fragrance.

Scentsy additionally gives Homecare and Individual Consideration items. The following products are available in Scentsy.

Clothing Products: Clothing fluid, dryer circle, scented conditioner, washer whip, and some more.

Cleaning Products: Purifier, Kitchen cleanser, multipurpose kitchen cleaning shower, and more.

Personal Care: Body Cream, Hand Cleanser, Body Wash, Hand Cream, Salve, and others.



I want to believe that you have the data about Scentsy MLM Organization from this article. To summarize, Scentsy is a reputed organization for purchasing Fragrance and Purifier Items. Whether you want to do the Scentsy MLM business is your choice.

Presently, I might want to be aware of you:

Did, as of now, utilize the Fragrance of Scentsy?

Would you like to join Scentsy as a Consultant or Direct Vender of the organization?

Let me know in the comment section now.







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