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‘Reach Your Goals Anywhere’

The Beachbody Company is an American fitness & Marketing company based in Santa Monica, California. The company also operates their sub-brands called ‘Beachbody on Demand, Team Beachbody and Openfit’. The Beachbody majorly sells Superfoods (A marketing term for food claimed to confer health benefits resulting from an exceptional nutrient density) and their top-rated Dietary Supplements such as ‘Shakeology’ and ‘Beachbar’. The Beachbody MLM make their sales through direct selling method and online Multi-Level Marketing platforms, with the help of their independent Team Beachbody Coaches who serve as sales consultants.

Before we go into detail about Team Beachbody, let’s under what is Multi-Level Marketing.




Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) can also be referred to as Network Marketing and Direct Selling. It is a very controversial form of business because of many fraudulences reported by clients in the field. Beachbody has a wide variety of product lines. MLM offers a solid and effective marketing strategy to the companies and increases the earning potential of their representatives and sponsors. In addition to that, they also provide many exciting Compensation Plans, Financial Services, Health Insurance, and high-quality products, like Cosmetics, Health supplements and Homecare products.

Multi-Level Marketing is a marketing technique that sells products and services through a self-employed, non-salaried workforce system. The representatives or the Direct sellers get a percentage of profit from their sales as their reward, making their earning potential flexible and limitless.




The Beachbody MLM company was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon in Santa Monica, California. Carl Daikeler was previously working in infomercials for Lifeline Gym in the 1990s. The Beachbody founders have received nearly 500,000 USD as their investment, and they developed a series of workout videos and bought them to the public through the website of Beachbody.

In 2005, ‘Power 90 Extreme (P90X)’ was created by Tony Horton as a commercial home exercise regimen, and he further developed a fitness program called ‘Power 90’. This program consists of training sessions combined with nutrition and dietary plans. Beachbody products got heavily marketed through commercials and MLM Markets as their vision.

However, a three-way merging between Forest Road Acquisition Corp, Myx Fitness Holdings, and Beachbody happened in 2021. The combination of this new business was valued at around 2.9 billion USD. The Beachbody MLM Company pulled in the third quarter of 2021 revenue, which is 208 million USD, and experienced a 6% increase in their income in 2019. The company also earns a reasonable remuneration through their sub-brands

  • Beachbody on Demand,
  • Team Beachbody,


Let’s have a detailed peek at those divisions of Team Beachbody.





“The Beachbody never ceases to amaze me that I haven’t 

witnessed a worthy product like this.”

(Marion Nestle, New York University Professor)


Beachbody on Demand 

The Beachbody on Demand was launched in July 2015. The company introduced a video-on-demand streaming service known as Beachbody on Demand with a library of home workouts programs such as ‘Insanity’ and ‘P90X’. According to the CEO, its board offered all of its workout DVDs for a single subscription rate.

The programs include Morning Meltdown 100, 80 Day Obsession, 21 Day Fix and Insanity. Due to lockdowns associated with the COVID-19, Beachbody on Demand experienced a growth of more than 300%, bypassing 2 million new worldwide subscribers by April 2020. The company even streamed free classes for children on Vimeo during the pandemic.


Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody encourages their members to enroll as ‘Coaches’. These customers-turned-salespeople sell fitness, workout packages of Beachbody programs and products, including their workout DVDs and Food Supplements. They offer them an earning possibility of up to 25% commission for each sale they make. Carl Daikeler described coaches as serving as ‘Walking Billboards’.

In 2013, CNN reported that sales of the parent company’s products rose more than 60% within two years of Team Beachbody’s launch. An article by Michelle Ruiz for Cosmopolitan’s website in 2015 report described Team BeachBody as a program that everyone should try joining. The company claimed that their product sales structure does not encourage illegal schemes.



In 2018, Congdon co-founded a personalized nutrition programming and tracking app with ‘FaceTime for Fitness’ live group classes called Openfit. The company acquired LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ladder, which develops nutritional products to help athletes with severe cramping after James had issues in energetic sports like NBA. The deal terms were not disclosed, and James and Arnold Schwarzenegger remained minority stakeholders.




The popularity of a Multi-Level Marketing Business is its shallow risk. With a light initial investment, it’s possible to start an MLM business and Marketing products that you use daily. They’re highly beneficial because the money-making process is straightforward. The flexibility of the job and decent level profit-making quickly as a factor of MLM business is trending. Moreover, MLM allows you to make costly initial investments, reduce advertisement costs and run your businesses flexibly. Customers also benefit from earning a fast revenue.

Many factors make an MLM trending in the market. Today, I will be pointing out a few below.




Network Marketing is a vast market around the world. There are many things to stay on top of every competitor, then just getting popular by selling products and services. They are;


  • They are introducing high-quality products to the market.
  • Always choose the best sales platform or methods.
  • Research and study the current demands and trends.
  • Support the employees, clients and business system.
  • Lead your business network chain more responsibly.
  • Always communicate with clients, employees and distributors.
  • Create routines and effective marketing plans for the business.
  • Maintain the Integrity and ethics of the company.
  • Most importantly, build trust among the clients.




“We Rise by Lifting Others”


Beachbody Foundation

The Beachbody Foundation has committed 1 million USD to Future Ties, a Chicago-based non-profit started by Chicago Policewoman Jennifer Maddox, to help support low-income families by providing after school and summer programs for their children. The donation is being facilitated by our close working relationship with GO Campaign and mental health counselling and wellness classes to teach families how to cope with trauma and manage their stress, anxiety, and PTSD.


The Valley to Help Curb Homelessness in Los Angeles

As part of the ongoing partnership with Hope of The Valley, Carl Daikeler, a Foundation’s board member, has donated 500,000 USD in conjunction with the 30-Day Breakaway virtual 5K. Tents line the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles via LA Times as homelessness continues to be a growing problem across the United States, especially with the economic crisis resulting from job losses due to Covid-19. The Beachbody Foundation continues to help Hope of the Valley build new houses.


Lakota Tribe Renew Infrastructure

Carl Daikeler, a board member of The Beachbody Foundation, contributed $500,000 to the Lakota Tribe as part of the Lakota Pine Ride Project. The Lakota Tribe in South Dakota suffers from rampant health issues like obesity, depression, diabetes, high suicide rates, and alcoholism, in large part due to the contaminated groundwater in their area. This donation is part of Beachbody’s mission to help people achieve their goals and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.


NAACP Support by Beachbody

Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, wanted to take a moment and share how they are being proactive regarding the current environment dissatisfaction with the distribution of rights and freedom in the country. They will be more active & realistic as a company in addressing the inequality experienced by so many, whether in our company, our state, the country or the world.


Save A Warrior Foundation

After the last 70 days, their freedom was interrupted by an invisible faceless enemy. Beachbody associates encourage us to remember those who have served on our behalf for a couple of hundred years and help the Beachbody Foundation support. Those who have stepped up to protect our freedoms from those who would contemplate taking them away. Save A Warrior Foundation reminds us not to forget our warriors and how hard we still fight to stay free.


Polaris Project to Eradicate Modern Slavery

Due to the incredible generosity of Team Beachbody coaches and customers, they were able to help raise 1.22 million USD for Polaris Project. The vision of Project Polaris is to fight the ongoing problem of human trafficking in North America. They offered to quadruple match any donations up to 500,000 USD at midnight on Valentine’s Day. By giving people the potential to match 125,000 USD and donate $625,000 to Polaris Project.




The Beachbody has been there for more than two decades for helping people change their lifestyle to get healthy, long-term results, as they have already proven. The Beachbody continue to grow because of their non-stop innovative ideas. The company is designed to help people succeed and have a stable income. People get the best results in all ways, no matter their fitness level lifestyle.







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