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Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies of 2023

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Cryptocurrency is a type of currency or digital assets that is works with the help of a technique called cryptography and uses a distributed and decentralised public ledger system known as the blockchain. With the help of these technologies , developers are built a form of digital currency called cryptocurrency.

We have picked 10 top cryptocurrencies which will be a great asset for the investors. Read about top 10 cryptocurrencies of 2018 now!

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2023

2017 has been one of the most interesting years for investors all over the globe. While the stock market was doing good, there was a new player in town which took everyone by storm. Bitcoin shot from $1000 at the start of the year to an astonishing $18000 by year-end.

Although the price of bitcoin has been falling since then, there is still a huge potential for investment.

We today take some time to look into top 10 cryptocurrencies 2018 around the world to get a clear idea about the cryptocurrency market scenario.

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#10 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – NEM (XEM)

NEM XEM is a distributed blockchain based cryptocurrency which was created and coded with speed and scale in mind.

NEM platform serves as a server infrastructure based on Java and Javascript. NEM’s private blockchain interface delivers top-notch transaction rates with high speed. It was designed from ground up for better speed and scale.

Created in 2015, there are currently 8.99 billion XEM tokens circulating all over the world.

NEM’s price now stands at $0.792009 and its market cap is $7,128,080,999. The Supernode program and its consensus mechanism make NEM an open and public blockchain.

#9 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – EOS (EOS)

EOS is another cryptocurrency which works as a decentralized operating system. It means that developers can create apps on EOS. Owning EOS equates to owning its resources.

EOS is attempting to challenge Ethereum as the prime infrastructure for decentralized apps.

EOS was created by Dan Larimer who revealed it to the world at consensus 2017 event.

EOS can perform up to 50,000 transactions per second which put it ahead of both VISA and Ethereum in terms of speed.

EOS’s price is around $8.4154, and its market cap is believed to be in the region of $9 billion.

#8 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Litecoin (LTC)

Often referred to as bitcoin’s little brother, Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. But, it is much faster at transaction speeds and has a token limit of 84 million tokens.

It has a memory intensive mining process. Litecoin LTC was announced in 2011 and was at that time the second largest cryptocurrency at that time.

It is one of the best alternatives to bitcoin and was created to manage some of the flaws in bitcoin.

Litecoin LTC now stands at $162.68 with a market capitalization of about $8,914,308,147.

#7 Cryptocurrency of 2023– NEO (NEO)

As mentioned on its website, NEO is an emerging blockchain platform focusing mainly on the creation of smart legal contracts and assets.  According to investors, NEO is working towards creating a project of future according to needs which may arise in coming times.

NEO has a main objective to be the sole pillar of the new economy.

NEO is compared to Ethereum because the two have similar uses.

Its market cap is worth around $10.4 billion, and the price lies around $138.

#6 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Stellar (XLM)

Another success story, Stellar XLM has grown magnificently b5. y over 29,500 percent in 2017 alone.

A rip off of Ripple (pun intended), Stellar was launched in 2014 by ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb and former lawyer Joyce Kim during internal disputes in Ripple.

Stellar XLM is a transaction network boasting of lightning-fast speed and efficient money transfer mechanism cross-border.

The price of Stellar stands around $0.3638 with a market capitalization of around $10.5 billion.

#5 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a platform used to send and receive digital payments making use of its digital token named ADA.

It is similar to ethereum as it is used for creating decentralized apps. Cardano is often referred to as ‘Ethereum of Japan’ since 95% of its initial coin offerings were Japanese.

Commanding a market capitalization of over $16 billion, Cardano ADA stands at around $0.35.

#4 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

There are a few shortcomings to traditional bitcoin which are called fork in bitcoin. Some miners, frustrated by these limitations decided to create a new cryptocurrency named Bitcoin Cash in 2017.

It is a whole new token with new rules and a new blockchain. The creators hoped it would grow in value in a way the bitcoin could not.

Bitcoin Cash has been successful in that commanding a price of around $1200 as of now and a market cap of over $28 billion.

#3 Cryptocurrency of 2023 -Ripple (XRP) 

Coming out of nowhere at the end of 2017, ripple once shot past Ethereum for a brief moment, finally coming to the third place on our list.

Ripple is an altogether different concept; it is a centralized network used for money transfers, just like SWIFT.

Money sent through Ripple has first converted into an XRP token at the source and then again to Ripple at the destination.

Its price hovers around $1 at the moment, and the market cap is $48 billion.

#2 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Ethereum (ETH)

The second most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin and is a platform used as a decentralized operating system.

It is used for decentralized development of apps which threatened companies like Google and Apple. Ethereum can also be used to create smart contracts.

Owning an ethereum coin means owning some resources. Ethereum is often considered to be a better version of Bitcoin. It’s widely regarded as a more programmable cryptocurrency.

Even though it has a long road to cover to reach Bitcoin’s standards, Ethereum’s market cap hovers around $116 billion, and its price of 1 ETH right now is $893.12

#1 Cryptocurrency of 2023 – Bitcoin (BTC)

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency which surfaced after 2008 financial crisis.

It is believed to be created by a person or a group of individuals under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This token rose to spectacular popularity in 2017.

Despite its sudden rise in price, the investors are worried about its volatile nature. Nonetheless, Bitcoin commands the highest price right now.

There are currently 16 million Bitcoins in circulation around the world out of predetermined 21 million coins.

Bitcoin has a market value of $191 billion and one Bitcoin is worth $10,738 right now.

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