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ACN MLM Company or American Communications Network Inc. (ACN) or ACN MLM Company is an American-based Multi-Level Marketing company based in North Carolina, United States. ACN began its operations in the United States in 1993 by providing Telecommunications, Electrical & Gas Energy, and other services depending on the country.

ACN was a dream of four ambitious entrepreneurs. They had years of Direct Selling experience but were dissatisfied working with other companies and their opportunities.

ACN market their products and services through a network-chain of Independent Distributors, who can also recruit more sellers to their existing network for more business supporters. As of 2019, the company reported operating in nearly twenty-seven countries.

ACN International is very popular in Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Sweden, South Korea, and Mexico.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing technique many pioneer organizations make use of. MLM is also known in the name of the Network Marketing. The consumers can purchase goods from both online or at a physical retail store. MLMs use these Independent Representatives (IR) to buy inventory and sell the product to social media. However, in MLM, success is measured by sales and mainly by how many people a representative can recruit to become MLM representatives.


These representatives are usually categorized into teams depending on region and report to their ‘Upline’ or the head recruiters. This position is also be called as ‘Sponsor’. As the ‘Downline’ expands through recruitment, the upline gets richer since they earn a percentage of their recruit’s sales.




In 1993, Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and the twin brothers, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz, founded the American Communications Network (ACN), Inc. ACN International opened their first business in January 1993, with just twenty ‘Independent Representatives’ initially. ACN Multi-Level Marketing business was a marketing spot for a distant seller called ‘LCI’ (Leader Communications Incorporated). This association lasted for five years until Qwest Communications acquired LCI. In 1998, ACN was listed as rank #22 in Inc. Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Inc.’ annual list of fastest-growing companies in America.


ACN operated as a gas and electricity dealer in 2006 through their secondary organizations known as ACN Energy and ACN Utility Services. In 2014, ACN extended its operations to Latin America, starting with Mexico. By 2019, ACN was functioning in 26 countries across five continents. ACN offers landline service (local and international), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), High-speed Internet, Satellite Television. ACN also provided Cellular phones through the company’s own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and Home Security Services primarily to their consumers and secondarily to other businesses.




The ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO) start-up fee is 199 USD. It covers the cost of establishing and sustaining the business and enables you to conduct business for one year in any country ACN operates. In addition, the $25 per month Business Support Fee allows you to maintain your business status with ACN. In return, ACN covers a full range of extensive IBOs and Customer Support services, so associates can focus on building the business. Let me share some of the essential services provided for free by ACN.


IBO Support

  • Recognition Program, Product Reports, Bonus Program & Incentive-Based Trips.
  • The benefits of ACN’s Product Development and Market Analysis.
  • Personal Online Storefront, where customers can learn more & Sign Up.
  • Personal Development Center.
  • Conference Calling and Video Web Conferencing Services.
  • Business Tracking & Reporting System.
  • Training Material & Marketing Tools.
  • Access to ACN Social Networking Sites.
  • Personal Website, so you can share the business.
  • IBO Alerts and SMS Services.


Customer Support

  • Customer Provisioning, Activation, Billing Maintenance.
  • Customer Incentive & Retention Programs.
  • Customer Care in multiple languages.
  • Product Development, Information, Support & FAQs.
  • Online Account Access.




The IBO community of ACN International introduced a forum to study Business opportunities, products, and services. ACN also integrated many benefits other than just product sales in North America. Their service includes;

  • Flash Mobile.
  • Identity Theft Protection Services.
  • Gas and Electricity.
  • Spectrum High-Speed Internet.


ACN launched Flash Mobile to deliver a superior mobile experience with lower prices than the other mobile providers. With Flash Mobile, you can stay interconnected any time, any place. ACN’s Independent Business Owners (IBOs) market their services using a Person-to-Person (P2P) approach. With Flash Mobile, consumers will be able to enjoy unlimited Talktime, text messages and data on one of the most prominent, fastest and most reliable 5G & 4G LTE networks in North America, ‘Nationwide Sprint Network’. Unlimited and GIG Plans are packed with more attractive features to ensure a perfect public service.


1. Identity Theft Protection Services (IDSeal)

IDSeal sets a protective shield around your data. An Identity Protection can help protect you against fraud, ease hassles, and compensate for certain losses of their clients. With comprehensive solutions to the device, they also provide an insurance policy. IDSeal has also integrated VPN and Antivirus features into their technology. Meanwhile, IDSeal Pro-Tech protects our devices 24/7 from cybercriminals, maintain our privacy, and prevent identity theft.


2. Gas and Electricity (XOOM Energy)

XOOM Energy is a part of ACN MLM, which provides utilities, telecom services, energy services, and gas services, depending on the locality. XOOM Energy headquarters is located in Huntersville, North Carolina. XOOM provides businesses and homes in Canada and the United States of America. They also offer services in several other states, such as Ohio, Georgia and Texas. XOOM operates as the electricity and natural gas provider in ENMAX Power Corporation, ATCO Electric & Gas and Fortis Alberta.


3. Spectrum High-Speed Internet

Spectrum Internet, TV and Home Phone are available to residential customers in 41 states. The consumer can do the Service Availability Test to ensure your area is known for Spectrum Service before purchasing the package. With Spectrum Bundle, consumers can get the home services they need at the price they’ll love. It also offers you more benefits, endless entertainment, and all the services you need to stay connected are in one place. Spectrum provides you with access to thousands of channels at home, and you pay less. People can enjoy TV Shows from wherever they want to via their steaming application.





ACN desired to include charity as a critical element of its business model from the very beginning. The company created a non-profit program that every customer can support the ACN Independent Business Owners, together with ACN’s Project Feeding Kids, Feeding America and The Food Banks Canada. ACN Global Reach Charity Projects works towards a single mission:


“To fight childhood hunger while empowering families,

and live a better and healthier life.”

– Project Feeding Kids.


1. Childhood Hunger

Childhood Hunger is Unacceptable. Approximately 7 million children in North America don’t know how to get their next meal. ACN joined forces with Feeding America and Food Banks Canada working together for a single mission: ‘To fight childhood hunger while empowering and supporting families to live healthier lives. So, whenever a consumer purchases an ACN product, they are helping ACN to feed children and their families in need. ACN has already helped over 5 million meals to hungry children in need. It’s a simple yet powerful approach by providing essential services and feeding people in need.


2. Ronald McDonald House

ACN is proud to support Ronald McDonald House Charities, which seeks to provide a home for families and their loved ones. Ronald McDonald House Charity also offers medical care, and these families don’t have to worry about their meals, living spaces, laundry services while they’re in the house with their sick or injured person. ACN employees and their Independent Business Owners donate millions to the Ronald McDonald House. In fact, at each of their International Events worldwide, ACN raises funds for the local chapter of the house for further development.


3. Helping Hands for Mozambique

ACN is helping faithful in the north of Mozambique, where terrorism has created chaos and death. For some years in Cabo Delgado, people have been suffering from terrorist violence that started a war climate and uprooted over 700,000 people from their homes. Ever since the beginning of the wave of violence in 2017, the International Catholic Pastoral Charity and Pontifical Foundation Aid of the Church in Need’ has supported the people of northern Mozambique. In 2020, with the support of ACN, they raised more than 146 Million USD in donations for suffering and oppressed Christians around the world.






ACN is the world’s biggest direct seller of telecom, energy and other essential services people use every day. ACN also offers a home-based business opportunity for their IBOs. ACN is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in many countries. ACN is so passionate about their ‘Giving Back to the community as well, and in 2011 the non-profit organization ACN Global Reach Charities was founded to expand and enhance their charitable efforts.








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