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The oldest multi – level company which is in the market from last century around 134 years and in current time also it is earning a huge fame. As per latest updated list of Top MLM in the World ,it is on the 2nd largest company after Amway and 5th largest company on this planet. This multibillion dollar company is manufacturing and selling households, personal and beauty products. Dealing with millions of customers around the world. Last year sales of Avon was $ 5.57 Billion with turnover of $ 4.7 Billion .


David H. McConnell founded this company in 1886 in United Kingdom. He started his career by book selling. He used to sold books from door- to -door in New York homes. Later a idea of selling perfumes instead of books strikes his mind , he worked on it and here his destiny started a beautiful chapter of his life. He started the new business in small office , in 1892 McConnell changed the company name as “ California Perfume Company’’. In 1932 it added perfumes, toilet waters, powder, lipsticks , rouge compacts and other toiletry products. On October 6, 1939 , the California perfume company was registered as Avon products Inc.


In 1990 , Avon entered the Chinese market but it was outlawed in 1998 , at that time products of this brand were only sold through Beauty Boutiques . After 8 years the restrictions were uplifted and it started working as a direct selling company.


Avon has had several mergers and acquisitions in last 10 years , it has purchased Silpada in 2010, later some percentage deals with Coty inc. In January 2020, closed the acquisition of Avon products. Avon has faced the struggle last 6 years ago its global sales had fallen for 5 sequential years. Avon separated US, Canada and Puerto Rico business and named it as New Avon LLC. The headquarters of Avon is in London . The New Avon LLC has been purchased by South Korean consumer goods giant LG Household and Healthcare Ltd.


Currently it is selling its products in over 100 countries. Brazil is the company largest market .Angela Cretu is the CEO of the company and Nature and Co is the 76% partner of the company. The products are of good quality , cheap ( as they don’t have massive overheads of shops to pay for) and best part is it doesn’t participate in animal testing and claim to be working globally to introduce safer methods of testing cosmetics that do not harm animals.


Avon is dealing with various types of healthcare products, personal products, cosmetics, skin care as many anti aging creams , facewash, face scrub, perfumes, wellness products, supplements, bath and body , jewelry, accessories and clothing. It manufactures many cosmetic products in China in an Avon – owned and operated facility. The best selling products of Avon are its Magix tint Brightening cream, lipshades, night creams and more. Its products are great because they work with dermatologists with innovative technology especially on skincare , it can be a great secret of its success too.


The Avon is a legal company which is not based on pyramid scheme. It works on legal principals. In starting people use to sell products door-to-door in homes of US. One can purchase the products from the Avon representatives. The individual sells and markets the products directly to customers.
It is based on multi -level market scheme in which if you want to become a member of the brand , you have to take membership from a Avon representative and later have to sells products to new members and those new members have to add new and the chain goes on. Representatives earns commissions on both sales and adding new participants. It offers attractive incentives that align with local market standards.


Below are the steps to become an Avon Independent sales representatives to start your journey with this multi-level company

You have to do registration on the website and it just cost $ 10 to start your own business .

In that 20 brochures ( 10 for each of your first two selling campaigns).

Then you have to buy a starter kit ranging from $25 to $100.
a. Quick starter kit
b. Advanced starter kit
c. Premier starter kit

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You can gain knowledge about the selling of products through the trainings and seminars.

As a new Avon representative you will earn 25% sales commission on all beauty and 20% on home and fashion as long as your orders every 2 weeks total $ 40 or more.

You start your career as a executive later as per your performance to gain the position and step up on the height of success.

The brand over the century has stood for beauty, innovation, and all above that is Women. It brings beauty to the lives of women . At Avon , beauty is not limited to just selecting the right lipsticks for a customer, it is beyond that .It defines an income opportunity so that women can support their families and helps leading a beautiful life. It supports women by aim of ending domestic violence and eradicating breast cancer.

Avon helps associates to be empowered to fulfil their potential and set their own career path .It provides high competitive compensation and benefit packages and offers flexible working hours. It is one of the best company with which you can see your bright future. It gives you wings to touch the sky and live your dreams.







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