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Monoline Plan Compensation Structure in MLM

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Monoline Plan compensation structure in MLM

Hey there, fellow network marketers and MLM enthusiasts!

Do you ever wonder which compensation structures are used in multi-level marketing (MLM) and what types would be interesting to discover? You may have experienced such a moment that you are trying to figure out the best MLM tactics yourself and in the end you seem to have no luck in finding the element of success. Don’t worry we’ve covered you.

Have you ever heard about Monoline Plan in MLM? If not, get ready to dive into the world of linear growth and unlimited earning potential with this simple yet powerful compensation structure. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the secrets of the Monoline Plan, explore its benefits, and discover why it’s a top choice for many MLM companies.

But hold on a moment. Before we plunge into the fray, let us first pause and look at what the Monoline Plan is all about. From its theoretical foundations through to its day to day applications, we’re going to discover how this revenue model works, and whether it would be suitable for you as an entrepreneur. So, grab your favorite beverage, a comfortable seat, and be ready to discover this fascinating monolith type of plan together.

The Single Leg Plan in Multi-level Marketing (MLM), also called ‘Monoline’ Plan or ‘Linear’ Plan, is the basic revenue sharing structure where the new entries are added to a level under previous members, following the ‘first come, first serve’ principle. The design has no rules on how wide or deep the climbing structure can be or how many legs it should go. Every time a newly-recruited individual joins the company, they are placed lower than other existing members. So, you are entitled to receive commissions, for every time a new individual is added. As a default, the Monoline Plan freezes all the benefits that this plan offers, as its simplicity and beauty attract people, who choose this MLM plan mostly due to its recruitment advantages and ease of management. The plan is focused on speedy growth. The man who joins earlier, gains more and this is in everyone’s best interests. The reward program offers different components, such as Welcoming Bonus, pair bonuses, bonuses for bringing new members and capability bonuses, which are all meant to encourage members’ active involvement and, as result, network expansion. On the whole, the ease of use and maximum income opportunities of the MLM create the real popularity to the MLM alike business. Let’s have look on how Monoline Plan typically works as MLM plan.


Here’s how the Monoline Plan compensation structure  typically works:

Single Line Structure: In this compensation structure has a unique characteristics in that every new downline partner or member is placed in a simple one line. Each time new member is being put to the end of the line. Consequently, the line consisting of distributors directly moves forward..

No Levels or Legs: In another way, Monoline Plan is devoid of such elements common to Binary and Matrix plans, like hierarchy and legs. It’s a slender structure in which everyone lines up between same people.

Compensation Calculation: Commissions and bonuses are typically calculated based on the overall volume generated by the entire line. This means that every member in the line contributes to the earnings of others in the line.

Positional Advantages: While everyone is in the same line, there can still be advantages to joining early. Those who join earlier may benefit from the efforts of those who join later, as commissions are often paid out based on the overall volume of sales or recruitment in the entire line.

Spillover: Sometimes, to incentivize recruitment, MLM companies operating under the Monoline Plan may offer “spillover.” Spillover occurs when a distributor recruits more people than can fit in their immediate downline, so the excess members are placed under other distributors in the same line.

Income Potential: The income potential in a Monoline Plan can be significant, especially if the company experiences rapid growth and if there’s a strong emphasis on recruitment. However, it can also be challenging for members who join late, as they may find it difficult to build a substantial downline.

Retention Challenges: One challenge with the Monoline Plan is member retention. Since there are no levels or legs, there may be less motivation for distributors to support and train their downline, as everyone benefits from the overall growth of the line rather than building specific teams.


In general, Monoline Plan is an easier-to-understand model that has the potential for a higher rate of expansion. Still, like any other model, the Monoline Plan has its own disadvantages and will not fit in every MLM company or distributor. When with any product of MLM if the potential participants want to take part, the participants need to know how it works and are aware of the risks involved enough.

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