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Genealogy Tree in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing

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Genealogy tree in network marketing

Network marketing relies hugely on distributors and customers and they are the ones that keep the business growth steady and profitable. Their contributions mark the winning status of a product selling business. But if they are the sole contributors, then what does a genealogy tree has to do in product business? We will see that later on in the article.


When you are venturing into new aspects of business, especially concerned with automation, that is, a new network marketing software, you should have a good understanding of its working to use it efficiently. This article discusses everything you need to know about genealogy trees in network marketing.



What exactly is a genealogy tree?

Before we get into the relevance of genealogy tree in network marketing, it is important to understand what exactly is a genealogy tree. It is a feature that allows the whole system to be available in a tree-like structure with most of the information included in it. Hence, it helps to keep businesses rolling by providing a comprehensive structure with various branches and associated member information.


The tree is arranged from the Parent-Children concept also known as ‘nodes’. This graphical representation helps to understand any sort of MLM plans easily and is very handy in the case of MLM software. The graphical representation starts with a sponsor and spread on to the distributors/downline members. Downline constitutes members that are arranged below a sponsor and upline comprises of that arranged above.


One can arrange a genealogy tree in an MLM business as per convenience and can be updated regularly as new members are added to the network. The structure of the tree changes with the MLM business plan selected by the client. Each plan comes with its own features. Some may have unlimited first-level width while some can extend up to the nth level. Some plans come with a fixed height and breadth.


Let us see how this works with the help of an example. Consider a situation where a new user, say user ‘U’ joins the network. After he or she joins the network, the tree has to be restructured to accommodate U. Also, U may bring in more members into the network and build his or her own downline. These new members should also be accommodated into the structure. Here, with the help of a genealogy tree, all the relevant information will be available which contains the following.


  1. Parent user details
  2. Sponsor details
  3. Direct downlines
  4. Referral downlines
  5. The rank of the member


The above-mentioned information is not the only data the tree contains. It will have a lot more information which will help you easily understand your network and its structure. The details pop up on the screen with just a cursor movement and with a minute expansion, the entire member line up will be displayed. These details help you understand the working profile of the members and thus accelerate the working efforts.



Importance of genealogy tree in network marketing

With the help of an MLM genealogy software, one can handle marketing business efficiently, and increase business productivity. Good software has unique explosive marketing features that help understand the activeness of all the members in the direct selling business. Bottom line is, a genealogy tree is a representation of the members in the form of a tree. Such visual genealogy for the members and the admin helps to identify the network growth and helps to plan succession.



Features of a genealogy tree

  • Graphically represented for ease of use.
  • Enroll new members in the desired spot in the genealogy by selecting the appropriate places.
  • You will be able to see new distributors as and when they enroll.
  • It will allow you to search for new distributors in the downline.
  • You will be able to view distributors on a particular level.
  • View up-to-date data on transactions and other member information related to their activities.



Final words

Genealogy tree is another big thing in the world of MLM marketing. It can greatly help make your work easier by giving you a comprehensible view of your entire network structure, thus helping you make the necessary changes wherever required. Now, you can focus on areas of your network where work is required and gain more profit.

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