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Multi-level marketing companies are becoming more and more popular these days due to the start-up explosion and people’s wish to be a part of it. Besides, MLM business is also a good way to make some passive income which is very important to live comfortably in this economy. The fact that starting an MLM business is simple also plays a major role in people choosing MLM as their passive business.

But MLM companies are not only opportunities to make money, but also reservoirs of affordable products and services delivered to you in really good quality. A lot of MLM companies offer products and services in more than one niche but home care is a domain where most of the MLM companies concentrate on because it is one of those niches that never goes out of demand. Hygiene is really important and hygiene coupled with quality, safety and affordability is a powerful combination no one can resist. So, here is a list of few MLM companies that offer top-notch home care products that you need to check out.



Amway is easily a common household name and it is not surprising that Amway is at the top of this list of home care MLM companies. Amway has a wide range of products from skincare and cosmetics to nutrition and home care. Amway conducts business through a number of affiliated companies in hundreds of countries all over the world. Their popular home care products include dishwashing liquids, a variety of dispensers, laundry detergents,  carwash concentrates, disinfectants and many more. It is hence safe to say that Amway is a popular choice among its customers when it comes to home care because of the good quality products offered by the company.



Vorwerk is another very popular MLM company and is based in Wuppertal, Germany. The company is famous for direct sales and distribution of various home care products, fitted kitchens and household appliances like Kobold vacuum cleaners which is their most popular product. These vacuum cleaners come in different varieties and some also come with floor cleaners. Vorwerk also deals with cosmetics but by far, this is their most popular product.



Vestige Marketing Pvt Limited started their journey in the year 2004 and is one of the leading direct selling companies in the world with a wide range of products across all niches. Their success is notable and this is largely due to the affordable good-quality organic products they use which deliver good results on their intended purposes. They sell everything from Agri products to personal care and home care is one of the domains where they excel. Their home care product range includes laundry detergents, toilet cleaners and other hygiene products, kitchen essentials, air and water purifiers among many others. At the rate they are growing, it is pretty foreseeable that they will become one of the biggest MLM companies in the world in the near future.

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Tupperware is not a new name for most of us and we have used their containers or products at least once in our lifetime. They are extremely popular for their kitchen solutions which are known for their quality, durability and space-saving capacity. They have containers suitable for every occasion and appliance, be it microwave or convection oven, gas grills and stove, storage containers or just water bottles. Their products also make for fantastic gifts that anyone can use and will definitely appreciate.



Wikaniko is another United Kingdom based company which is quite new. It was founded in the year 2008 by Trever and Karen Blake and is all about a good cause, ‘going green’. The company offers a wide range of environment-friendly products which range from tea to personal care products to cleaning products. The main attraction is that everything is made from natural organic substances and is hence safe for everyone. Their probiotics are one of their popular products and are popular because of their moderate price. They offer a range of home care products like washing liquids, eco-friendly containers and even organic soap nuts. With Wikaniko, the main benefit is that whatever you get from them is organic, safe and environment friendly. So you can use them without worrying about harm to yourself or nature.

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The companies mentioned above are only a very few important home care MLM companies among hundreds of companies offering a lot of products in the niche. Covering all of them is certainly impossible since there are many companies that operate in a particular region or country and is trusted by the people of the country. Just because a company is popular in only a certain area, does not mean their products are not good or not on par with the products of the big shot companies. So, if you are looking to join or buy home care products from an MLM company, always do thorough research, talk to different distributors and get the best product you can afford at the best prices.

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