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            Vorwerk is an international diversified corporate group formed in 1883. ‘Adolf Vorwerk and Carl Vorwerk’ are the two principal founders of Vorwerk, and it was headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany.

Their main business is direct selling of various products like food processors, cosmetics and more. Till the end of the 1960s, the company mainly focused on producing and selling vacuum cleaners, carpets, and upholstery fabrics. Ever since that time, the company has continually diversified into the marketing and services of various products.

Direct selling of premium products is Vorwerk’s core business. Vorwerk has already made its customers understand the excellent quality of the products. Depending on the product group and local differences, Vorwerk practices different forms of marketing.

” The superior products and services of Vorwerk,

elevate the quality of life everywhere you call home.”

The company is family-owned and operated as a limited partnership business. Vorwerk has reported having 12,000 full-time employees and over 590,000 self-employed representatives in more than 70 countries worldwide during the year 2014.

The most significant proportion of sales representatives of Vorwerk is around 546,000, for the U.S-based company called Jafra Cosmetics‘, which is a sub-brand of Vorwerk. Also, the company posted a revenue of 12.5 billion USD in 2014. Before going into more details about Vorwerk, let’s brief you about Direct Selling Business.

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Direct selling is a person-to-person (P2P) business method. Here, people sell products and services directly to consumers without involving a middle man. Direct Selling Business is also known in the name of “Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Direct Selling offers entrepreneurship to anyone who can start a business with low cost and less experience. Direct Selling business entirely depends on your communication and business skills. As you have understood about Direct Selling Business, let’s get into details about the History of Vorwerk MLM company.



In 1883, the ‘Barmer Teppichfabrik Vorwerk & Co’ was founded by the Vorwerk brothers Carl and Adolf. The same year, those brothers decided to partway, and Carl Vorwerk continued to run the company. The firm initially manufactured high-quality carpets and upholstery fabrics.

And later, they included the production of looms under an improved proprietary patent. Carl Vorwerk introduced his son ‘Carl Jr’ to the company, but unfortunately, before being a successful company director, he died in 1903.

Thus, upon the death of the company founder, his son-in-law ‘August Mittelsten Scheid’ became a significant partner of the company in 1907.

In 2001, Vorwerk purchased an MLM organization called ‘Lux Asia Pacific’ and made a strong position in the Asian markets. And later, they acquired the American cosmetic manufacturer ‘Jafra Cosmetics’ in May 2004.

From January 2013, corporate management at Vorwerk has been in the hands of ‘Walter Muyres’, ‘Reiner Strecker’ and ‘Frank van Oers’ (Managing Partners of Vorwerk). Other than that, ‘Vorwerk Fitted Kitchens‘, ‘Thermomix Kitchen Appliance’ became a sensation in the household realm in the market. Now, let’s look at some of the most recommended products offered by Vorwerk.




The most traditionally-steeped products of Vorwerk are their ‘Vintage Parsa-Carpets Collection’. Carpeting is the business field in which Vorwerk has been consistently doing since its foundation in 1883. Since the takeover of ‘Jafra Cosmetics’ in 2004, Vorwerk made a mark on skincare/ body care products and premium quality perfumes.

In 2017, Vorwerk manufacturers tied up with Neato Robotics and gave life to their most innovative and popular robotic vacuum, ‘Kobold Vacuum Cleaner’.

Vorwerk Floorings:

Vorwerk flooring offers you with varieties choice of  colour, texture and       insulation you need. All you have to do is, find the Vorwerk tiles, broadloom and  overlock carpets perfect for your building. The best selling carpet among them is the    ‘Vintage Parsa Carpet Collection’.

            Vintage Parsa Carpet: The Parsa carpet is a vintage made carpet in the 1950s.   Vorwerk produces the carpet, made from sheep’s wool. This Vintage Parsa Carpet has            colourful Bauhaus patterns on it. Which makes the carpet, an attraction of your    interiors.

Kobold Vaccum Cleaner:

The Kobold Vaccum Cleaners range combines over 90 years of experience in developing powerful vacuum cleaners with its sleek and elegant design. Each Kobold Vaccum Cleaner is versatile, easy to handle and highly efficient.

However, you can decide how much time you want to put into the housework without sacrificing a brilliant result. Combining the latest innovative cleaning technology with easy-to-use cleaning attachments, the ‘Kobold Vaccum Cleaners’ can tackle almost every surface in your home.

Jafra Cosmetics:

          “ Concious Beauty And Green Future.“

                         Jafra Cosmetics Team is very health-conscious. They have been manufacturing       eco-friendly products for almost 65 years now. They are harnessing their passion and    pushing themselves for a cleaner and more eco-conscious business as well. ‘Jafra     Cosmetics’ have varieties of products including, skincare, makeup, fragrance and   more.  Jafra products are never tested on animals, they frequently do sustainability     training programs that will educate employees and consultants on sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and recycling methods.

As we have discussed the popular products offered by Vorwerk, let me share with you some information about the benefits you will be receiving on being a part of the Vorwerk business.



Vorwerk has been there for more than 135 years in business as a family-owned company focused on changing the lifestyle of its consumers. Besides their superior products and services, Vorwerk offers their employees and clients benefits for being a part of their run. Let me point out a few of them;

  • Vorwerk employees have an unlimited earning opportunity based on performance, sales, and the recruitment they make.
  • As a level of achievement, members can acquire high-level posts like Team Manager and Branch Manager quickly.
  • Be your boss: You can start and run the business as an individual entrepreneur where you will be your boss.
  • You have the opportunity to work on flexible hours that suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Meet new people, share your idea’s passion, learn the same from other business masters, and be part of a growing community.
  • You will be receiving the best training to be a successful businessman with enough knowledge to run your business effortlessly.
  • Rewards, bonuses, and commissions will be receiving based on the performance you make on the business.
  • Vorwerk represents an attractive work and decent income-generating opportunity for the associates that offer them maximum growth in the market.




Vorwerk always wanted to expand their scale of business and community around the world. Vorwerk had tackled many challenges which they had never faced before, which made them more stronger. They found a solution for the best community building strategy on a global scale, and they gave professional training for their team around the world.

They trusted their partners, who guided them through the process, creating a strong bond between each other. There are some strong strategies Vorwerk has used to gain success, they are;

  • Reviewing the current community and company documentation to understand the faults.
  • Undertaking health check-up programs for clients and employees to build a healthy and actively working team.
  • Surveying the online managements and community managements to understand their goals, current focus, challenges and find different solutions.
  • Motivating the employees and clients by providing benefits and commissions for their hard work and efforts.
  • Developing a comprehensive, bespoke community strategy brief, confirming the most prominent community challenges and recommended tactics to overcome them.
  • Delivering highly interactive, knowledge-based, personalized training for employees and associates to help them analyze their faults and perfection.



Vorwerk’s special projects include financial help in building schools, facilities and other local and social support, to provide a better learning environment to children. They also supply food, clean water, essential clothing and even offer temporary shelter for the victims who have faced crisis and other environmental issues.

The Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation

The ‘Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk Foundation’ is a non-profit project founded    in 1997 by Irene and Friedrich Vorwerk to expresses their heart-felt moral obligation to support. This foundation consolidates all the charitable, cultural and scientific         tasks, which   are being processed through their ‘Youth Welfare’ and ‘Care for the          Elderly’ plans.

SOS Children’s Villages

Vorwerk took the initiative for the children who no longer live with their      families by working with communities and state partners to provide care, support and    ensure that children’s rights are met. Every child has the right to get quality care.      Vorwerk’s “SOS Children’s Village” is all about providing a ‘Safe and Caring      Environment’ for the child to flourish, learn and reach their full potential.

Sign Language Education & Development (SLED)

Sign Language Education & Development (SLED) works in partnership with             teachers, schools, other educational departments, deaf organizations, funding          partners, donors, and people of goodwill, towards the education that deaf students      need to fulfil their potential. There are no shortcuts in quality learning and teaching;   supporting materials and practical teaching skills are the keys to SLED.



As we have understood from the article, Vorwerk stands for “Exceptional Commitment to Elevate Lifestyles. They embraced innovations, which solves real-life problems and leads to an easy lifestyle. Vorwerk creates passionate, loyal customers by simplifying homes with their high-quality, long-lasting superior products. Their unique direct selling abilities delegate people across the globe for better lives. As a trusted business organization, representatives are very committed and responsible for acting more socially and environmentally friendly, which made them still shine in the markets.









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