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More and more business people are now accustomed to use social media as a means of network marketing.

Instagram gained more popularity in 2010 which opened more opportunities for marketers to interact with customers which in turn helped them with more business and more potential customers.

To modify a popular saying in regards to network marketing we could say Modern business requires modern marketing strategies“. And ergo Instagram falls into the third most popular social media.

This increasing popularity makes it more suitable and easy for the marketers to communicate or reach out to the target customers. So marketers are adapting to the new social networking space to interact with customers.

Instagram is a worldwide used social media network, which has been used as a marketing tool by many global business companies.

These Instagram marketers use this medium as a strong marketing tool where the business communication happens, and the customers could interact with them through sharing photos and videos and leaving comments as a way of sharing information; receiving comments and likes as a way of gaining feedback from customers. Being the most favoured marketing strategy by different industries as they can easily advertise their product and services through social media.

This helps big business to do better and small business to become better known without putting much investment on advertising.

As this marketing involves online communities the marketer needs to be more attentive in building a better image and relationship with customers.

Communities tend to be more attracted to contents which are either informative, educational or interesting. Make sure to frame and market your content of any sort whether a photo of your product, testimonial videos, Instagram stories even Q & A’s should be marketing your brand at its best.

Instagram stands out from other social media as it is applying a visual based strategy. Everything about Instagram is about photograph. Instagram marketing is an effective way to advertise a product as it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words.


Herein we will see how we can use or accustom Instagram as a means of network marketing.

  • Determine our specific Instagram goal and keep scales to measure our success.
  • Create and curate new content on regular basis.
  • Plan and Schedule your contents each week to ensure progressiveness.
  • Finally, analyse your weekly and monthly data which will help you identify what to do next.

Though social network marketing helps the company to be more approachable to the customers at any time. But there is an underlying factor which can either be made an advantage or disadvantage depending on how we handle the specific social media.

Transparency is this underlying factor. On regards of Instagram like any other social media it encourages user’s participation therefore allows customers to comment about your brand which can be either positive or negative. These comments are quite influential. Herein inducing the need of Branding and Professionalism in Instagram marketing. There are certain ways or methods which help you with this like:

  • Creating relationships and keeping your network huge so that you could cater to more target customers.
  • Both your Instagram profile and your contents should stand out making your products more visible to public.
  • Your bio could bring a new potential customer or follower so always remember to keep your bio professional.
  • Brand yourself with your product both should be done hand in hand as customers always tend to purchase from trustworthy sources.
  • Video is a key element of Instagram marketing. Always add your opinions, experiences and testimonials with the help of videos, use highlight options to ensure long-term accessibility.
  • Even your Instagram stories could help you make your profile visible. Instagram users spend most of their time watching stories, so it is possible to grab more attention and publicity through stories.
  • Timing is also a relevant factor determining the reach of your Instagram profile make sure to post content at the peak time.

Some basic content ideas followed by most business whether small or big are behind the scene stories or images of the actual content, hosting give away, collaborating with non-competitors to increase the reach of our product and the easiest of which is sharing user-generated contents benefiting our product marketing. You can also use certain other Instagram tools like Ask Me Anything.

Instagram is one among some network marketing platforms which help us to market at almost zero cost, create huge exposure to businesses, increasing sales and rising the popularity of the brand.

Finally, when on arriving at a conclusion we see that not many purchase products through Instagram as we thought. Though it may not give the desired result social media does influence what people buy. We found that the use of social media does affect what people want to buy. It is now a prevalent fashion among Instagram users to adapt to certain lifestyles which they perceive to be the best as influenced by Instagram. Social media influencers also play a major role in influencing what people want to buy.

Therefore, we could see different aspects as in the behaviour effect of Instagram towards the users. The use of imagery is highly effective towards the individual.

The concerning form of advertising on Instagram, displaying products through imagery contribute to a positive behavioural effect of the consumer.

Visuals or images creates a more appealing style compared to other means of marketing.

In social media networking sites like Instagram visuals play a major role as when an individual sees the ad or promotion on their Instagram feed they would be more inclined to look into the product, they are more tempted to buy the product.

This is something that would be an impulse buy.

No social media could make people do something or change something Nonetheless it makes people decide what to buy and when to buy. The behavioural characters of the viewers or users could be manipulated by social media. It can contribute to changes into an influenced lifestyle.












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