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Jeunesse MLM Company

Montage Jeunesse is a global direct selling company which is dealing with the beauty products. Its business is based in Baglan Energy Park , South Wales , United Kingdom. It is renamed as 7th Heaven . It works with mission to positively impact the world by helping people look and feel young , while empowering them to unleash their potential.It has exclusive range of skin care and nutritional products.Jeunesse is a huge platform to share innovative products & training. Jeunesse is currently operating in 32 offices through markets in over 140 countries  with the presence of millions of representatives.

Gregory Butcher founded this beauty networking company in 1985. Its headquarters are in Wales , United Kingdom. The company manufactures toiletry that are approved by the Vegetarian Society and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). The company earned a good name in market during 1988. The best part of the company is that it doesn’t support animal testing. Over 35 years they haven’t tested their products on animals and they are proud to share this information. Apart from it they do many programs to support animals.

Montage Jeunesse launch a campaign to “Save the Seal” , later it campaigned for Antarctica in which it raised money and awareness with the book Antarctica: Voices from the Silent continent. In 1994 , it opened Eco factory which is its  first world friendly headquarters. After 7 years it started its wind turbine which helps in reducing carbon footprint. In 2004 the company moved to Green Barn which was its new super energy efficient headquarters.  4 years ago , it expanded globally with a online community of millions of fans.\


Jeunesse MLM Company Products

It has a huge range of products as Face masks , Superfood , Spa range , Pore Strips , Mother Nature’s Beauty kitchen, Stardust , Men’s range , Hair range and foot range.

Face Masks – It has self heating thermal masks , peel off masks & bamboo fabric masks with mineral rich clay . You can choose your skin mask .

Superfood- It has superfood Matcha & Chia clay mask ,superfood blueberry mud mask , superfood cannabis sativa peel -off &  superfood Avocado clay mask .

Spa range – It offers Paraben free solutions for manicures and pedicures  along with that it is easy to use. Soften glove strengthen nail & cuticle , soften sock .

Pore Strips – It helps you to get rid of blackheads. It has activated charcoal and volcanic ash to detoxify skin for an ultra clean result. It has nose pore strips , t-zone strips and men’s blackheads nose strips.

Mother Nature’s beauty kitchen- You can discover the natural goodness by recipes as  Dead Sea mineral , green tea , ginger , sea wood cocoa butter & pomegranate and more . Masks are made from these natural ingredients.

Stardust – For minimising the pores it has a range of stardust galactic gold , stardust stellar black diamond, stardust heavenly aqua marine , stardust out of world anthracite & stardust cosmic rose quartz.

Men’s mask range- It has a good range for the men even which includes clay masks , charcoal masks , black heads removal masks , detox mask , fabric sheets , deep pore peel mask & mud scrub .

Hair range- The hair care products provide nourishment to the roots with good growth and treatment for dry hairs. It has Argan oil hair mask , papaya hair mask , coconut hair mask, honey hair mask and more.

Foot range- It gives natural goodness to pamper and delight your tootsies all time . It offers foot soak & foot lotions, foot pumice & foot butter , smooth heals & fresh feet .


It’s online official website also offers a beauty match maker quiz which help customers to choose their products. You can share your experience with the company online.

If you want to become a member of this brand and want to take advantages of their products you can simply visit their website , you get the option for sign up . Although the information regarding the compensation plan or incentive system is not revealed by company. But it’s representative numbers show that it offers good plans .


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Overall it is a networking company which manufactures skin care products which are made from natural ingredients. It doesn’t promote animal cruelty as it doesn’t test products on animals and along with that it has run many campaigns in order to protest animals .







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