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This post is all about network marketing, also known as Multi-level marketing (MLM), in the United States. In addition, you will also get to know about MLM software and why it is important in network marketing with an introduction to some of the best MLM software available in the United States. There is also brief information on the top MLM companies in the United States in case you are planning on joining one. So, hop right in!


What exactly is MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is popularly known as network marketing, but other terms like pyramid selling and referral marketing are also used to refer to MLM. MLM is a widely used business strategy for the marketing products or services and the company obtains its revenue from a non-salaried workforce (distributors) who sell the products or services offered by the company.  The monetary compensation system for payment of earnings to the workforce is unique for each MLM company.


Most of the MLMs have a common feature, though. Payment is usually obtained from two potential revenue streams – commissions of the sales made by the distributors directly to the retail customers or commissions made from the wholesale purchases made by other distributors below the workforce who have recruited those other participants into the MLM (usually referred to as one’s down line distributor).


Thus, MLM distributors are supposed to sell directly to the customers while also hiring new distributors as fellow salespeople so that they can become down line distributors and thus increase their earnings. Word-of-mouth marketing is the main marketing strategy employed by MLM distributors. Thus, MLM is a simple yet effective way of generating some passive income with very little investment.


MLM in the United States, USA

MLM has been getting more popular in the United States, and the market sure is growing with many new companies joining the field and gaining popularity rapidly. Though a lot of controversies exist as a part of MLM, many people still join it and are successful for a reason. Most of the MLM companies flourishing in the country have been around for a long time exhibiting solid performance over the years, which gives evidence to the predominance of MLM strategy in the country. To really understand and evaluate the success of MLM in the US, we need to assess the best MLM companies that provide products or services that are widely used by the people. In the next section, we will see some of the best MLM companies in the US in detail.


Best MLM companies in the United States of America

  1. Amway

It is no news to see Amway at the top of the list of the best MLM companies in the United States. Founded in 1959, Amway is famous for many products, especially its Nutrilite range of products as well as its Artistry range of products. It is one of the most trusted MLM companies in the US.


  1. Vorwerk

Vorwerk began its operations in 1883 and is very renowned for its kitchen appliances. It is undoubtedly perceived as one of the most popular direct selling companies in the United States. The most in-demand product offered by the company is their Kobold Vacuum Cleaner.


  1. Tupperware

Most of us have used a Tupperware product at least once in our lives and this points to the popularity of the company. So it is really not surprising that the company ranks among the largest network marketing firms in the USA. Tupperware is famous for its affordable kitchen products.


  1. Herbalife

Herbalife is a very popular company widely known for its weight management products as well as nutritional food products. It was founded by Mark Hughes in the year 1980 and even though he has passed away, the company is still expanding very fast and is one of the best MLM companies in the United States, as well as in the world.


  1. Avon Cosmetics

Avon cosmetics is a US-based company with a grasp all over the world, and with good reason too. Launched in the year 1886, it is also one of the oldest MLM companies in the world. As is obvious from the name, it is famous for its cosmetic range of products. he company takes pride in “putting mascara on face and food on tables.”


Lead MLM Software

MLM software is a must-have for people who have undertaken an MLM business seriously. An MLM software will help increase their productivity in the business as it helps manage, control and analyze all the MLM business-related activities without a lot of effort and/or time. Lead MLM software is actually a website-based secure online application that the users can use, any time and from anywhere. Some of the key features of Lead MLM software are.

  • A very simple user interface that can be used and operated with just a few clicks. Even a technology rookie can easily use the software with no troubles.
  • The software comes with a lot of functionalities integrated into it with the help of MLM scripts. These include functionalities for management of financial transactions, downline management, and report generation among others.
  • The software comes with some preset financial compensation plans which can also be customized by the user to suit his/her needs.
  • Lead MLM software can also be integrated with various platforms using the MLM add-on modules. It supports eCommerce, cryptocurrency, blockchain and CMS based integrations.


Need for MLM software in network marketing

Handling multiple aspects of a thriving MLM business can get tiring and tough a lot for the involved person very easily. You have to be aware of many things like your down line and how they are doing, if they are active or not, etc. You may also have to generate reports to document your progress. You will have to analyze the various aspects of your business to evaluate how you are doing and to figure out areas that you need to work on. Managing all this is tough without a dedicated tool.


An MLM software acts as this tool so that you don’t have to worry about any of this as it will do it all for you. It will manage your customers and accounts, track sales and do so much more so that you can focus on increasing the profitability of your business. MLM software also makes it easy for you to schedule tasks. They also have advanced tools like replicating website backup system, e-wallet, e-commerce integration, multilingual support, SMS Integrator, Automatic payment and much more. To conclude, MLM software makes network marketing a whole lot easier.

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