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‘Beautiful And Fulfilled’

POLA is a Japanese Multi-Level Marketing organization headquartered in Shizuoka, JapanThe company has been actively doing business based on Direct Selling Business Model around the globe since its establishment in 1929 by Shinobu Suzuki. Pola is ranked number one among the Cosmetic MLM Industries in Japan. The central part of their product line comes under Skin Care and Beauty Care products, which emphasizes their female customers with high quality, harmless products and best services.

POLA aims to develop their domestic and international business by supporting customers through various angles, including their Skincare & Cosmetics Brands and other services. Pola launched ‘The Beauty Campaign’ intending to convert them to a premium brand in the Global Cosmetics MLM Business. ‘POLA THE BEAUTY’ offers us premium aesthetic Spas & Salons that represent the company’s best service.

Pola MLM Business is committed to developing multiple sales channels to allow customers to choose sales and service locations and times that suit their lifestyles.


Today we will be discussing here Pola Multi-Level Marketing Company, And the following subtopics mentioned below.




Network Marketing is also identified as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). MLM is a marketing strategy in which a distributor purchases products they have to sell and profit from it. The seller/ distributor receives a percentage of commission from selling every product. As a seller, you can recruit more members/distributors to the network and encourage them to sell the products. It is the simplest way to own a business, which you can work from whenever and wherever you want from. Without gaining much knowledge about starting a business or prior experience in the field, you can sell the products and earn a decent income level in MLM Business.

Before we go into details, let’s go through the history of the Pola MLM Company.





POLA has the best-selling body care product line, which includes the Skincare Analysis service. The Skincare Analysis consists of a personal consultant to guide you with tips based on millions of skincare test results with the latest technology. In 1960, Pola was organized in the United States of America, and it became a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). POLA began their overseas business with the launch of another branch in Hong Kong in 1958. The company was honoured at the biannual conference for the International Federation of the Societies of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC) from 1994 to 1998, respectively, for their research, theories, and patented ingredients developing their products. To be a brand that continues to be chosen by many consumers pursuing beauty, POLA has redefined their values into their new slogan:


‘Science. Art. Love’


Pola not only sells female cosmetics and skincare products, but they also have a product line that includes Men’s Care, Hair Care, Healthy Food Products, and Gifts. In June of 2004, Japan’s Prime Minister ‘Junichiro Koizumi’ honoured POLA Fukuroi Plant with the Prime Minister Award to promote environmental awareness within the community. Let’s look at some of the most popular products offered by Pola MLM Company.





The Special Care B. A Series has premium cosmetics products, including Eye Shadows, Sun Protection Creams, Body Care Products, and moisturizing lotions called ‘Feel & Heal’. The B.A series is another famous product line, including Signs Solution Cream, Lotions, and Wrinkle Shot Cream. Let’s have a peek at some of the other popular products of Pola.



Pola Hand Cream is a blend of cosmetic ingredients like GlycerinPrimrose OilOlive Oil, Izayoi Rose, Hypericum, Burdock, Marjoram Leaf extract, Akebia Stem extract, which helps to moisturize the skin by adopting the “Heavenly Rich Oil Prescription.” The product comes with a great variety of Orange & Jasmine scents aromas to make you feel fresh throughout the day. And it gives you youthful and beautiful skin with a sense of firmness and reduces dryness.



B.A Base Makeup foundation transforms the daily environment and helps to beautify your skin. All-day long, your skin is exposed to harsh environmental conditions and pollutions. From ultraviolet light rays, dust particles, your skin is constantly under attack. But now, Pola has introduced a new way to protect your skin with B.A Base Makeup foundation to make the skin environment-friendly, softer, smoother and radiant. The product absorbs moisture from the surrounding atmosphere and breaks down airborne toxins. B.A Base also converts UV rays with long-wavelength into visible light to give your skin a radiant glow.



B.A Liquid contains an industry-first and Pola’s original compound ingredient, ‘Ch-A Extract.’ Ch-A Extract contains walnut polyphenols found in walnuts skins and extracts from the Japanese raisin tree’s fruit, seeds, and stems. The product provides a quick-acting approach to being instantly ready to become beautiful. B.A Liquid is a rich nutritious drink with a flavour that draws on the floral worldview presented in the B.A Series. The product is toxin-free and caffeine-free. It contains a quartet of herbs and YAC Extract (Yeast Artificial Chromosome Extract) to help you achieve beauty from the inside.



B.A Grandluxe is changing curiosity into beauty with ideas from science. Pola’s premium brand has arrived at this anti-ageing care method. This bottled product contains the beauty ingredient ‘Rucinol 6’, which Pola is very popular. Rucinol 6 is the active ingredient for whitening, which is integrated with the Golden LP5 featured in B.A Skin Care to give youth the best result. This formula is manufactured to provide flexibility and elasticity to the skin so that you can feel the complete rejuvenation from the inside.



B.A Contrast Illuminator diffuses light naturally to make the skin look beautiful. Contrast Illuminator comes with highlight and shadow. The product is integrated with three pearl pigments of champagne, yellow, and white combined in a well-balanced ratio to recreate a light shade used in highlighting. The use of shadows to accentuate the light and create a gradation that highlight the facial bone structure and shadowed areas, using natural shadows made of sunshine on the face. The B.A Contrast Illuminator contains beauty ingredients that nourish your cheeks.


However, Shinobu Suzuki (the founder of Pola) wanted to bring their products directly to their consumers, and Pola hired a Skincare Analyst to meet clients and understand their needs. A certified Skin Analyst will personally inspect your skin conditions and provide skincare tips that will help you to achieve healthier skin. Let’s check out more benefits offered by Pola.





The Pola MLM Company provides offers that encourage many people to join the company. Pola allows us to work with award-winning Skincare & Cosmetics Company renowned for their high-quality and effective production. The minimum order requirements will be including, the initial investment of $299 (USD 278.51+ fast delivery). The company also provide us with an excellent Profit Margin and Incentives, including monthly promotions and specials.


  • Flexibility to sell products of your choice.
  • On-going training and support.
  • Invitations to special events.
  • Merchandising support.
  • Log-in access for fast, easy ordering.
  • Can be a part of a successful, well-established company.


The advantage of a Direct Selling Program is that they allow us to enjoy the parallel income. Pola employs over 400 researchers who work day and night to develop high-quality skincare and cosmetics products. The company also has more than 2,000 distributors in Japan and other overseas countries. They hired thousands of Professional Beauty Consultants and became one of the world’s ten largest cosmetic MLM companies.




In conclusion, POLA is a Japanese Multi-Level Marketing Company, which has been functioning for more than 90 years worldwide. This Japanese Cosmetics MLM Company sells popular anti-ageing products. Pola was recognized as one of the ten largest Global Cosmetic MLM Companies, with over 1,75,000+ professional Pola Beauty Consultants. In 2011, Direct Selling News reported that Pola achieved more than 969 million USD in 2020 global wholesale revenue.

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