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Sun Hope International is a Multi-Level Marketing organization formed in Los Angeles, California. It was created in 1978 and later expanded to many other countries. Sun Hope MLM considers the earth as a ‘Planet of Water’. There is no other resource as essential as freshwater. Nearly 70 percent of the planet is covered by water, but only two percent of water is in drinkable condition. The remaining water source is trapped as ice or glaciers, and the rest are contaminated and saline. They have always been promoting the concept of;

‘Maximum Results with Minimum Water Usage.’

Sun Hope is very concerned about limiting the usage of water resources. Before the world started to understand environmental issues caused by ‘Climatic variations’ and ‘Human activities, Sun Hope MLM initiated a business with having a non-exploiting relationship with the environment. Sun Hope offers the best environmental solutions for agricultural, industrial, and landscape industries as a pioneer MLM Company. They’re always loyal to their customers by making their satisfaction the top priority. Sun Hope MLM Company is listed 23 out of the Top 100 Network Marketing Companies globally, with an annual income of 940 million USD. Today we will be discussing the following sub-topics, which are;



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy used by many Direct Sales companies to promote existing distributors in recruiting new distributors who are paid with a percentage of commission for the sales they make. Multi-Level Marketing is also directed to as Network Marketing. The newly recruited members are called ‘Distributors’. These distributors can also earn a percentage profit through the sales made by their ‘Downline’ members.

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Sun Hope International was established in 1993 in Tianjin, China and invested 100 million yuan in building a grand-scale and well-equipped Sunhope Intelligent Technology. Sun Hope is famous for manufacturing Healthy foods, Metal products, Healthcare devices, Glass products, Cosmetics, Beauty machines, Air purifiers and more. The company has branches worldwide, including the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and many other countries. ‘Kazuyuki Masumitsu’ is the founder of Sun Hope International Co. Ltd. Sun Hope International imports and sells Brackish Water Equipments and its materials. Sun Hope is also famous for marketing Agricultural Materials like seedlings, plants and they have recently included Home Gardening and Mushroom Cultivation systems.

In 1955, he introduced the first water sprinkler to Japan while working with Oregon Agriculture Machinery Company (USA). He travelled worldwide, searching for the best product to submit to the Japanese market. In 2010, a brand Versatile Side Irrigation System was introduced.




Sun Hope International is one of the best MLM companies depending on the quality and service they provide and from experience as a user. The reviews of the products are usually based on how well they measure up to expectations from the company. It supports creating applications like Automatic Washing Machine for cleansing industrial materials, Factory Waste Management System, Livestock Deodorization, Snow Removal and Dust-proofing System. There are more popular products, let’s have a look at them.

Sun Hope Pow Mix

Sun Hope Pow Mix is a top-rated product used by many families. It is a high-quality Colostrum Milk Powder derived from selected cow’s which provide milk enriched with Immunoglobulin G (LG-G), which is the main factor of immunity, especially during a pandemic season. Sun Hope Pow Mix also helps normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevents bacterial, viral, and toxin infectious diseases. In addition, this product is a source of many vitamins and minerals that contain the Insulin Growth Factor and Epidermal Growth Factor.

Sun Hope Omega-3 Deep Sea

The Omega-3 supplement contains 360mg of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and 240mg of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) derived from Alaskan Salmon Oil. Omega-3 Deep Sea supports healthy Heart, Brain, Eyes and Blood vessel health with Vitamin E. It improves hydration for rough & dry skin and improves natural glow. It also helps lower the signs of ageing & have a soothing effect on the skin. This product is very rich in the high-end delivery formula of Anti-Reflux and contains no toxic substance, no cholesterol, preservatives or Gluten.

Sun Hope Mega Formula

Sun Hope Mega Formula is a multi-vitamin supplement produced using a combination of plant and animal extracts. The primary component of the product is the Beef liver extract, Wheat germ oil, Ginseng and Royal jelly enriched with L-methionine, Vitamins A, E and B complex to provide nutrition to liver tissue. Mega Formula helps achieve a healthy fit, active stamina, overcome anaemia and low blood pressure, and vibrant energy throughout the day. Mega Formula also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Sun Hope Vi Honey

Sun Hope Vi Honey is a special drink for modern women especially made from honey and date juice, combined with selected natural herbs such as Manjakani, Kunci Pipet, Fatimah Grass, Rapet Wood, Betel Leaves, White Turmeric, and Rosella Flowers. Sun Hope Vi Honey is very suitable and ideal for all women, including children who have just started menstruating. Honey is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals, known as a source of energy that is very useful for recovering fatigue after doing various strenuous activities.

Since we talked about the famous products of Sun Hope, let’s now get into details of the projects and missions offered by Sun Hope International.




The Sun Hope MLM works under the philosophy of improving social life, building a beautiful home together, and implementing Sunhope’s public welfare contributions to all aspects of social life. Sun Hope also increased the social donations and launched the ‘Shanghe One Heart Charity Aid’. Also, I would like to share a few other Sun Hope Projects with you.

Tianjin Sunhope Charity Foundation 2021.

According to the criteria for Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau (2012), Tianjin Sun Hope Charity Foundation was awarded as ‘The 3A Grade Social Organization’ through some qualification examination, Self-evaluation of the organizations, and reviews by reviews evaluation experts. In 2021, the first meeting of the session council of Sun Hope Charity Foundation was also held at the headquarters of Sun Hope International, China. The meeting adopted the work report and financial situation report of the first session of the Board of Directors and elected the second session for charity distribution of the foundation.

Sustainable Development Program 2020.

On October 28, 2020, the Sun Hope Sustainable Development Program was officially held. It was awarded the honour of ‘Leading Enterprise in Practice of Sustainable Development by the Vice President and General Secretary of China Society for World Trade Organization Studies. The award was for stable and long-lasting development, Health, Technology, Public Welfare, Eco-friendly, and Education. The company elaborated the management philosophy and the sustainable strategy of making the best out of people, materials, goods and spreading all over the place.

Sun Hope Charity Council 2015.

On November 27 2015, Sun Hope’s charity board meeting was successfully assembled. During the charity event review of 2015 by the Sun Hope Charity council, Secretary-general Chen and director Luo gave speeches surrounding the idea of Sun Hope Charity Work and that 2015 is a fruitful year for Sun Hope Charity. Sun Hope’ Spreading Love’, ‘Continue Love’, and ‘Helping Others’ brings warmth from the sun and hope to the public, warming every corner of the world. February 10, 2015, Sun Hope attended Tianjin high tech industry 2014 corporate commendations and on 2015 promotional events, received 2014 top 10 corporate contribution award.

Sun Hope Charity Primary School

Since the beginning of this year, Sunhop’s charity concept of ‘Let Love Continue’ has been gradually systemized and became Sunhop’s appeal for the annual charity season. Entering the Sun Hope Charity Primary School, built with their respective aids for seven continues years. With the endless stack of data and experience, people have witnessed Sun Hope’s charity, love and dedication. ‘The Caring for Charity and Perpetual Love’ program has created trust in Direct Selling Industry in society. Good story. Over the years, without interruption. Sun Hope Charity Primary School.



Sun Hope International brand stands among the top 5 direct selling in China and the 14th in direct selling globally and standing in the health industry. Sun Hope manufactures all products and gets them sold by natural selling system. The active period is determined by the company, where the prospect will earn commissions by trading and enrolling more members to do the same under the terms and conditions of the company. Sun Hope Public Welfare actively works under the concept of ‘Charity, Love and Sustainability’ and strives to build a charity platform with love as the starting point.

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