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Usana is a multi- networking company that manufactures numerous types of nutritional products, dietary supplements and skin care products to pamper your skin. It is a Utah based company whose products are selling in more than 24 countries with a huge network of independent representatives. Myron Wentz, Ph.D.(Founder & Chairman) , Kevin Guest (CEO) ,Jim Brown (President and Chief Operating Officer), James Bramble (Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel) & Dan Macuga (CCO).

This direct selling company was founded in 1992 by Myron Wentz Ph.D.  in West Valley City , Utah. Myron Wentz is a scientist and entrepreneur who made his dream come true by building his own empire which is a Nutrition and Health Sciences Company. The company works with a aim of promoting healthy lifestyle with scientific research & advanced nutritional products. Before that in 1974 , Myron founded Gull laboratories, he started with one man operation and there he developed a test for diagnosing  virus. Afterwards in 1998 , he founded the Sanoviv Medical  Institute in Mexico.

In 1992 , he moved his diagnostic testing company from Salt Lake City to West Valley City , Utah and turn it into USANA. Next year Dallin become the vice -president of the company . Usana products are not available through retail channel , you can purchase the products from the independent representatives only. In 2012, 91% of product sales was purchased by associates. After 2 years it has more than 3 million associates working worldwide.Last year it was partnered with Health Corps on health education for children and it provides food for hungry children in Utah services.



Last year it’s products are marketed in the Indonesia, Colombia, Denmark, Romania , GermanyItalySpain , China , France , Philippines, Caribbean , United Kingdom , Netherlands, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan , Japan , Hong Kong , New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Usana products falls in 3 categories–  Usana Nutritionals line of products, this line currently holding 32 products which are highest quality supplements and food products providing all science based nutrients by which you can live a healthy life.

Next is The Sense Beautiful Science line which includes best quality skin care and body care products . The products are scientifically designed to give best results to your skin and hair . This category includes 22 different products and 2 other supporting products. The last category is Diet and Energy line which has 14 dietary and energy products which includes shakes , snacks , supplements and energy drinks and Usana blender bottles. In 2011 , Usana essentials were tested by ConsumerLab.com in their multivitamins and multi supplements review of 38 products  & it passed the test .

Usana works on the multi – networking company strategy, you can purchase products directly from the website or through the independent distributors. As a independent associate you can recruit other associates and by this you can create a vast network of yours . The benefit of adding members to the network is you get the commission for your sales and along with that the sales that recruiters made. If you purchase products from website you get two options for the same- you can just purchase products simply with becoming part of brand or you can add your name to the company associates list . The reason behind the online purchase is discounts .

From 1992 , it has paid over $ 2 Billion dollar to representatives who have earned commissions from distributing the company’s products as independent network marketing Associates. In terms of compensation MLM plan it offers points for the sales volume . When you reach your target or when your points reach the pre-determined numbers, you get commission. If in case you are not reaching your target then it is accumulated towards next week. The sales should be of approximately between $ 110 to $ 130 every 4 weeks to pass the eligibility criteria for compensation plan. It that value is not met then at end you may lose points. Usana gives you many opportunities to earn amount in form of 6 ways –



Incentives– You can get amazing things that include luxury travel, cars and cash.

Weekly Commission– You can get weekly commission on the points gained.

Retail Sales – Independent distributors can earn upto 18% profit on every item you sell . This sales money is different from the other commission. It is your own profit.

Leadership Bonus– When you reach at a high position in company then you get a share of its profit. The profit share is awarded weekly.

Elite Bonus – For this special bonus you have to be the part of best 50 representatives . In this you get 1% of the worldwide sales.

Lifetime Matching Bonus– If you can help your team in achieving their target then you can be the part of this bonus.

Usana has sponsored many organisations .It offers an Athlete Guarantee Program to select sponsored athletes.This program allow selective members to be the part of it. In 2003 , it became the title sponsor of the USANA Amphitheater. In 2006 , it signed a co- sponsorship agreement with the WTA tour and extended the agreement till 2011 .


Usana offers a good range of high quality products and its name come under the top 100 multi-networking company in the world. It is a good company to join and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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