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Top 5 New Direct Sales Companies to Watch Out For in 2024 

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Top 5 New Direct Sales Companies to Watch Out For in 2024 

Have you ever thought about the opportunity of having multiple source of revenue along with a possibility to doing anything, while sleeping or on vacation? Yes, This is 2024; and everyone has multiple revenue sources nowadays. May be it is now the right moment to join the world of network marketing and direct selling.The direct sales industry is constantly evolving, with new companies emerging each year.  

However, in 2024, some novel direct sales companies have been making news for their unique approaches and products. Here are the top 5 new direct sales companies to watch out for in 2024: 


  1. I Coin Pro 
  1. Crowd1 
  1. Color Street 
  1. RIMAN 
  1. New U Life 

 1. I Coin Pro

iCoin Pro is the most famous Cryptocurrency MLM organization founded by Paul De Sousa. iCoin Pro is not just a buy and sells platform; Instead, they provide an instructional platform that teaches users to use cryptocurrency. It is also recognized for its transparent operations and has earned the trust of many individuals, particularly in the United State. 

Company Name  iCoin Pro 
Country  UAE 
Established Year  2017 
Products Category  • Educational package 
Official Website  https://icoinpro.com 


2. Crowd1

Crowd1 (C1) is a leader in digital crowd-marketing firm that offering sincere, encouraging business prospects to our international community of digital entrepreneurs. Crowd1 was launched in 2019 by Jonas Werner and has its base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organization presently provides products under the Web3, Gaming, Tourism, Educational and Crypto categories. Crowd1 applies direct sales along with a multi-level marketing strategy to be able to sell its products. By the year 2023, the revenue that was generated by this company stood at around 1 billion dollars. 

Company Name  Crowd1 
Country  UAE 
Established Year  2019 
Products Category  • Educational package 
Official Website  https://crowd1.com 


 3. Color Street

Color Street is a brand of nail polish strips that are designed for easy application and long-lasting wear was founded in 2017 by Fa Park. The company offering entrepreneurial individuals the chance to become Independent Stylists who sell products they love. The implementation of the direct-selling strategy by Color Street propelled a growth that is represented by an estimated sales reached approximately $400 million in 2023. Its future is bright as its customer base has a lot of loyalty and it seems there are continuous innovation to make the game changer in nail- care category even better. 

Company Name  Color Street 
Country  USA 
Established Year  2017 
Products Category  • Cosmetics 

• Personal care 

Achievements  • Bravo Percentage of Growth Award 

• Ranked #24 in 2021 DSN Global 100 

Official Website  https://www.colorstreet.com 



RIMAN was established in 2018 by , South Korea and operates as a K-beauty brand with an expansive skincare products including cosmetics, body care items such as lotions, soaps showers andhaircare products. Being the year of RIMAN’s life and evolution, 2018 was a crucial period for the brand journey. In that period, they firmly took the place of being a grand master in the k-beauty market. In 2022 it reported revenue worth about $545 million. 

Company Name  RIMAN 
Country  SOUTH  KOREA 
Established Year  2018 
Products Category  • Skin care, Body care 

• Makeup 

Achievements  • Ranked #22 in 2023 DSN Global 100 

• 2022 korea’s Best Business Award 

Official Website  riman.com 


 5. New U Life

New U Life was established in 2017 in USA by Alexy Goldstein and is a company that has recently catapulted to popularity due to its main product SOMADERM Gel. In the 2021-2022 accounting period, New U Life launched its operations and recorded initial growth prospects in a number of areas Under such influence, they managed to become a market leader. In 2022 it reported revenue worth about $250 million. 

Company Name  New U Life 
Country  USA 
Established Year  2017 
Products Category  • Health & wellness 
Official Website  https://www.newulife.com 


Join One Of The Best MLM Companies In The World Today! 

These are Top 5 MLM companies you can join this year. Use this as a lean startup guide when you are thinking about improving your direct selling success or financial situation in 2024. Thanks for taking the time to read, and we hope you experience great success in your MLM journey! 


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