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Yanbal International is a Multi-Level Marketing company based in Lima, Peru. Yanbal manufactures and sells beauty care products like cosmetics, fragrances, and jewelry. Yanbal International was established in 1967. Arty Femme Cosmetics, Hydra-Lip Lipstick, Cori Rosé Perfume, Liberatta Perfume, Ohm Men’s Cologne and Aftershave are popular products manufactured by Yanbal International. The company then associated with Charles & Colvard and Moissanite Manufacturers and acquired LuLu Avenue (Jewelry manufacturers) in 2016. Hanbal was ranked No. 17 on the Direct Selling News 2020 Global List. The company reported having around 885 million USD in 2019 and a commission payout of 188 million USD per year. Yanball International works based on the motto of;


“We are committed to empowering women, and we give them 

 best products and the best business opportunities.”


Before we go into more details about Yanbal International, let’s describe you about Multi-Level Marketing shortly.




Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business model embraced by many MLM companies for selling products and their services through a network of dedicated members/ distributors. Multi-Level Marketing is also referred to as Network Marketing, Direct Selling Business. The distributors purchase products from the company and sell them to the needed consumers directly or through online platforms. MLM allows its distributors to keep a percentage of profit earned from the sales they made. Network Marketing provides commission through product sales and recruiting new distributors you have built known as your ‘Downline’. If you recruit anyone under you, you will become a ‘Sponsor’ or their ‘Upline’ and receive a percentage of commission from their recruitments and the sales they make.


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As we have discussed Multi-Level Marketing, let’s check out the History of Yanbal International MLM Company.




Yanbal International MLM was founded in 1967, headquartered in Peru. The company was formed by brothers of the Belmont family, Fernando and Eduardo Belmont Anderson. Yanbal became internationally successful in 1981 after the expansion began in Colombia and Mexico. Then they split up after one of the brothers decided to start his venture in 1988, leaving Fernando in charge of Yanbal International. In 2011, Fernando’s daughter Janine Belmont took over the presidential position of the company. The third generation is involved too. Daniela Aguirre Belmont, the granddaughter, works for Yanbal in brand and PR strategy.


Yanbal MLM Company is mainly focused on manufacturing and sales of beauty products. Their main competitors are the Peruvian Marketing Company called Belcorp and a Brazilian MLM company called Natura. As of 2018, the company was available in 10 countries: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Venezuela, and the United States of America. Today after 55 years, the company has grown stronger with approximately 136,000 consultants and 3,700 directors in the MLM market and owns a revenue of 895 million USD in 2021.




Yanbal International has a wide variety of product lines, including Bath & Body Products, Skin Care Products, Makeup & Cosmetics products, Perfumes, and Jewelry. Yanbal guarantees that its products are 100% natural and non-toxic, and they make sure every product are dermatologically tested and verified. And Yanbal also promises their products are non-tested on animals. Let’s take a look at some of the most widespread products of Yanbal International.



Red Temptation Eau De Parfum is an oriental floral scent that combines notes of pear nectar, red roses and tonka bean. These ingredients represent the fondness of nature. A striking and intense floral aroma with a velvety texture brings sensuality and femininity to a new level. It is a perfume with very high intensity, perfect for highlighting the power of irresistible feeling. Red Temptation is inspired by the color red, which reflects passion, confidence, and the power of sensuality. This perfume is an invitation to take control, reflect self-assuredness and feel sensually irresistible.



Yanbal International has spent decades building the finest jewelry in the fashion market. Yanbal’s every piece of the products is customized and very conscientiously designed, pivoting on the global fashions and the individual preferences of their clients. Yanbal provides customized 24 karat gold plated earrings, gold-plated bracelets, rings, necklaces, and much more. The Yanbal artists design under the highest quality guidelines and guarantees that every item they build is an actual work of art.



Elixir De Vida will smooth your skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall elasticity. In addition, the product provides immediate hydration and make your skin soft and smooth. It is reported that 97% of the consumers perceived an anti-wrinkle effect. Elixir De Vida is the best product for people seeking to counteract the principal signs of ageing. At Yanbal International, they combine the highest technological innovation with unique ingredients to provide quality products.



With the Cat’s Claw Liquid Soap, you can show your hands some love. This product is made with 100% natural extract. Cat’s Claw is a plant from amazon forests, and it is recognized as a powerful antioxidant. This easy-to-rinse liquid soap removes impurities and maintains its natural protection without harming our skin. It also prevents our skin from drying out and leaving it smooth, soft and fragrant. The Cat’s Claw Liquid Soap creates a rich and creamy texture.




Successful MLM companies exist, and many people have launched their businesses. Many benefits being a part of a Multi-Level Marketing business can offer you. Here are some expected benefits that help people to have an effortless career in Multi-Level Marketing.


Financial Independence: Many people invest in MLM businesses because MLM offers their members a chance to earn extra income. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time job, you can work as an Independent Representative (IR) for an MLM company and make enough money to meet your monthly bills, retirement savings, and your overall financial stability.


Adaptability: MLM companies offer their members the flexibility to earn more and the ability to decide their working hours. MLM also helps them grow their earning knowledge from time to time and a fair reward for the struggle they put into their work. This flexible working opportunity with several ways to generate income, including sales and recruitments, is perfect for many individual entrepreneurs.


Growth Opportunities: Most Network Marketing companies have a growth hierarchy to help their members understand what they need to achieve a higher commission or grow their network base. Because consultants can earn a ‘Recruitment Bonus’ for each person, they recruit. Every member has an opportunity to ripen their income and investment in a way that not any other company can ever offer.


Financial Investment: Most MLM organizations provide financial investment schemes. This Financial Investment Schemes allows you to earn a parallel income without sales or recruitments. If you have invested in any MLM scheme, you can make a profit percentage as your income every month. The commission rate differs from company to company, depending on the scheme they provide.


The impact of Direct Selling Business will vary; some people thrive on the challenge and enjoy making connections, while others crave more stability and profit. For some, it will improve their business and communication skills. As an Independent MLM Consultant, you can create a flexible career path.



  • MLM benefits many types of people, particularly children and women, and many communities through Direct Selling Business.
  • 91% of Direct Selling companies with social conscience support health and human services and activities through financial donations or volunteer participation.
  • Many MLM companies support Education by 66%, Environmental Protection & Conservation by 47%, Economic Development by 28% and Art & Culture by 19%.
  • The Direct Selling Industry benefits. 69% focus or give special attention to children and 25% to women.
  • Eleven companies reported that 3.4 million people received corporate support to charitable causes in 2019 by their Independent Representatives (IR).




Yanbal International is a global direct selling company with a mission to enhance the lives of women who are on a voyage to evolve their independent businesses. The company is based in Lima, Peru, and empowers over 400,000 independent MLM advisors in 10 Latin America, the US, and Europe markets. Yanbal has been selling jewelry, makeup, and fragrances for more than 50 years across the globe. They kept fulfilling women’s dreams through their products, career opportunities and inspiration.

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