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Ambit Energy MLM Company

With a different concept from the traditional networking company the Ambit has stepped in the multi -networking world. Ambit Energy is a international multi -networking company that provides natural gas services and electricity in deregulated markets in USA. The main focus of the company is being the finest and the most-respected retail energy provider in America. It offers a cost-effective choices to its consumers. Today it is serving in Canada , Washington, Japan and many more countries with more than 6 million representatives.

The last year revenue of the company was $1,310 million and the estimated commission payout was $ 458.50 million. The Per second  earning of the company for last year was $ 14.54 . While comparing its turnover it is a growing company with little fluctuations . In 2015 , the revenue was $ 1,400 million, next year $1,200 million, afterwards $1,150 million and the next year they did impressive sales with turnover of $ 1,300 million. It is serving worldwide and in US it has markets in 17 places – California, Delaware , District of Columbia, Illinois , Indiana, Pennsylvania ,Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York , Ohio , Texas , Washington, Virginia & Rhode Island.

Jere Thompson Jr., Chris Chambless founded the company in 2006 in Addison , Texas. At present it’s headquarters are located in Dallas , Texas and the call centre headquarters are located in Plano, Texas. 14 years ago , the idea of making a different concept comes to the minds of both founders when they were having their lunch meeting. They had a simple conversation over the energy deregulation and at that time they decided to work upon their idea . They were very excited for starting their journey to build the finest retail energy provider in America that will provide affordable services of electricity and gas .

Few weeks later after that simple meeting they work on their dream . Jere and Chris set up a shop in large , renovated warehouse in the historic West End district of the downtown Dallas . For their office , they bought fold up tables to use as desk and communicate with many executives to be a part of their team . They work smartly for the benefit of company. In 2010 , Ambit was named as the Fastest growing Private Company in America by Inc. magazine and later it work to keep the trend. The company began operating in Japan in May 2017  and in Canada in November 2017. Jere Thompson Jr. is the Co -Founder & CEO , Chris Chambless is Co-founder & CEO , John Burke (CIO) and Laurie Rodriguez is CFO of company.

Ambit Energy help the customers by providing the electricity, gas ,solar services and Green – e-plans offered with a Renewable Energy certificates. Solar is offered through Sunrun in numerous Ambit markets and that are the same 17 places in USA . The services are provided through Ambit consultants and then the customers are matched with Sunrun representatives who completes their enrolment process.

Ambit Energy work with the strategy of multi -networking company. It made a network of independent consultants who can directly communicate with the customers. It offers customers multiple solutions for their electricity and natural gas utilities depending on the customer’s market. As everyone uses electricity or Natural gas on daily basis , which is a good reason for the consultants . You have to communicate with multiple people & your friends  stating the benefits of using the services and as someone agrees to the same then congratulations you are earning rewards for the same .


Ambit Energy MLM Company Products

As it doesn’t have any products as supplements , skin care & health care . So , you can join the company at a minimum value and there is no renewal fee. By this consultants save on costs , avoid hassles and can focus on effectively reaching new customers. In reaching the goals , the Ambit is helping its consultants by creating a smart , easy to use consultant support system designed to provide the business -building tools , guidance and unlimited training that  consultants can use in their everyday goals . And guess what ?? The support is extremely free , only you have to do small investment as compare to other multi-networking companies.


The company provides a Reward program that allows customers to earn free energy. When you become the member of company you gets rewards as welcome bonus and there are monthly rewards too. You can earn good incentives from the company . You can even make money from the discount offered by the Ambit Energy . The company offers a friendly environment to the consultants .


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Ambit offers many online services from where you can join them , check for their latest rates and plans . Ambit is a good part time job to go with . Work smart and give all your potential for it to earn good benefits.












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