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Infinitus MLM Company

Infinitus is a multi-networking Asian company that is known for its herbal  health care products . Infinitus is the parent company that owns Lee Kum Kee brand, one of the most established and renowned cooking brands in the world today. Currently it is promoting its products worldwide in more than 100 countries with huge number of representatives and in future also it will continue to grow globally.  The company offers good range of products and good income source to its customers. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong.

The company started its journey in 1992 , at that time Lee Kum Kee group establishes the LKK health products group  with Infinitus as its core brand.

Lee Kum Kee is a food company holding good experience from many years. Lee Kum Kee Sheung who is the founder of LKK has invented the oyster sauce . This sauce is used in cooking of many Asian foods today.

The company was started with the mission of advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions for a healthy life . In 1994 Infinitus launched its first product that was its Tonic.  This company was able to introduce the best chinese cooking masses by Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee. In 28 years  Infinitus has expanded itself in 36 branches  and 28 service centres which offers health care , personal care and home care products .

LKK health products group consist of 4 divisions :Infinitus (China) Company Ltd, Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd, Infinitus International Company Ltd, and Infinitus (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. In 1992 , its China division was established in Guangzhou . Moreover the LKK health group has 5 more manufacturing companies out of which 2 are in China and other are in Los Angeles , Malaysia and Hong Kong.


Infinitus MLM Company Products

Infinitus Health products are manufactured  on TCM concepts. The products are amazing combination of high- tech extracted natural plant essences with traditional Chinese herbs to stimulate the body’s immunity and resistance. It offers a good range of high- quality products . Through its products it promotes a good way of staying healthy to its customers  all around the world  and because of that it is a trusted brand . Infinitus is one of the strongest advocates in promoting Chinese health and medicine to the world.

Infinitus deals with 4 variety of products – Personal care products, Homemade household products , skincare and healthcare products. Personal care products includes toothpaste, shampoos , conditioners . Household products includes the dishwashers and detergents that are used in cloth washing and dish washing . Healthcare products involves medicines made from herbs and skin care products has huge range of creams .

All the products are made natural herbs with the combination of high technology.

Some of its products are just amazing and highly recommended by many users. The best products are Infinitus Beautrio Firming, Infinitus Phytocare conditioner ,  Infinitus Botanical Beverage Mix Chinese Yam and Hawthorn with Probiotics ,  Infinitus Beautrio Whitening ,  Infinitus Lily Bulb Plus ,  Infinitus Benelife Health Care Pillow ,  Infinitus Polysac Plus ,  Infinitus Gluco8 ,  Infinitus Calcium Plus and  Infinitus Phytocare Herbal soothing ointment. Apart from it many more are there.

Along with good products , Infinitus also offers a good MLM plan which attracts many people. It is good growing company. It gives you various income opportunities . Representatives get 25% on the retail prices , in other words they earn a profit of 25% during sales . Along with a  basic sales bonus of 10% , a 12.5% extra sales bonus are there and hold on there are many more rewards to as performance bonus, leadership , stable growth and excellence bonus. By their compensation plan we can guess about its growth and about the numbers of members involved with it.  Infinitus have very stable and robust employer-employee relationships, making it a great brand to work in and work with.


It has been awarded with many Awards in 2014 – Customer Service Centre of LKKHPG gained the 4PS Contact Center International Standard Certification . LKKHPG won the Outstanding Corporate Responsibility Award for 3 years in a row by the Mirror. Infinitus (China) was crowned “Key Large-Sized Enterprise” in Guangdong, China.Infinitus ranked 46th in “The 11th China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2014” with its brand value rated as RMB 36.889 billion (approximately USD 5.992 billion).


You can become a member of Infinitus by joining them from their website and can earn a huge income. It provided good plans and along with that good products for usage also. Overall, It is a good networking company to start your career with.


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