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Herbalife MLM Company

With a target of improving the nutritional habits of the world , one person at a time and to offer people a way to work for themselves while offering great nutritional products. To make world healthier and happier, Herbalife work with dedication to achieve this goal.


Herbalife is a global networking company that manufactures and sells dietary supplements , weight management , personal care and sports nutrition. John O. Agwunobi is the Chairman of the company.

It is operating in more than 94 countries on the planet through a network of around 4.5 million independent distributors and members. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California , U.S.  The last year net sales of the company was of $ 4.9 B that was relatively flat compared to 2018.

The net income of the company is US $ 296 M. In list of top 10 mlm companies in the world it is on 3rd position.


40 years ago in February 1980 , Mark R. Hughes founded Herbalife company in Los Angeles, California. He sold the original Herbalife weight management product from the truck of his car . He started this program due the bad incident that happened in his life. His mother died a premature death due to an unhealthy approach of weight loss. Protein shake was the first product to help people manage their weight. After 5 years it was the fastest growing company in America by Inc. In 1988, the company expanded its business in Israel, New Zealand , Japan , Spain and Mexico.


Herbalife MLM Company Products

In 1995 the personal care products were added which includes fragrances and facial cleansing products. Next year its products reached 32 countries . Founder of this brand was died in 2000 and later then many people were replaced as CEO and John is the present CEO of company.


Herbalife nutrition is dealing with variety of products that help individual in weight loss and protein shakes , protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, energy, sports hydration and personal care products. The company first started with a soy based meal-replacement shake.

In 2015 it was the best selling product .Products are made in US and China manufacturing plants .The company has a botanical extraction facility which produces teas, broccoli, bilberry and more , later these extractions are gone through the testing process several times before making products from it.


Currently it is selling products as formula 1 (healthy meal nutrition shake), healthy cookies, sleep now tablets, kindermins vitamin supplements, herbalife24 rebuild strength, soup mix, personalised protein powder, herbal face & body sunscreen lotion, garlic plus, green tea pomegranate and the list goes on with many other healthy products.


As Herbalife is a multi-level company it gives you chance of earning money along with products. It is one of the most profitable company as per 2010 reports. Herbalife independent distributor  can earn upto 73% of the products revenue.  As an independent distributor you can earn from its 6 types of compensation plan

  • Retail Profit
  • Wholesale Profit
  • Loyalty Overrides
  • Monthly Production Bonus
  • Annual Bonus
  • Promotions

You start your business as a distributor , you step up the various level and as your level increases , your discount percentage also increases. As distributor you get 25% discount , as senior consultant 35 % to 42% and it goes on.


If you want to join the Herbalife then you have to do the below steps:

  • Be sponsored by an Herbalife member
  • Purchase the Herbalife member pack
  • Fill out and submit an Herbalife membership application
  • Have that application accepted by the Herbalife.

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There are certain restrictions that are placed so you have to keep in mind all those while filling your application. The cost to register as an member is $ 94.10 and you have to do training for becoming distributors in which you learn how to sell products and the qualities of the products.


This networking company has sponsored France national volleyball team and Major League soccer club LA Galaxy since 2007 and has sponsored a famous champion Cristiano Ronaldo since 2013.

They have even promoted Lionel Messi from 2010 to 2013. It has also supported the basketball club Herbalife Gran Canaria since 2012.


Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is also started to bring a good change in the lives of children and families by providing them proper nutritions. As today’s kids are tomorrow’s future , it helps million of children who are suffering from malnutrition . It ensure that every child no matter from which background he is , his gender , every child should get nutritions.


If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and along with it you want to earn money so it is the best platform to go with  , as being the part of top 10 multi-level marketing companies in the world. Apart from it is doing a great social work by giving nutrition to them or in other words they are giving new beautiful lives to the needy children.










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