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“Built on Product, Powered by People”

Market America is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing business organization. The company is specialized in Person-to-Person (P2P) sales and marketing on a global scale. Market America was founded in 1992 and headquartered in North Carolina, United States. The company have employed more than 800 people in 2016. Their product-line includes Household Cleaning Supplies, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Automotive Products, Water Purifiers, Dietary and Weight Management Products. As an expanding  MLM organisation, Market America still continues to hire entrepreneurs from around the globe for their business.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business method in which dedicated sales representatives will trade products and recruit new members to their network. Multi-Level Marketing is also known in the name of Network Marketing. The existing representatives will be receiving incentives and bonuses for the sales and recruitments they make to expand the business. These sales representatives markets the company and encourage others to join the network. An MLM business sales force includes directly recruited IBOs (Independent Business Owners) and the people who are hired by a sponsor is known as their ‘downline’.

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MLM business mainly attracts people who desires to work flexibly, like part-time working teenagers and homemaking mothers. MLM is also known as the least expensive and low-risk.




Market America was established by the former Amway distributor James Howard Ridinger and Loren Ridinger. Over the years, the company gained popularity by trading Automobile products, Electronics, Apparel, Water Filtration Systems, and Oral Hygiene products. In July 2021, Market America declared its collaboration with Verb Technology, Inc. It’s a company that provides interactive video-based sales applications, including interactive Livestream E-commerce.


Market America began to use Verb’s Services by providing a ‘Single-click’ purchase feature available to customers to purchase products quickly during a live broadcast. This feature is open to all distributors around the world. The Market America MLM Business also announced their partnership with Sezzle. It’s a financial technology platform and public trading company with a ‘Buy now, pay later option’. With this online payment provider, shoppers can pay for their total purchase in four instalment in two months, with zero interest.




Market America’s distributors can earn from commissions through product sales and by recruiting new members to their business network. In 2017, the joining fee to become a Market American distributor was 399 USD, plus additional monthly payments of 130 USD. Market America representatives works as independent contractors, but they must spend between 129 USD and 299 USD on Market American products which they can easily earn back in a month.


Market America has been criticized as the Resurrection of Multi-Level Marketing Business’, with products that are alternatives to what you could find in your local stores with higher price. As a business driven by distributors, finding customers and introducing them to Market America corporation, is not an easy process. But explaining them that, by selling these products to get wealthy is an easy and proven process. Like any other business, a Direct Selling business requires so much work, time and dedication to succeed.




Market America’s product categories include Health and Nutrition (Isotonix) Supplements, Home and Garden Care Products, Pet Care Products, Automotive Products, Weight Management, Personal-Care, Cosmetics Products, Jewellery, and Water Filter Systems. The products are great quality but may be a little costlier than the similar products from other companies. Market America’s popular services consist of Personal Financial Management and Internet Marketing Services for small, medium, and large scale businesses. Here, a distributor can purchase and resale various products in discount, and later sell it in market price.

The company have received many trademarks on their products and services, including Isotonix-line. The Isotonix dietary supplements products was introduced in 1993. The Isotonix prime-line consists of 12 supplement concepts, and has more than 20 sub-products under it. Isotonix OPC-3 is an anti-oxidant and combats free radicals and Pycnogenol is also a major ingredients in their porducts. Pycnogenol is a compound of natural chemical derived from the of the maritime pine bark, which is commonly seen in Southwest France. In 2004, the organization introduced the popular Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) weight management program.




Market America is built for people who are desired in helping others and creating a positive impact to the business. When supporting global/ local charities, the company can boost their customer loyalty and popularity. By keeping these causes, the companies can gain trust, attention, and respect from the public. There is much benefits in being a part of non-profit activities. According to the study made by Cone Communication and Echo Research, states that:


  • Nearly 53% of consumers worldwide reported that they would be more dedicated to a company that helps a social or environmental issue that is essential.
  • 47% of consumers admit that they would be more likely to recommend its products or services to everyone.
  • 85% of the consumers will positively image the product or the company when it supports a charity program their consumers care about.
  • 83% of Americans wish more of the products and services they use would support charities.
  • 80% of Americans are likely to switch to the alternative brands that support a charity.




Market America conduct numerous events throughout the year. These events can also be a plus point for marketing the business. Let me share with you the information of some of the events currently taking place are;


  • September Food Drive for those in need.
  • Yankee Candle Fundraiser.
  • Donate Retired Military Uniforms.
  • Cat Food & Dog Food Give-Away.
  • Pay-It-Forward to support Faith Cares veterans.
  • Ronald McDonald Pop Tabs.
  • Animal Adoption Event.


There are few other popular events functioned by Market America MLM, Listing down some of the popular events by Market America.



At Market America, giving back is in their DNA. The company takes any opportunity to support local communities, and Market America always loves to assist ‘BackPack Beginnings. BackPack Beginnings is a non-profit organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and BackPack Beginnings supports around 12,000 children annually. This organization has established programs in 106 organizations, including 63 schools and 43 child-assistance organizations, and created a clothing pantry (BackPack Beginnings’ Personal Care Pantry) to supply essential clothes to these children. These items include Premium DeodorantPremium Shave Cream with activated charcoal, Hand Sanitizer from Shopping Annuity Brand.



Every living thing matters, not only just human life; this caring mindset is the backbone of maCares. Over the years, maCares have initiated many charitable projects. The maCares service dog support program assigns service dogs to help others. Service dogs can be a 24/7 companion for older adults and people experiencing a hard time. They also can boost the overall well-being of a person or a group of people. Since its establishment in 1998, maCares has changed the lives of many individuals. The program also includes re-certification training, veterinary, medications, grooming, and daily care services, including dog food. In 2021, Market America wanted a more significant impact on the world, which made the company raise funds to support the maCares program.



The SHOP.COM and Motives Cosmetics of Market America dedicated the entire month of October to spread awareness and honour those victims who survived breast cancer each year. Every survivor of breast cancer fights for a different reason. Their mission is to focus on the earlier detection of breast cancer. With the support of today’s innovative technologies, this research is to discover a new biological test for earlier detection of cancer. This process will reduce the need for invasive surgery, minimize treatment and increase survival rates. This #MYWHY campaign honours those who have fought and continue to fight breast cancer and serves as strength to overcome obstacles, the passion for achieving your dreams, and the purpose of living life entirely.



The Market American employees work so hard each day. To celebrate that hard work, the picnic is the perfect option to reunite the employees with their families and have a fun day celebrating summer with their team and family. Everyone gathered at the Kersey Valley Inc. in Archdale, North Carolina. An entire 10 acres was opened and made ready for fun with activities like Laser Tag, Ziplining, Treasure Mining, Escape Rooms, Corn Maze, Picnic Lunch and more. maCares was also partaking in this eventful day with their support dogs to celebrate and make this joyful time memorable with their children, families, veterans, and animals.




Market America, Inc. operates as an online retailer. The company offers health and nutrition, anti-ageing, cosmetics, personal care, weight management, home and garden, pet care, and auto care products. At the end of 2020, Truth In Advertising started an investigation into Market America. The study found that in the first nine months of 2020, Market America distributed income to more than 450 representatives across its website, blog and social media pages.

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