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Rolmex is a Mexican Multi-Level Marketing company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Monclova, Coahuila. By 1987, the company started serving as a private industry, at the beginning of its commercial relationship with Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex). Pemex is a Mexican state-owned petroleum company managed and operated by the Mexican government.

In 1992, Rolmex initiated its expansion, by covering the specialties of processing plants in refineries and the fields of crude oil production.

Before we move to further details, let me explain about Multi-Level Marketing shortly.



Network Marketing (MLM)​ ​is a valuable and proven business model that uses dedicated Independent Representatives (IRs) to trade products of an MLM company and market its services. MLM is also referred to as Network Marketing. Network Marketing is a perfect business opportunity for people, who are looking forward to taking control of their overall finance and having a passion for sharing profits with supportive people. MLM is a proper business structure that offers many incredible financial benefits that traditional marketing models cannot match; they are:

  • Freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Flexible to work on our schedule.
  • International sales possibilities.
  • Minimal overheads.
  • Be your boss.


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Rolmex MLM Company has been looking for a unique marketing strategy since its foundation in 1982 and found the MLM business as the best method. Rolmex introduced its service concept of fuel additives in Mexico. From the beginning, they consolidated the business growth based on their customer’s technical support and services. Later, Rolmex globalized its services by building a strategic alliance with many international companies.

Currently, Rolmex products have the vital infrastructure to provide a wide range of services, and the sales of steel products, oil, electricity, mining, and much more.

Rolmex developed and implemented the treatment to reduce nitrogen oxides, and became a pioneer of this application in 2008. After more than 30 years, the decisions and actions taken have been successful, which helped the company to enter new marketing segments within the industry. The Direct Selling companies started using phrases like ‘Independent Distributor’ instead of employees, which is encouraging for them. The core success has always been looking for possible solutions to their problems and the results are based on continuous improvement and development of the company.



Rolmex is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and applying chemical specialties to products. It has particular branches for various sectors, including Petroleum products manufacturing, Agriculture and farming machinery, Aerospace products and parts manufacturing, Mining machinery manufacturing, and more. We will be discussing a few of them below.



The Rolmex KB-160 allows us to mow behind the tractor or to the side of the tractor. There is no need to drive the tractor on the slope during mowing because it can move the maximum length to the sides. The head rotation of the KB Series is 90° and 65° in the case of a slope. The gearbox was moved outside to give special attention to the gearbox during mowing on an upward slope. It comes with the hydraulic side-shift feature, and another part of the KB Series is that it can adjust the height of skids and level rollers.



Rolmex is engaged in Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing. It is primarily involved in manufacturing a wide range of aircraft parts, engines, other auxiliary equipment, space vehicles, propulsion units, and their maintenance. The company also helps its users to discover, track, and connect with aerospace and parts manufacturers around the world. Rolmex MLM Company has its responsibility to build it in such a way that exhibits high performance with low risk. They are also up-to-date with the latest technologies.



Rolmex MLM Company is popular in the Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing sector. Petroleum and Coal manufacturing is the process of transforming crude petroleum and coal into usable products. The primary function is petroleum refining, which involves the separation of crude oil into component products with the help of machinery and the distillation process. The Coal manufacturing industry manufactures coal balls, coal bricks, and other solid fuel products from bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, and briquettes. In addition, this includes the formation of refined petroleum and coal products, such as asphalt coatings, lubrication oils, and more.



Rolmex mining machinery manufacturing is an interdisciplinary branch that combines the mechanical and electrical engineering principles for designing, manufacturing, testing, and maintaining the equipment. There are dedicated underground mining equipment like diggers and loaders used to excavate raw materials such as metals, coal, limestone, rock salt, gravel, clay and lift them to the outer surface for further processing.




Rolmex products are committed to preventing pollution and protecting the environment by maintaining sustainability in all processes. The company promotes all levels of the culture of prevention to create a safe environment for work.

However, there are some specific services and visions provided by Rolmex to their clients and employees; let’s have a look at those:


  • As per the vision and mission of Rolmex, a company is successful only if they provide the highest quality service to its employees. In Rolmex product lines, they have always strived to develop their employees and developers comprehensively by enabling both the technical and development sides of their skills.
  • Rolmex provide a technical service that meets the expectations of their customers. As their idea, the employees need to be involved in the user’s problems and learn to master the various troubleshooting processes and technical mechanisms. It is essential to provide the necessary steps to obtain the maximum efficiency of the devices and the benefits of the products.
  • Rolmex has a very comprehensive source of expertise available to their customers, increasingly requiring the support of the company’s services. These Rolmex technical experts have precisely transferred advanced technology to different business areas, and this progressive technology adaptation has helped the company and its clients simultaneously.
  • Rolmex also has numerous advanced laboratory equipment and appropriate measures to ensure the proper performance of its products. Rolmex always provides to follow strict quality control procedures to make sure their products are well made. The company also guarantees decent service, dependability, and trustworthiness of the distributor.
  • For making their operations more efficient, Rolmex MLM Company provides an external shuttle service or logistics to safeguard the correct supply of raw materials in time. And also make sure the deliveries of finished products reach the right places and on time.
  • Direct Selling Business professionals have rated the company based on their experience as users of their products and opportunities. The reviews of the products and options usually express how well the company measures up to their expectations based on the specifications provided by the company.

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The main sales pitch of Rolmex MLM is through its products or services, and they are mainly marginal to the MLM Business model. The actual reputation comes through the confidence given to the clients and the employee’s impending financial freedom through participation in the Network Marketing Business. This emphasis has always been a potential success and an encouragement for employees that changed their lifestyles.

However, the disclosure statements include that participants should not compare the income results of other participants. The highest levels of the MLM are not what they should expect to earn over a short period, and it takes time and effort to reach that point. MLM companies highlight the extreme possibility of failure and the probability of financial success; this is not a ‘getting rich over a night’ type of business.




The profit and income are calculated by adding all the revenue and subtracting your expenses, including the money spent on the business, sign-up fee, wholesale income, and logistics/ transportation expenses. This account should not calculate anything with tax. It’s just a general idea to understand the graph of how your business is going. If it’s constantly showing negative amounts, the organization is losing money. In such cases, analyze the market trends, and manage the expenditure as needed.

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Rolmex is a famous MLM company that does Person-to-Person (P2P) sales of products, which has profited many company team members for ten years. Rolmex was featured in the book called ‘Be a Network Marketing Leader’ as one of the top network marketing companies worldwide, suggesting the business methods and sales of Rolmex are thriving in the Multi-Level Marketing industry. I hope you have an idea about Rolmex Network Marketing Company by the article.

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