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Hey, Is marketing a headache for you?

Marketing is one of the integral parts in running a business. The reach of your products decides not only the profit of your products but also maintains the demand for your products. One must keep extra care in marketing because:

  • Products are the centre of your business and good marketing is necessary to maintain the value of your product in the competing global market.
  • Marketing is not only about selling your product.
  • Marketing should make long term profits like attracting customers to your other products, ensuring customer loyality, enhancing your brand name and making customers your indirect advertisers.


Wanna become a good marketer?

Why not marketing technologies? It is here marketing technologies become important to you. We are living in a period of technologies and it has become part of almost all aspects of our daily life. Technologies are used effectively and efficiently to market products. This is called as marketing technologies or MarTech.


To Know

  • MarTech is a general term for softwares and tools used to market products.
  • The advantage of MarTech is that it reduces manpower and is also much effective than older ways of marketing.
  • Marketing through social media, e-mail marketing, online advertising etc. are examples of marketing technologies.

Want to know the trending marketing technologies? Follow this article to find new trendsetters in marketing.





CRMS or Customer Relationship Management System is a software related to customer interaction.  It focus on the company-customer relationship. CRM usually stores customer details including personal details and purchase history and purchase behaviour patterns.  This will help in good customer care services and thus ensures loyalty of the customer. CRMS improves the quality of company-customer relationship. Benefits of CRMS are:

  • CRMS has ability to track customers through various channels and help marketers to practice processes for efficient lead management.
  • The automated CRMS helps in lead nurturing often through e-mails.
  • CRMS not only helps in marketing but also it helps in sales and service management.

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Marketing through social media platforms is one of the most easy and efficient way to market your products in the present scenario. Social media is an integral part of the modern man and to an extend it determines his/her way of life. Thus one should not miss this opportunity to market your products through the influential social media platforms like instagram, facebook and much more on this way.

Social media marketing works in many ways:

  • One way is that the marketers can start their official pages and post their products on their page.
  • Another way is to use social media influencers to advertise the products.
  • Social media marketing gives scope for the customers to share their review and this will also act an indirect way of marketing. It will also be more credible for customers as it is not from the part of the company.




Pay-per-click marketing or PPC marketing is an online marketing method. Here the advertisements are shown in different search engines. You must have seen some advertisements poping up at different parts of the page while searching online. This is the technique of pay-per-click marketing. Why PPC?

  • The most important fact about the pay-per-click is that only if the target audience click the advertisement the advertiser should pay the publisher.
  • This way of marketing is also very effective since web search engines are part of our day-to-day life and when a user uses different search engines he/she cannot ignore advertisements on the page and thus attracts customer attention to your products easily.



E-mail marketing even though is not a new marketing technique it is still an efficient way of marketing. In this marketing technique the marketer makes use of e-mails for the promotion of the products. Now let’s see how e-mail marketing works.

  • The marketer sends e-mail to a potential or current customer encompassing the details of the products. It thus helps to update your customer about your new products and also engages the customer with already bought products and initiates them to buy it again.
  • E-mails can also be used to circulate advertisements of your product. In some cases you must have the consent of the customer to send such e-mails.




Marketing automation is the use of softwares to manage overall marketing of products. Marketing automation helps in planning, administering and evaluating marketing strategies through various channels. Marketing automation is cost effective and helps to use marketing expenditure more beneficially. It also reduces manual efforts and helps to streamline sales and marketing through automated services.

  • Marketing automation helps marketers to plan, organize, administer and evaluate all marketing campaigns, online as well as offline.
  • It is used to manage and nurture generated leads, aiming to attract more customers.
  • The advantage of marketing automation is that it helps in evaluating customers and helps to deploy strategies most effective to increase customers.




Content marketing is a MarTech which is still not used widely. Even though it is becoming popular among well developed companies. Content marketing is the marketing technique of giving all relevant and detailed information of products through attractive contents.

Content marketing is audience specific. In content marketing the marketer make use of two things:

  • The need of the customer
  • The solution to the need of the customer.

Customers  may not be aware of the needs to buy a product. Thus through content marketing the customer is made aware about this and also we gives a solution the need. This is the strategy used in content marketing and it helps to acquire profitable customers.



Push notification marketing is a kind of MarTech that makes use of smartphones. These days smartphones are used by everyone and even if they do not use every application one for sure notices the notifications in the phone. Push notification marketing makes use of this habit of people.

  • The advertisements of products are given as push notifications and people unknowingly view this and gets attracted to the products.
  • Once the customer buys a product push notifications helps to update them about new products, new offers and products of their interest.

Thus these are the trendsetting MarTechs used by different companies and has acquired great positive results. There are also other marketing technologies like SMS marketing, MMS marketing, Smartphone Marketing, Marketing Analytics and a lot more.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” (Tom Fishburne). Follow such MarTechs and be a smart marketer. Focus on your product, the target customers, the needs and means of your company and customize your own MarTech with any one of this or more than two of this together working hand in hand. Good luck.

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