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Networking Marketing in Thailand

Many among us want to be entrepreneurs  but fear of doing that due to the lot of challenges and investments. Today we will introduce you with the solution of these problems , the business which is already a huge brand and no large investment is required to be a part of it . Networking marketing  all of us have heard about this business. In this business you have to make members and sell your products and the  your members will add new members and the chain goes on.  You earn on the basis of selling and adding clients. It has become widely popular business in the Asian countries.


Thailand,  a country which is situated in the centre of mainland southeast Asia. A place which is wonderful and famous for beaches,  Buddhist Temples, Island and more. If we see the growth of networking industry in Thailand it is growing in good rate. Currently more than 40,000 top distributors and more than 22 billion people are working in this business. In future also it will be in rising trend.

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Let’s have a look on the list of companies which have occupied first 10 position in terms of business and growth in Thailand:


Jeunesse MLM Company, Thailand


This company was founded 11 years ago by Randy and Wendy. Its headquarter is Atlanta,  USA. It manufactures nutritional and skin care products as skin creams , cleaners and more. Its last year turnover was $1.46 Billion with around millions of members.

It is rapidly growing in the Asia Pacific countries,  experiencing a tremendous increase which is 100% in every market. Thailand did the highest growth in region and the country is first market where intensive marketing campaigns started. Thai  members are getting huge benefits from this company.

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Valentus MLM Company, Thailand


Valentus aims to prevail ( superior in strength) as a company and to help people prevail in their health and wellness. Dave Jordan founded this health and wellness marketing company in 2014. It offers weight management and energetic coffee supplements. It is frequently growing company and in future also it will continue the same.  From creating significant levels of income,  to building strong networks,  healthy long- lasting relationships , it is doing outstanding work. Valentus  sales up 525% to $ 95 million in 2019.


Better Way Co, MLM Company, Thailand



This Thai networking company deals with cosmetic products . It was founded in 1991 by Boonyakiat  Chokeatana and manufactures body care , personal care,  make up , fragrances, and skin care products. Since 1997 it has been the leader in the Thai direct selling cosmetics market.  It sells good quality products because of which many people are attracted to it and it is highly marketable. The company has good growth rare and in future also it will remain same.


Tiens MLM Company, Thailand


TIENS is short form for Trademark of Tianshi Health Products Inc.  With offering traditional Chinese medical supplements and products which involves calcium supplements and coffee products it has gained international success. The best thing about the products is that is made from 5000 years ago Chinese culture ways  and natural ingredients . Mr. Li Jinyuan founded this network company in 1995 in China and after three years it entered international market. The company help people live better lives and happier lives. Even it is awards for its success.


New Era Health industry group MLM Company, Thailand


Founded in 1995 in China and its headquarter is in Beijing. It is dealing with food, cosmetics,  chemical commodities and nutritional products , it stands out more in top network marketing charts. It is best known for its high quality products. It also works towards conservation efforts and a more energy friendly process. It is currently available in 14 worldwide locations and it aims to make world healthier.

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Alliance in Motion MLM Company, Thailand


This health and wellness company was founded 14 years ago in Philippines .Today it is dealing in more than 20 countries worldwide with millions of representative.  It is only the exclusive global distributor of premium nutritional supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – food supplement  or herbal producer in USA and best for delivering high quality products that promotes wellness to the user. It has gained quick international attention and with such success company donates in many foundations.


Mannatech MLM Company, Thailand


This American company was founded on November 4, 1993 in Coppell,  Texas.  Samuel Caster was the founder of this organization which deals with dietary supplements and personal care products.  It is headquartered in Flower Mound,  Texas. It has over 220,000 representatives worldwide and last year turnover was $176.696 million. It recognize the growth in the market and the new discoveries in the science that  backs the system through the years.

The company had a Christian origin since its founding , the name was intended to evoke manna,  and it add members to sell its products through multi networking strategies in Church congregations.


Arbonne MLM Company, Thailand


Arbonne international company was founded in 1975 in Norway and after 5 years Petter Morch who is founder had set up its international headquarters in California. It is dealing with cruelty- free beauty products.  Since 2018 it has been owned by worldwide health and beauty brand,  Yves Rocher. It provides beauty,  makeup,  nutritional,  skin care and hair care products. It has over  $ 500 million turnover and it is known for its best quality products.


Melaleuc MLM Company, Thailand


It was founded in 1985 in Idaho. It mainly deals with health and wellness products. Melaleuca calls itself as the largest online wellness shopping club that provides nutrition,  personal,  home care and cosmetics products. More than lakhs of representatives are added to it and the turnover of this brand is $2 billion.


Networking industry has a good growth and you can earn good amount to fulfill your desire. In Future also its growth graph will be in upward trend.

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