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Enriching Lives Of Women, And Their Families”


Mary Kay Inc. is a privately held American MLM company based in Dallas, Texas and Hangzhou, China. The company was founded by ‘Mary Kay Ash’ in 1963. Richard Rogers (Ash’s son) was the chairman, and David Holl was CEO in 2006.

For more than 5 decades, Mary Kay Inc. has empowered women’s lives while transforming the business world. As women struggled to achieve a position in the society in the middle of male-dominant workspaces those days, May Ash Kay took a revolutionary initiative for a women-friendly working environment.

Mary Kay mainly focused on creating Beauty care, Skincare and Cosmetic Products.

Mary Kay sells their cosmetics through the Multi-Level Marketing method. Mary Kay distributors are referred to as their ‘Mary Kay Beauty Consultants‘.

They can potentially make a good income by directly selling to people in their community and receiving a commission on purchases made by people they recruit into their distribution network.

Before we go into more details about Mary Kay, let’s understand Multi-Level Marketing first.




Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also called Network Marketing. It is a marketing strategy chosen by MLM companies to sell their products and services by a group called ‘Distributors‘. The distributors at the lower levels who have been recruited under a ‘Sponsor‘ is known as a ‘Downline‘ network.

The revenue of the MLM company is derived from these non-salaried workforces dealing with the company’s products and their benefits and recruiting new members to their downline.

As we have talked about the Multi-Level Marketing business, let’s now get into details about the History of the Mary Kay MLM Company.



I have often said that we are doing something far more important

just selling cosmetics; we are changing lives.

– Mary Kay Ash (Founder, Mary Kay).


Mary Kay is widely considered an iconic name in the beauty industry, right up there with Sephora and L’Oreal. Starting in 1963, Mary Kay had 318 consultants and sales of $198,154. They gradually expanded their reach first within the United States, then later to an international level.

The company exceeded 500 million USD in sales through 220,000 consultants by 1991. In 1995, their sales had grown to 950 million USD, and 25 million USD in Russia.

Mary Kay Ash received the Humanitarian Rose Award from Kensington Palace in 2004. As of 2017, Mary Kay’s continued to expand globally, and their sales had grown to $3.7 billion with around 2.5 million consultants, 39,000 directors and 600 national directors.

However, according to the study made in 2019, Mary Kay made its position the sixth-largest Network Marketing company globally, with a wholesale volume of $3.25 billion.

Since we have learned about the History of Mary Kay’s, let’s see how people earn from Mary Kay.



Like any other traditional business model, MLM companies generally make money by selling their products and marketing their services to their consumers. This business model is unique because MLM representatives can also make income by recruiting new members to their existing network and earning a commission percentage from their sales and recruitment.

Mary Kay consultants earn the same way as every other MLM representative. Only the percentage of commission varies.


The two methods for Mary Beauty Consultants to make money in Mary Kay are:

  1. Recruiting commission income.
  2. Retail sales income.


Recruiting commission earnings.

“Recruiting commission earnings” reflect the commission and bonuses of 4%,9% or 13% that one can earn from the purchases of Mary Kay products. These bonuses come straight from Mary Kay corporate and not the Independent Beauty Consultants pockets. It does not include income from retail sales, nor does it have  income from the Mary Kay tools business. In 2018, Mary Kay claimed the following  revenues for its salesforce.

  • In 2018, Mary Kay National Sales Directors (USA) earned $175,443. With 29,500 people as consultants.
  • 1,743 consultants earned around 7,855 USD as their commission.
  • 224 of the 447 sales representative earned nearly 16,009 USD as commission.
  • 9 of the 16 sales directors earned approximately 78,562 USD in commission.

Retail sales earnings

Mary Kay Beauty Consultants earned a 50% gross profit on products they sell at total retail price. There is no tracking by the company of actual sales, but a quoted figure of 1,057.14 USD is considered an average profit per year, a consultant can derive from the annual sales by Mary Kay Inc. This figure does not account for product returns, auctions, discount sales and purchases for the personal use of consultants, all of which would lower this figure.



As mentioned earlier, product development was one of the main sectors that impressed me about this company. There are dedicated and brilliant people who work behind the scenes to ensure high-quality products and give the best results based on their scientific research. They even have Ph.D-level Biochemists, Toxicologists, Microbiologists, and Pharmacologists on their payroll. A team of certified dermatologists to test Mary Kay’s skincare products. Consumer scientists are also employed to conduct live product testing on people (not animals).


1.  Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is another popular product among their inventory. Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover can be used as an Eye Care Product as well. This product is very suitable for sensitive skin. As with every product offered by Mary Kay, This Oil-Free Makeup Remover is clinically tested and made sure it is free from skin dryness, allergy, and other skin irritation factors as well. There are few more benefits of this product, they are;

  • Fragrance- Free.
  • Non- Comedogenic.
  • Ophthalmologist-Tested.
  • Suitable for People who use Contact Lens.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

2.  Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara

Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara is a revolutionary primer that gives skin a natural, radiant bronze glow. The Solar Self-Tanning Primer develops a warm and natural polish on each application. On the first use, a light colour design and the intensity of colour will increase after a few days of continuous use. Mary Kay’s   Ultimate Mascara is very popular because of the key ingredient ‘Kaolin‘ and ‘Cetyl Dimethicone‘, which increases the coverage and reduces the transparency of the colour and enhances texture. The Ultimate Mascara choose is a product for better and healthier skin, by excluding certain toxic chemicals; they are:

  • Parabens.
  • Sulfates.
  • Synthetic Fragrances.
  • Phthalates

3.  Mary Kay’s Time-Wise Skin Repair Regimen

The Time-Wise Repair Regimen fights the advanced signs of ageing. The loss of skin volume and loss of firmness are the most visible signs of skin ageing. Every    product in this advanced anti-ageing regimen contains ‘Volu-Firm Complex’, taken from plant stem cells, ‘Tripeptide 1’ and ‘Skin Volume-Supporting Peptide’ to increase firmness and volume skin. Time-Wise Repair combines its innovative research with exclusive ingredients and comprehensive testing to deliver the benefits of an advanced anti-ageing process. While this kit is used to experience the fast-significant results of someone with common skin issues like;

  • Damaged skin.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Sagging skin.
  • Age spots.



Mary Kay Ash’s lifetime of successes made her an excellent entrepreneur, and her sustaining legacy has made her a business icon. Her values live on in the company she built, and her mission of empowering women is as essential now as it has ever been. Mary Kay has already been famous by the product and services they provide to the public. Not only that, Mary Kay is well known for the project and missions they offer to the world; they are:


1. Built by a Woman, for Women Mission.

For Mary Kay Ash, it was always a mission possible. After experiencing inequality in the workplace, she had to make a change for herself and all women. In 1963, Mary Kay Ash launched her business and disrupted the “Business As Usual”idea, turning the male-dominated workplace on its head in the process. A champion and ground-breaking businesswoman, Mary Kay Ash dedicated her life to empowering women and putting them in control of their futures.

2. Praising People to Success Program.

When Mary Kay Ash was a young girl, her mother always told her, “You Can Do It, Mary Kay!”. She imagined everyone wearing a sign that said, “Make Me Feel     Important,” and she made it a part of everything she did. From on-stage recognition to electrifying speeches, Mary Kay Ash shared this same encouragement with   millions of women. Mary Kay Ash connected a community of women who found confidence through encouragement and grew into a global empire with these simple      inspiring words.

3. Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk Project

Mary Kay Ash always believed that the correct values could carry you to the top. She remained faithful to the life lessons that shaped her as a person and used the     golden rule to guide her, making sure she was always leading by example and lifting others along the way. She often told others, “Never Compromise Your Principles”.  Her unwavering integrity has inspired millions of women and made her one of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders.

4. Mary Kay & Arts Thread Challenge (2020-21)

With decades of proved experience in leading CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, standing behind the empowerment of women globally and investing millions of dollars in research and development, Mary Kay has what it takes to lead as an influential beauty brand of the 21st century.



Mary Kay cared about all issues and domestic violence affecting women in the community. They began to tackle problem prevalently affected the consultants in Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay’s products are sold in more than 40 global markets. And distributes cosmetics products specially made for women. Mary Kay is widely considered to be a trademark in the beauty industry. I hope this article about Mary Kay MLM company has been helpful to you.







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