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“The Wellness Company”

Melaleuca is a privately owned Multi-Level Marketing Company based in South Idaho Falls, United States of America. The organization was established in 1985 by an American entrepreneur named ‘Frank L.Vandersloot’. Vandersloot has directed the growth of Melaleuca to an international level, which generates more than 2.04 billion USD per year. For more than 35 years, Melaleuca’s product manufacturing has been based on the formula of tuning natural ingredients for its best results. Their products are built from renewable plant resources and naturally derived alternatives. The ability to help people reach their goals makes Melaleuca different from other Multi-Level Marketing companies. Melaleuca’s work follows the mission;

‘To enhance the lives with a touch of helping
people reach their goals.’

Melaleuca products have made a name by combining renewable plant sources, naturally derived alternatives and biodegradable ingredients with cutting-edge technologies. Melaleuca MLM Company focuses on manufacturing products like Vitamin Supplements, Weight-loss & Diet Management Products, Beverages, Skincare & Cosmetics, Household Cleaning and Laundry Products.

Before we get into more details, for people who are thinking, What is Multi-Level Marketing? Let me give you a quick briefing.




Multi-Level Marketing is also mentioned as Network Marketing. Network Marketing is a business model that relies on direct sales of products by independent or a group of representatives from home or as an organization. In Network Marketing, you have to build a network group of members to assist your marketing and sales process. MLM members can earn a percentage of commission when they recruit new members to the network and encourage them to make more sales and recruit more members.

I hope you have understood, What is Multi-Level Marketing is all about. Now, let’s dive into the History of Melaleuca MLM in detail.




For five years, Melaleuca was recognized by ‘Inc Magazine’ as one of the fastest and successively growing companies in the United States of America (1990-1994). The company began under the name “Melaleuca Oil” by offering a single product called “T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil”. Frank L.VanderSloot took over the company in 1985, VanderSloot created a new marketing plan to support consumers, and he immediately launched an initiative to bring the company’s product-line into compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and started a new company under the name of ‘Melaleuca Inc.’

Since the global level expansion, Melaleuca experienced a consistent increase in sales and returns. They made the compensation plans favourable to marketing people by establishing the ‘Consumer Direct Marketing’ method. Melaleuca sales grossed 78.2 Million USD in 2006 and 267 million USD in 2016, and by the end of 2020, Melaleuca achieved revenue of 2.04 Billion USD per year. Melaleuca now has over 2,500 employees and trade centres in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.




Today, getting ahead financially is a real challenge. Most of us employ a significant part of our lives to earn for ourselves and our families, which is necessary to lead a great life. There are commonly two ways of generating income in the MLM business. Melaleuca employees earn money from the commissions of recruiting new customers to their business network. Recruiting new members to the network chain will help them reduce the work effort and speed up the marketing process.

The percentage of commission can vary from one company to another, and it also depends on the compensation plan offered by the company. In addition, Melaleuca employees are also paid based on the personal sales and performance they make. And when other members in your ‘downline‘ network purchase products, you will be receiving a commission. However, the commissions are calculated based on the product sales of each member in a given period. Since you have an idea about their income-generating methods, let’s now analyze Melaleuca’s popular products and services.




Melaleuca is keen to produce a wide range of health, beauty and household products. The company focus on manufacturing natural, eco-friendly products that are claimed to be safer and certified as organic. Melaleuca markets over 350 items, including Household Cleaners, Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplements, and Personal Care Products. However, as an alternative, you can also buy Melaleuca products online.

Let’s have a look at the famous products of Melaleuca;



With Melaleuca’s ‘PURE Bliss Diffusers’, you can create your nature-induced-therapeutic aroma. Essential oils are helpful for relaxation, energizing and uplifting mood, or making your home smell good. There are so many ways to find your bliss. With the ‘Aromatic Home Diffuser’, you can choose varieties of essential oil diffusers to create any pleasant atmosphere you desire. Many pure Single oils, Oil blends, or you can create your customized DIY Blends to personalize your aromatic experience.



‘CellWise®’ contains the right combination of powerful phytochemicals to make a difference in all parts of your body. CellWise offers defence on a cellular level for all your major systems and organs, including your ‘Heart, Muscles, Skin, Digestive System, Vision, Brain, and DNA’. CellWise provides broad-spectrum anti-ageing and antioxidant protection at the cellular level. CellWise ingredients are devised to resist the free radical damage of biomolecules.



Melaleuca’s ‘Peak Performance Pack’ delivers targeted, research-supported nutrition to improve Cardio Health, Metabolic and Cellular Health. Peek Performance Pack helps you with nutritional support for the body with energy and well-being. It allows you to maintain a healthy free radical balance in the body and provides enhanced nutrient absorption. Peak Performance Pack gives you a healthy response post meals and conditions muscles and joint recovery after exercise.



Vitality Bundle is designed with essential vitamins and minerals to help bridge nutritional gaps, including Iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin B content, increased levels of Folic Acid, Biotin, and Calcium to support bone health. ‘Vitality Bundle’ is developed to help the changing nutritional needs of men, women and those above 50. It also includes higher levels of chromium since the body’s ability to utilize some minerals diminishes with age.



Sun Valley Handwash comes with three different fragments, Pomegranate & Citrus, Mint & Herb, White Tea & Ginger. With ingredients like Glycerin, Thyme Oil, and Aloe Vera, it offers us very hygiene maintaining handwash with a rich lather and sumptuous fragrance. Also, Sun Valley handwashes are Triclosan-free and a delightful product in a hand soap that leaves your skin soft, clean and fragrant.

Melaleuca products are popular because of the unique natural ingredients present in the product. As we talked about the famous products of Melaleuca, Let’s now get into details about the non-profit projects and missions carried by Melaleuca.




Melaleuca is not just a product selling organization, and they are the best example of a company that cares about ‘Humanity & Helping Others’ those in need’. They have frequently come to the rescue during difficult times and have made a difference in countless lives. Melaleuca has a few missions and non-profit foundations that we will be discussing here today.



The ‘Rescue & Relief Foundation’ of Melaleuca has been running with saving missions during times of natural disaster like Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Floods and Wildfires around the world. Melaleuca quickly mobilizes in times of crisis, donating and delivering truckloads of health and wellness products, food, water and emergency supplies to victims in need.

When ‘Hurricane Maria’ devastated Puerto Rico, Melaleuca’s corporate jet was quickly loaded with 18 generators, air respirators, oxygen machines, medical equipment and 2,000 pounds of food and flown to the island.



For the people who are facing poverty and other unfortunate living circumstances. One in six children in America don’t get enough food for a living, and one in four children worldwide undergo malnutrition. To those who worry about feeding themselves and their loved ones, Melaleuca took the initiative with a project called ‘Feeding The Hungry’ to ease the suffering caused by hunger.

Melaleuca has supported initiatives like Feeding America, The Second Harvest Food Bank, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America, American Red Cross, United Way and several other non-profit organizations to feed hundreds of thousands of families in need.



The ‘Santa Lucia Children’s Home’ has been the signature cause of the Melaleuca Foundation situated in Quito, Ecuador, since 2007. It is unique among the entire world’s orphanages. You won’t find any usual dormitories set up with rows of beds, but ‘Small Homes’ where children live like brothers and sisters nurtured by their very own house mother or a caretaker.
The children blossom in a loving, safe surrounding with the physical, mental and emotional support they need. The home has been generously provided with food, medical care, clothing, beds, toys, school supplies and everything else.

‘Thank you for everything you do. We may not know you personally,
but we see miracles every day with the love you have in your hearts.
You are giving life to these children. You are giving them hope.’
– Sor Inez, Head nun at Santa Lucia.



The Melaleuca Foundation continuously seek opportunities to support peoples. As an FDA-approved manufacturer, Melaleuca can help to ease your most common health issues without an extra trip or charge. Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, provides, Health Care, Personal Care and Home Care products to build a safe, secured and loving home life for children who needed. Today, Melaleuca has become a leading organization in developing organic products, supporting environmentally responsible practices and promoting a healthy lifestyle worldwide.

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