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MLM Companies in China

The rapid growth in the numbers of networking business represents its value and the potential with which you can earn enough to fulfill your dreams. Many Chinese people are engaged in this innovative business and it has earned huge sales in China.

Wildly successful domestic and international networking companies   have tapped into China’s relationship culture,  known in China as Guanxi( concept of close relationships that define Chinese social and personal networks) , it is the key reason why networking business is such big business in China.


Multi Level Marketing Companies, China

Here are the best multi level marketing company that have earned a huge name in China and the products of these brands are appreciated by many people for its products qualities and earning plans:

JoyMain Science &technology  Development Co. Ltd.- Founded in 2000 in Nanjing China,  this company has last year turnover of $1.58 billion. The primary market is also in China and the executive is Wang You. JoyMain based on the ambition of  law- abiding,  honest,  caring,  quality business philosophy in providing high- quality health and personal care and business opportunities.  The company researches,  produces and sells a huge range of products with a focus on high- tech  health care products. It deals with nutrition,  home care,  clothing,  soaps,  shampoos,  lotions,  detergents and more. It is highly preferred by many people and it is one of the first MLM companies to be accepted in China.


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Qnet MLM Company, China


Founded 22 years ago in 1998 this mlm company was founded by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong. It is formerly known as  QuestNet,  GoldQuest and QI Limited owned by QI group. It is dealing with energy,  weight management,  nutrition,  personal care, homecare and fashion accessories on an e-commerce platform. It has air purifiers,  cosmetics, soaps,  detergents,  watches and jewellery etc. It is based on compensation plan in which you earn by referrals and the performance of your sales.


Yofoto MLM Company, China


With the core value of self respect and respecting others , the vision of building the global most respectably healthy family life brand and the most respectable international corporation, this company was founded in 2004 in China.

It is trading with health care, personal care and weight management products. They are becoming a huge success all throughout China,  helping people create a good income base. It has 32 provincial branches in China and has business around Russia,  Vietnam,  Thailand and Cameroon. The products are fully vegetarian.  The head of Yofoto’s  Global products advisory committee has won a Nobel prize.


Winalite International MLM Company, China


In January 2007 this company was founded by Vincent Chen which grew up in rural China and is rapidly growing among the local and international markets. It has wide selection of products that sellers can use to make profits from. It has vitamins and minerals supplements,  personal and home care products.

The main difference that makes this brand unique is Winalite claims they have a product that will make a woman’s period more comfortable and less painful. It has already gained 5 million business partners around the globe over 400 employees and working in almost every continent. It is certified as a Consumer Rights Protection Credible Enterprise by the China Foundation of Consumer protection.


Tiens/Tianshi Group MLM Company, China


Tiens MLM Company in China in 1995 by Li Jinyuan this company sells dietary supplements. Its headquarter is located in Tianjin. The company’s initial product offerings included traditional Chinese medicinal products,  calcium tablets and instant coffee.  It has currently more than 12 million distributors worldwide and more than 40 million customers.

This brand has set a Guinness World Record for the longest human made phrase . So by this company you can have great health and also make great wealth and help others do the same. It provides you 6 different ways to earn money as retail profit, direct bonus,  indirect bonus,  leadership bonus,  honorary title bonus and special award bonus.


Longrich MLM Company, China


Mr Xu. Zhiwei founded the company in 1986. He was carpenter who encourage his fellow  townsmen to get rich together with as entrepreneurs. Longrich is deemed one of the top employers in China.  It trades with high quality cosmetics,  personal and healthcare products .

Manufacturing of sanitary pads,  pantyliners,  mosquitoes spray,  bamboo charcoal toothpaste,  energy cup , body creams and body washes are the few products. It is a huge brand that can help you make lots of money online.  You can earn by retailing their products. It distributes its innovative products through highly motivated independent distributors using networking marketing method, but it is greatly profitable and flexible.


4Life MLM Company, China


In 1985, David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee founded the company named Nature’s Labs which later launched as 4life and at present it is dealing worldwide and has offices in more than 22 countries and more than 300, 000 distributors . It supplies health,  wellness , skincare , essential oils and nutritional supplements. It’s compensation plan is distributed I’m 8 ways as retail profit,  4life Loyalty program,  rapid rewards,  builder bonus,  uni-level team commissions,  infinity payout,  pool bonus and incentive trips.


Isagenix MLM Company, China


Founded in 2002 by Jim Coover,  Kathy Coover and John Anderson in USA. John had previously worked in the nutritional supplements industry and Jim and Kathy had experience of multi level marketing. In January 2020 Isagenix international announced its acquisition of Zija international  based in Utah. Currently it is trading in many different countries with over 200,000 distributors and last year turnover was $958 million.

It sells dietary supplements products such as protein shakes,  weight loss supplements,  diet snacks,  meals and cosmetics. The products are of good quality at cheap prices. The real power of the compensation plan comes from building a team of associates selling isagenix products.

It is time for you to legitimately earn from the knowledge economy. An entrepreneur with strong network makes money even when he is asleep.


As China is one of the most popular country in the world be it economy,  army, history,  arts, sports,  politics and as well as multi level companies. So it’s high time to earn a lot just by spending few hours and after that you can earn just by seating at homes or even while spending vacations with your loved ones.

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