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Nature’s Sunshine Products, Incorporated, or “NSP,” is a multi-level marketer of dietary supplements such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and personal care products. Its headquarters are in Lehi, Utah, and its manufacturing facility is in Spanish Fork, Utah. They specialize in supplements, homeopathy, and various other natural health items.

Before we go into more details, let me educate you about Multi-Level Marketing B      usiness.




Multi-level marketing or MLM is a tactic employed by some direct sales organizations to offer their products and services. MLM encourages existing members to advertise, sell their products, and bring in recruits. Distributors are paid based on the sales of their recruits. Recruits join the distributor’s network or downline and are motivated to make sales to earn money.

Many MLM systems are legitimate. However, some are unlawful and operate as pyramid schemes, which has dramatically doubted legitimate MLM businesses.



  • Some direct sales organizations employ multi-level marketing as a legitimate business method to market by-products and benefits.
  • Current members are encouraged to promote and sell their products to others and bring in recruits.
  • Parties are paid based on the sales of their recruits.
  • Members at all levels get some commission. Therefore the more layers there are, the more money people can make.





Gene Hughes and Kristine Hughes created Nature’s Sunshine, a health and wellness Multi-Level-Marketing organization, in 1972. It is one of the health market’s first and most innovative MLM companies. They began with a desire to assist individuals in living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they experimented with herbs and encapsulated them in various capsules and tablets. This then led to the industry being innovated and their business thriving. It didn’t take long for their company’s sales and popularity to skyrocket.

Nature’s Sunshine is a well-known and reputable health company offering various health supplements, vitamins, and other products. In addition, they have their own Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, which includes medical professionals, scientists, and cutting-edge biological research technology.




Nature’s Sunshine offers a wide range of products, and they have over 600 products that help people manage, prevent, and deal with various health issues. This may appear to be a large number of products, but considering they’ve been in business for nearly 50 years, it shows that they’re making the most of their creativity. Their products are generally classified into one of several categories:


  • Children’s health:These products aim to improve children’s and babies health.
  • Enzymes:They are digestive enzymes that aid in nutrient metabolization.
  • Essential oils:They have concentrated plant extracts that can provide various health benefits for multiple applications.
  • Fiber:Products that help in providing the body with the fiber it requires to function.
  • Herbs:Numerous herbs have been used in various medical systems to treat ailments.
  • Personal care:It includes products not necessarily intended for consumption, such as lotions, gels, creams, shampoos, and so on.
  • Vitamins and minerals:These are supplements that can help prevent nutritional deficiencies.


They sell various products, but specific Nature’s Sunshine products sell far more than others. These are the company’s most popular products.

  • Probiotic Eleven: It is a probiotic blend that can help restore and maintain proper bacterial function in your body.
  • Tiao He Cleanse: It is a 15-day cleanse made with a combination of Chinese Herbs.
  • Mind Max: It is a bottle of ninety tablets designed to help you maintain the best mental function possible.


Natural herbal health and wellness products are available at Nature’s Sunshine. And these are the top ones.


  • Collatrim:It is a vitamin supplement in the form of capsules. Because of its hydrolyzed collagen, this improves skin and joint health. It also gives your body small peptides, amino acids, and collagen, making you feel younger and more alive.
  • Rejuvenaid:A dietary complement that comes in a bottle with 30 stick packets. It increases energy and improves cardiovascular health. This also helps you lose body fat and become more fit and healthy.
  • CleanStart Cleanse:A dietary supplement that comes in a bottle with 56 packets. This cleanses and detoxifies your body. It also helps your digestive system and keeps your body’s natural levels in check.




There is a business opportunity available through Nature’s Sunshine. Nature’s Sunshine allows you to become a member of a marketing network, unlike a typical business where customers can only purchase goods. This indicates that you can both sell products for the company and earn commissions and recruit others to do the same.

The best way to profit from a company like this is by typically bringing in new employees. They will join your “downline,” as it is known. Additionally, your downline will pay you a commission. That shows that the more recruits you bring on, the more money you’ll earn.




The way that their compensation plans work is what distinguishes various MLMs from one another. Although they are all generally similar, the bonuses, commission rates, and degree of discount each MLM offer appeal to different types of people.


For its members, this specific brand offers two primary compensation plans, which is:


  • The Classic Compensation Planis designed for individuals with prior retail experience or those with previous experience in the healthcare sector.
  • The Legacy Compensation Planis for those who will benefit financially from your downline.


There are four main ways to make cash-on-hand through these two different compensation plans in addition to that.


  • Retail earnings; since you can purchase items at a reduced cost as a retailer, you can make money just by reselling these items to customers. You can make up to 33% on retail sales as you advance in rank.
  • You can make up to 40% of the items they sell commission by sponsoring new members.
  • Individual rebates and corporate commissions. You could acquire a rebate of up to 20% depending on how much business you do with the company regarding the volume of orders.
  • A comprehensive system of income that you can earn based on the success of the people you recruit uses downline/success line commissions and overrides.





Because they are a legitimate business that sells healthy products that doctors have approved and pay members promptly, Nature’s Sunshine is not a scam. Although some members spend more on the subscription fee and coaching seminars because they know it is challenging to sell the products, they are still unsatisfied. As a result, they classify Nature’s Sunshine as a fraud.


Is that the case, though?


Let’s discover it by learning the benefits and drawbacks of this business so you can make an intelligent decision.




Finding out both the positive and negative aspects of a company is a good idea. The best way to determine whether a company suits you and your lifestyle is to compare the pros and cons.

Here are Nature’s Sunshine’s advantages and disadvantages.



  • The company offers you a lot of assistance as you figure out how to launch your business.
  • To educate distributors, even more, the company sponsors conferences.
  • You receive monthly webinars from experts to help you improve your sales techniques.
  • To assist you in reaching customers, you will receive your website.
  • The business has received positive feedback from staff and clients and currently has an A+ rating with the ‘Better Business Bureau.’



  • You must spend at least $100 per month on merchandise. This is common in MLMs, but it can be annoying because you will be responsible for paying the expenses if you have a poor sales month.
  • You’ll need to recruit many people to make a good income, just like in many other MLMs. This might present a problem if your social network isn’t extensive.
  • In 2009, Nature’s Sunshine also encountered some legal issues. The company was charged with bribing Brazilians to allow them to import food items from other countries without complying with the law. They later hid the proof. However, compared to the legal issues that some MLMs have faced, this is pretty minor.



Nature’s Sunshine hasn’t yet received a ruling. In some ways, the business seems excellent, but in others, it isn’t very nice. It doesn’t help that all the reviews appear to have been written by the same author. However, they have been around for a while, and customers continue to purchase their goods. There is a reason to try them out because they use ingredients that have undergone scientific evaluation.


Try your luck if you think this is the MLM for you!

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