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Nu Skin Organization is an American based Multi-Level Marketing Company that manufactures and sells Personal Care & Dietary Supplement Products. Nu Skin MLM Company utilizes the Multi-Level Marketing business model as their marketing and product selling method. Each distributor market their products directly to the customers who are interested. Here you can recruit and train customers to become ‘MLM Distributors’. MLM Distributors are the non-salaried workforce who does sales and marketing the products and services of MLM Company. These distributors receive commissions based on the sales and performance they make personally, and based on the distributors they have recruited, who are also called as their ‘Downline.’




Multi-Level Marketing is also known as Network Marketing business. Here representatives sell products directly to the needy consumers without involving any middle-person. Multi-Level Marketing business offers many job opportunities, where you can initiate a business with less start-up cost and no or less prior experience in business. Communication and Marketing Skills are the key ingredient of a successfull MLM Associate. Through Multi-Level Marketing, the representatives can build a huge customer base with less sales costs.

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Nu Skin was founded in 1984 based in Utah, United States of America. ‘Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund’ established a company that would combine innovative Personal-Care, Anti-ageing Products, and many business opportunities that can attract potential salespeople to work on the Nu Skin philosophy of “All Of The Good, None Of The Bad’. The company was originated in ‘Provo’ and began its first foreign operation in 1990 at Canada. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved Nu Skin over its unique Multi-Level Marketing Business methods.

A year later, the Nu Skin Network Marketing company initiated their operations in Asia by opening a headquarters in Hong Kong as a part of their business expansion. In 1992, Nu Skin achieved four out of five stars in the MLM market by the income generated by their distributors. Today, the company markets their products in 54 countries through a network of 1.2 million independent MLM distributors.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business composition that consists of “hiring” or recruiting new members into the company, and “payroll” of personal sales and commission from the downline sales. Eventually, every member will become a salesperson in MLM Business. A salesperson have to sells products and supports your downline members to sell products as well. There are mainly two way of earning from MLM Business. Let’s look at how MLM members generate their income.

  • A member can earn from each product they sell and from the product sales made by their downline members. The majority of their revenue will be made through sales of the products and services.
  • The distributors expand their network through the recruitment of downlines. There will also be a percentage commission distribution on sales made by team members and downlines.

The income-generating method of Multi-Level Marketing is unique, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Nu Skin organizaion. Nu Skin also states that they pay nearly 43% of their product revenue in sales compensation. Multi-Level Marketing gives you a limitless earning opportunity, where the more recruitment you make, the more income you earn.



Nu Skin MLM company develops and sells more than 200 varieties of ‘Personal Care Products in the market. In 1998, Nu Skin acquired a dietary supplement sub-brand named ‘Pharmanex’. The company has a patent on a device called a “BioPhotonic Scanner”, built to measure the carotenoid level in the skin.

“Our mission is to become a global force for good by empowering people
to improve lives with innovative products, rewarding
opportunities and an enriching culture.”
Nu Skin Mission Statement.


Let’s have a look at the famous products of Nu Skin MLM Company.


1. BioPhotonic Scanner:

The patented Pharmanex’ BioPhotonic Scanner’ is a cutting edge testing device that measures carotenoid levels in living tissue, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels. This empowers individuals to improve their diet and lifestyle and helps them decide which supplements are properly formulated to impact their antioxidant health.


2. ageLOC® Youth:

Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-ageing supplement ever, ‘ageLOC® Youth’, is designed to promote your youth span the years you can enjoy life being more effective, dynamic, and healthful. ageLOC® Youth is a revolutionary supplement that helps revitalize your ageing defence mechanisms. The product also helps reinforce the body’s protection and repair mechanisms and balance healthy cellular responses at the cellular level.


3. Pharmanex Vitamin D3:

Pharmanex’s Vitamin products provide solutions to your nutritional concerns to promote health and wellness long term. With a craveable citrus berry flavour, ‘Pharmanex Vitamin D3’ is made without artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, just good-for-your-body natural ingredients. Now you can get a daily dose of this vital nutrient in a single delicious meltaway tablet. Add Pharmanex Vitamin D3 to your diet today and give your bones and immunity system the nutritional support you need to be your best.


Nu Skin MLM Business is not only favoured by the high-quality product they offer to the market. Nu skin has earned its popularity through its charity missions and projects they introduced to needy people’s benefits. Let’s check them out;



“We strive to improve children’s health, education, and economic
circumstances, offering hope for a brighter future.”
– Nu Skin Mission Statement



In a convention speech held in 1993, the co-founder ‘Blake Roney’ shared his vision of Nu Skin’s future. He said Nu Skin could improve lives throughout the world. Soon, his idea grew into an official Nu Skin initiative known as the ‘Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation’.
The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has grown into a robust non-profit organization in the United States of America. Nu Skin gathered charity partners that benefit children from more than 50 countries. The key initiatives of this foundation included providing children with life-saving heart surgeries, necessary eye care facilities and a genuinely sustainable future for their families.



‘Nourish the Children (NTC)’ is an initiative of Nu Skin MLM Business, working against the problem of hungry, malnutrition children for a more extended period. The program begins with a highly nutritious food developed by Nu Skin’s nutritionists known as ‘VitaMeal’ for kids who do not get enough nutrients or the right balance of nutrients for optimal growth and health.
Nu Skin sales leaders, customers and employees have donated more than 700 million meals to needy children worldwide. Also, distributors are paid commissions for each sale of VitaMeal to encourage more sales.



Nu Skin embraces sustainable practices today to enhance a resource-rich tomorrow. In 2019, Nu Skin announced the ‘Sustainability Project’ commitments. Nu Skin iscommitted to keeping the world clean, safe for a protected future by their Sustainable Products, Packaging and Recycling methods. They are attempting to be a leader in sustainable business practices for a healthy planet. The strategy focuses on three key areas: PRODUCT, PEOPLE, & PLANT.

In 2019, Nu Skin introduced the ‘Environmental Impact Scoring System’ to evaluate their products. By the end of 2020, they have assessed, scored and improved the environmental impact score of the top 20 products of Nu Skin.



The Nu Skin’s ‘Funding The Future’ is passionate about making a significant difference in the lives of thousands of children. Nu Skin offers their employees and non employees regular opportunities to make a difference as they can. Not only they are committed to doing as a professional cause, but they also make generous personal donations on the bi-annual fundraising event, all directly supporting the children’s future. And for over two decades, Nu Skin Business donates 25 cents to preserve the environments, languages, lifestyles, and traditions from every Nu Skin product purchase.



The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation continues its ‘Seacology Project’ to provide education and environment studies for young islanders. Nu Skin’ Force for Good Foundation’ donates to Seacology Project from the sale of Skin Care and Hair Care Products. In 2020, the Seacology project centred around the ‘Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Environments and Education on Conservation Efforts’ for Community members in Australia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Nu Skin is not done with just these non-profit projects. Nu Skin has volunteered or initiated many missions including providing, ‘learning opportunities to children, financial support to families, serving the vulnerable children affected by disasters, providing healthcare funds to needy people and more.




Today, Nu Skin is defined by its ability to retain the best quality products, clients, employees, and opportunities in the Multi-Level Marketing Business. They are working to create sustainable packaging and working to improve the environmental impact of extracting product resources. This way, you can feel great about the product purchase you make. I hope you have a clear idea about Nu Skin Muli Level Marketing Company through this article.


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