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It is often said that with big names big responsibilities come. Based on empowering women to lead a life of their wish. Tupperware comes under one of the best network marketing companies which has a huge turnover and membership, It is sold in more than 100 countries now. As selling the plastic products this company aims to reduce plastic waste. It is a home products line that includes preparation, storage and serving products for the kitchen and home.




The term TUPPERWARE is mainly used for a range of plastic containers withal close lids used for storing food.
Started journey from a developing a bell shaped container to many plastic containers Earl Tupper journey was amazing. Earl Tupper who is the founder of Tupperware firstly started business in 1946 but he had already invented the plastic for Tupperware in 1938. In the starting period the company was in struggling phase and it gained importance in 1948 which is the official founded time.

The credit for its company’s success is the idea of promoting its presentation in party setting. The team members develop a direct marketing strategy to sell products known as Tupperware parties.




In 1950 during the Second World War Tupperware parties allow women to out of 4 walls and enjoy the benefits of earning income without completely taking away the independence granted to them. The party plan was to invite neighbours and other family friends and promoting products. Brownie Wise wants to be creative so she organized these parties with a strategy and later on she was on the seat of Vice president of marketing. What started 70 years ago is still going on and more and more unique, consumer -utility products are being added to the line.

In the history of India Tupperware added its story in 1996 after that in 2009 a national wide sensation was created when Tupperware launched Aqua safe bottles. One year later Tupperware planted its seeds in Dehradun.

Afterwards in 2012 India’s refurbished Head Office in one of the biggest hub Gurgaon-Home of Confidence inaugurated by Rick , CEO and Chairman of Tupperware Brands corporation. Giving gifts to loved ones is such a difficult task but Tupperware sorted that hassle also in 2014 it introduced ‘Tupperware Gifting Catalogue’ with a range of products as perfect gift for every occasion. Later on Kitchen expert set and other items. #Tupperware For Life Campaign was started two years ago.




Tupperware brings a amazing range of kitchen experts which are space saving utility products which will give you time for yourselves by making your work effortless. It adds new items to your perfect kitchen every year. Different plastic and steel containers are introduced for different purposes.

For cooking and baking Inspire series Cookware , silicone form Valentine heart& silicone princess round. Preparing food is very time consuming and women spend her more hours in kitchen, time saver and to make preparing easy many products such as handy grater, spice shakers, smart choppers (women don’t need to waste their precious tears anymore’ , large range of knives and many more helpful items.

As people face many space issues so it presents amazing storage containers for refrigerators and freezers even as cool cubes, rice keepers, start bowls and other. People use to keep separate utensils for guests especially Indian do that , so it has containers for impressive meals to be served on elegant tables. Useful gift sets are also available which fits for every reason and season. It is really a hassle for people to choose products for microwave ,Tupperware products help you cook and reheat your favourite meals in a jiffy .




Tupperware products are unique and durable products that helps you for various purposes. The high precision molds and world class manufacturing processes gives quality of 100% virgin plastic. It care for the planet and communities by providing a permanent solution to single use plastic pollution. Products are with lifetime warranty reusable and durable. Anonymous advantages are of Tupperware products, it is made from selection of stringent material , quality standards are met m lifetime warranty, microwave safe, accelerated usage testing , color and pigment safe and most importantly with environment ever.

From bringing amazing products in kitchen to great opportunities in your homes Tupperware helps many clients. For 70 years , in over 80 countries across the globe, more than 3 millions of lives have been transformed. It gives women wings to fly and to get connected by women in friendly environment. You can cherish with your family with this extra income. Tupperware gives you training on products and how to sell them ,helps you in achieving your success.


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If you are doing amazing jobs , achievements will be appreciated by rewards as you climb up levels you can earn cars, jewelry, vacations and other precious goodies. Training are interesting and fun loving if done in informal ways, Tupperware helds parties where people can interact with each other and make new friends, demonstration given on selling products and the achievers are awarded, rewarded and applauded for their efforts. Parties venues are home and friends relatives are mostly welcomed. Many great women as Jyoti gupta , Anindita Chatterjee, Chetna Randive,Vandana Khandelwal , Shafali Vijay, Kavita Tandon , Uma Bhatt, Vijay Lakshmi, Nina aggarwal have great experiences with this company. Stories gives us inspiration to be just like their heroes.



Tupperware is identified as one of the 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century by the Guinness Book of world records and is recognized as one of America’s best big companies for 8 consecutive years on

Forbes.com Platinum 400 list (2006-2013). Currently the Tupperware India’a management team has Deepak Chhabra as Managing director, Nitin Malhotra- Associate Director product marketing, promotion and events. Vivek Chaturvedi -Associate director, National sales director is Amit Sharma, Amit is director of information technology and finance director is Manish Sharma.

Tupperware believes that building and investing in people helps them grow and the company grows together with them. With this thinking and hard work this company has build the huge empire in world of Multi level marketing..

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