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‘Absolute Quality, Absolute Price’

Atomy is a Network Marketing Company based in South Korea, established in 2009. Atomy formed its headquarters at Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea. Atomy has an extensive product line with nearly 426 products, including Skincare, Health Care, Beauty, Food Products, Home-Based Products, and Fashion. Atomy follows a consumer-oriented  marketing strategy. In other words, Atomy finds products with more competitive qualities and similarly priced products distributed through different channels for consumer benefits. Through this strategy, Atomy guarantee to achieve their ultimate goal of;

“Observing Principles, Growing Together, & Sharing.”

Atomy had dreamed of a day when every consumer would use their products. And that dreams from the past ten years have made Atomy what it is today. Their goals for the future will shape our coming ten and even 100 years. It is hard to foresee success in a large-scale business. Still, if you can patiently believe in such greatness without expecting it, you can eventually achieve great success in any industry.




Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Referral Marketing and Network Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies of the global business world. MLM business is a hierarchical distribution model that involves selling products or services through a network chain of distributors. Here, instead of selling directly to consumers, they hire sales representatives to distribute their merchandise. This is why it’s also called Network Marketing.

In the MLM business, you have to play different roles depending on the levels, such as a Promoter, Marketer, Public Relations, Sponsor, and more. MLM offers unlimited opportunities for those who can sell products with the proper marketing techniques.




Atomy Co. LTD is a Multi-Level Marketing Company based in South Korea, founded on June 01, 2009. Atomy established its headquarters at Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea. Atomy has an extensive product line of nearly 426 products, including Skincare Products, Health Care Products, Beauty Products, Home-Based Products, Food Products, and Fashion. Atomy follows a consumer-oriented Multi-Level Marketing method. In other words, Atomy finds products with more competitive qualities and similarly priced products distributed through different channels for customer benefits. Through this strategy, Atomy promise to achieve their ultimate goal of;

“Surpassing Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success.”

Atomy has been actively working on more than 20 different states including, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Turkey, the UK and Kazakhstan. In 2020, with a wide range of quality products, Atomy gained an annual revenue of 1.73 billion USD. Atomy has 650 representatives and nearly 15 million members to market its products and services around the world.



The past ten years have proven that consumer-centred management
is much more effective than that of the membership-centred.”

-Han-Gill Park, Founder & CEO, Atomy.

Han-Gill Park started im-korea.com, an online shopping site, by implementing techniques he learned in direct sales. In 2009, he launched Atomy Co. LTD based on selling high-quality products at affordable prices. Their intention was never to compete with other direct selling companies but to manufacture innovative products to the market.

Atomy refferes their associates as ‘Atomians’. Atomy offered cash payments on deliveries and interest-free financial assistance with operating costs of their members, which helped their partners grow and the companies profitability through an economy of scale. They also established more Atomians with commitment, honesty, and integrity to their ‘One Partner Per Product’ strategy, setting one manufacturer per product line.

Atomy’s famous product, HemoHIM (a health supplement designed to boost immunity), was developed by the government project associated with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute in 2004. It was one of the best-sold products in the Korean direct sales industry from 2014 to 2019, making them famous in the Korean MLM market.




Atomy’s quality provides quality that no one can match and the lowest possible price for without compromising the quality. Atomy products include everything you need to create a complete skincare routine, including Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Moisturizers, Facial Mists, and more.

Atomy Rose Rain Mist

Atomy Rose Rain Mist is Infused with rose flower water, and this facial mist will hydrate, plump, and soothe your skin. Rose flower water provides a light but sweet scent it also functions as an astringent, which provides a temporary cooling and toning effect to the skin. There are products with high concentrations of humectants as well. Humectants can draw moisture into the upper layers of skin, improving skin hydration and giving you a more plump complexion.

Atomy Deep Pure Cleansing Oil

Atomy Deep Pure Cleansing Oil is a lightweight oil that effectively removes makeup and excess fat without removing essential lipids from the skin. The formula combines synthetic emollients with botanical oils such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Camellia Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, and more. When you use any oil to remove makeup and sebum, you’re implementing ‘Like-Dissolves-Like”s chemical principle. This means oils will dissolve other materials that have a similar chemical structure.

Atomy Sun Stick

The Atomy Sun Stick is a broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen that comes in a convenient stick that you can take with you on the go. It can be applied over makeup, and you don’t have to worry about a white cast because the formula includes chemical sunscreens. While chemical sunscreen ingredients won’t leave a white model, we don’t recommend these sunscreens due to research showing they absorb through the skin and the bloodstream. It’s still unclear if these chemicals are linked to health conditions, but it’s known that they do enter the body. In our opinion, mineral sunscreens are a safer choice.




“Create the vision, Follow the faith, Serve in humility.”

– Mission of Atomy.

Atomy not only care about their members and employees, but they also used to conduct many charity projects and other non-profit projects to support people who need help. Atomy continues to provide food and products to the homeless and other needy people. Let’s look at some other projects carried out by Atomy Charity Foundations.


  1. Elementary School Support Program

In June 2015, Atomy supported free lunch programs at ‘Pet Meo Kot Elementary School’ in Cambodia. Atomy has been helping out by renovating the facility with electricity, floor tiles, and paint to study in cleaner and brighter classrooms. Atomy has also distributed gifts and funds to schools every year. In September 2018, Atomy held its first Dreamy Camp to wake the potential and develop nutritional values for the students to grow as outstanding community members.

  1. Cottolengo Filipino Donation Program

Children in Cottolengo Filipino orphanage had a special Christmas because of the charity event, “Atomy Carol Fest for a Cause.” Atomy Philippines donated 82,400 PHP, raised by Atomy members, and Atomy products worth 300,000 PHP to the orphanage and participated in community service. The Cottolengo Filipino is a childcare facility that nurtures disabled children and provides medical and rehabilitation care.

  1. The Compassion Korea Mission

Atomy, South Korea’s direct-selling company, made a $10 million donation to ‘The Compassion Korea Mission’. The Compassion Korea Mission is the South Korean branch of the international non-profit organization formed to help children suffering from famine and diseases worldwide. During the donation ceremony, Atomy Chairman Park Han-Gil and Compassion Korea’s Executive director Seo Jeong-in was held at Atomy Vision Hall, located in the central city of Gongju, on October 15.

  1. Atomy Public Interest Marathon

Atomy’s Public Interest Marathon did a great initiative with a vision of ‘Running for the public good’. Since its first event in 2017, ‘The Atomy Public Interest Marathon’ has been organized in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. There were 900 participants in the first year and 8,000 this year. Atomy Taiwan will continue to fulfil its duty of social responsibility by practising a culture of sharing toward marginalized people.

  1. Atomy Blue Marine

Atomy Blue Marine focuses on working day and night to save our beloved earth and the blue marine life, with various ideas and support worldwide. Atomy’s Blue Marine program has achieved The 2021 Global Blue Marine Idea Award. Blue Marine push forward the different eco-friendly ideas and visions of aquatic life, which covers 70% of the living space on earth. These international waters are commonly known as ‘The High Seas’. There is no eligibility required to join this program, and anyone interested can join Blue Marine’s Eco-friendly Campaign




Atomy is a ‘Consumer-oriented Network Marketing Company’ in the field. A Network Marketing company that people can join for free, with no pressure to sell products and earn commission from sales. It is a top-rated company where people can find more business opportunities. Unlike other Network Marketing companies, Atomy’s consumers purchase their products and services through online web portals. Atomy makes sure they provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.


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