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Menard Cosmetics is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. One of the top companies in Japan for cutting-edge research in the field of cosmetology is Menard Cosmetics. Since it first entered the market in 1959, the company has been developing its technologies and working practices. Menard’s primary philosophy on cosmetics calls for constant research into and awareness of natural beauty. Within itself, beauty.

There are numerous new brands with particular offers to address various skin issues in the contemporary Japanese cosmetics industry. But regarding anti-aging cosmetics, Menard was one of the greatest brands in the Land of the Rising Sun. Menard cosmetics ultimately address the needs of aging skin for adequate care and the results of their use.

As Menard Cosmetics is a Multi-Level Marketing company, we will have to know more about MLM and its use.




Another name for multi-level marketing is MLM. It is a network marketing, referral marketing, or pyramid selling scheme. A multi-level marketing method uses employees or workers to sell products and services by acting as buyers and salespeople. This non-salaried workforce is where a multi-level marketing business derives or produces its money.

MLM is a promotional business method in which a salesperson from a particular firm sells a specific thing or service for this MLM business and hires new salespersons under them to branch out the sales of that particular MLM business’s goods or services. As previously said, multi-level marketing has a hierarchical structure. A person’s goal at a higher level is to sell the item or service and enlarge this hierarchy by hiring new employees, therefore putting more people under them.


How to choose a Legit MLM Company?

  1. A legitimate MLM business will give its members a specific window of time to reap financial rewards.
  2. Legal MLM businesses offer their customer high-quality, legitimate products, and quality certificates support these products.
  3. A legitimate MLM business will pay its members a specific incentive or commission based on their success and sales.
  4. A legitimate multi-level marketing organization will communicate with its members a clear plan for how to sell the product or service.




Daisuke Nonogawa founded the Japanese cosmetics company, Menard in 1959, adhering to the motto “Seeking True Beauty.” “The ancient goddess Maenad, who served the Greek god Dionysus, inspired Mr. Nonogawa to give the business its name. The tagline was created because Menard, also a French name, conjures up ideas of France, which served as a major source of the push for all the products “born in France, raised in Japan” sprang to mind.

The first Menard salon debuted in Japan in 1964, and the Nonogawa Collection Menard Museum debuted in 1987. Menard France and Nippon Menard Cosmetics formed a joint venture in 1999. Menard Institute was established in 2002, and Nippon Menard France SAS followed in 2009 with The Menard Institute Monte Carlo. In 2004, Menard was ranked as the 31st largest global cosmetics company by the publication WWWD Beauty Report. The goods are high-end, luxurious, and well-known for boosting women’s appearance. Menard wants to make the “Beauty Network” available to everyone.




I only want to state that there isn’t a single secret. Creating each brand’s new product takes years of effort from researchers at the company’s research facility and collaboration from the top perfumers to develop distinctive scents and designers to transform ordinary packaging into a piece of art. Products are characterized by a fantastic fragrance that, in conjunction with the product’s active ingredients, acts on stem cells and directly influences the synthesis of happy hormones.




No matter the industry, every excellent business has a unique objective. It can evolve, become something new, or adjust to the moment’s needs and culture. The Menard brand’s goal is to empower every woman to adopt her irresistibility while also helping her enjoy daily life. Menard staff members think beauty will save the world and make everyone happier.

The company’s tagline, “Menard: Search for true beauty,” carries beauty’s fundamental principles and ideals. To look good at any age, regardless of life circumstances and the amount of makeup, the brand’s cosmetics help to show true beauty and restore the radiance of tired and aging skin.

Since 1959, Menard has existed. The corporation made up a solid research foundation and hired hundreds of experts in their respective fields during this time. Menard laboratories explore plant-based cosmetic products every day. To restore the skin’s natural attractiveness, scientists are developing incredible anti-aging and skincare products using natural extracts that grow in various regions of the world.




Menard is committed to offering its clients beneficial, safe, and efficient products. Additionally, the company thinks beauty products should be packaged in beautiful ways that complement your life’s wealthy moments and settings. Menard focused on product package design because of this and hopes the items themselves serve as a lovely complement to the formal settings and occasions in our life. To offer every consumer in the globe her ideal product or service, the firm has a wide range of products available. The following is a description of a few of Menard’s main products.

  1. Authent

This product is a delight to use to its unmatched texture, which is pleasantly flexible and melts into your skin. This lotion was explicitly created with aged skin in mind, and its delicate scent leaves you feeling graceful, elegant, and feminine.

  1. Embellir

For sophisticated ladies who value beauty and want to select high-quality items. A proprietary product line called EMBELLIR contains the findings of years of research on releasing Reishi’s power. When you experience its harmonizing textures and inhale its supernatural smell, your expectations of lasting, magnificent beauty will be raised.

  1. Saranari

Every product’s uniquely smooth and pleasing texture gives the skin a feeling of firmness and a glossy glow for elegant, vivid, and expressive skin. Saranari, for brilliance every day.

  1. Lisciare

You become more attractive as you gain emotional wealth via experience and get more beautiful as you age. LISCIARE promotes clear, transparent skin dripping with suppleness and hydration, your radiant beauty, and you are self-assured in the face of age.

  1. Fairlucent

A complete primary skincare line with products devoted to hydrating and moisturizing the skin while adding clarity to it and a selection of brightening skincare products. Additional products with unique properties are available to draw attention to specific skin issues. Your inner and outer glow will be enhanced with FAIRLUCENT as your skin confidence grows.

  1. Beauness

It’s a pre-lotion that you apply just after washing your face, so it’s simple to incorporate into your regular skincare routine and doesn’t act as a barrier to subsequent products. After washing your face, apply Beauness to keep your Confident Bare Skin healthy and good-looking.




This brand’s cosmetics are high-quality products, which impacts their cost. The price may initially turn potential customers off, but all reservations will disappear once you experience the brand’s items on your own. Products from Menard are worth the cost. There are multiple causes for this as well:

  1. Safety

Menard performs continual research on the safety of cosmetic components in conjunction with dermatological institutes. Numerous tests on a new product’s hypoallergenic are conducted before it is released. The company’s top objective is the development of premium anti-aging cosmetics.

  1. Efficiency

Menard scientists can better comprehend skin aging processes and ways to prevent these processes with natural components provided to us by nature thanks to the collaboration with dermatological institutes, research on the skin, its regenerative abilities, and features of stem cells.

  1. Confidence

Japanese businesses are very particular about the quality of their goods and prioritize a positive reputation over any potential short-term financial gains. Menard checks quality at every level, from acquiring raw materials to delivering final goods, not just during the development and testing phases. The brand has won top products in Japanese and European markets thanks to strict quality standards.



Cosmetics for all skin types and ages, Menard has been in business for about 60 years and has produced several well-liked product lines. Additionally, the company constantly changes the ingredients in the most well-liked skincare products. A well-designed website attracts those looking for simple and easy access, and the company has that. As per most of the customer reviews, Menard has quality products and good customer service.


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