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In the Chinese province of Zhejiang, Huang Jin Bao founded Yofoto in 2004. They primarily focus on the health sector. And releases high-quality, all-natural products. Their website claims they have partnerships with clients, the health sector, and nature itself! The company’s compensation model is less focused on recruiting than any MLM company from other parts because it operates primarily in China (where the laws are strict). Instead, they handle business training and sales.

Before we discuss the company more, we will check about Multi-level marketing.




Multi-level marketing is a distribution strategy businesses use to get their goods to consumers. Instead of marketing their products to customers online or in physical stores, they distribute and sell them through sales representatives.

Typically, sales representatives work from home and purchase inventory to sell at in-person or online parties. They are not considered employees; each sales representative owns their own company. The ability of each representative to recruit and train other representatives to start their businesses is referred to as the multi-level aspect. Each person above them earns a commission as recruits make sales and recruit their representatives.

MLM income is derived from commissions earned on personal sales and a percentage of sales achieved by other reps recruited by you.

Legitimate MLM businesses operate in the same manner as any other business. If you want to follow one, think about the following before you begin:

  1. Find a company member of the Direct Selling Association, which has a code of ethics that members must follow.
  2. Examine the company’s history and compensation structure.
  3. Understand how money is made, as well as their recommendations and assistance with marketing your business. Even if it’s a side rush, treat your MLM business like a business, not a hobby. MLMs are not quick-rich schemes, requiring you to define your target market, reach out to your call, and make sales like any other business.




In 2004, YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd was founded. It works in the health sector. Yofoto integrates global resources and brings natural, healthy, and high-quality products to families around the world in keeping with its importance of respect for oneself and others, the vision of creating the most respected global healthy family life brand, and the most respectable international corporation. The company demonstrates the truth of the brand’s claim through its actions.

YOFOTO works hard to create values for its stakeholders, including its partners, customers, employees, the natural world, and the health industries. To achieve sustainable development between corporations, societies, and nature, Yofoto created an “ecosystem of social responsibilities.”




Yofoto offers both a promising career with the company and the chance to make good money selling their products. They treat their distributors with the utmost respect and reward them with world travel and cutting-edge training programs.

They will offer overall career development to create what they call the most reputable marketing partners, members of the global marketing Illuminati.

They are secretive about any investments without first getting in touch and initiating the sign-up process. But if you’re looking for a solid business to build an MLM career, we’re willing to bet it’s worth the time to look into. They established a global market creation and expansion process in 2009, and it has since expanded markets worldwide.

The company has followed some business strategies to improve their businesses and will look into it. What is that?

  • It offers excellent chances to launch your own business.
  • Enhance Business Support.
  • Working as a helping hand to make your own money.
  • Selling Quality products.
  • Achieve more significant value in Life




  • Impressive reputation
  • Well-established business
  • 709 trademarks owned
  • Having 64 patents
  • Excellent business plan.
  • Partner in APAC (Asia-Pacific) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) supplier.
  • World-wide exclusive product markets
  • Respectable charity
  • Investing in innovative new products

The main cons I have noticed is that finding specific company product information is difficult.




Yofoto MLM appears to be a legitimate, secure website that is not a scam. The evaluation of Yofoto is favorable. The favorable trust score is founded on a computerized review of 40 online data sources, including the technology used, the company’s location, other websites on the same web server, etc. Additionally, their website is expertly designed, very easy to use, and very good at presenting their products.




Given how closely the company guards its product lines and sells them, it won’t be easy to find any of them in the general public. As a result, they are not accessible online, but their website does allow you to view them. They have a massive selection of high-end, thoroughly studied, and tried and tested products.

While we could not locate specific items or prices, we discovered the company’s promise to its staff that they would be given access to endless markets where their goods could be sold. I will mention the available products on their website below.


  • SUYOUTH Food: Yu Fang Tang, Life Vigor, Zeegle, Difan, Lugagnac. These are the brands mostly sold as Food products.
  • SUYOUTH Personal Care Products
  • SUYOUTH Household Products.




Yofoto has achieved lots of awards for its immersive works across the world. Now we can discuss some important ones.

1.Fifth China CSR Excellence Award

China Philanthropy Times hosted the Fifth China CSR Excellence Award ceremony on December 18, 2016, at the Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel in Beijing. The Fifth China CSR Excellence Award went to YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. At this ceremony, Sun Bo, the general manager of the Beijing branch, accepted the honor on the company’s behalf.


2. Best Charitable Enterprise Award

The fourth Ningbo Charity Award ceremony occurred at Ningbo Television Station on November 30, 2016. The efforts of individuals, businesses, projects, and teams that had contributed significantly to charity were recognized. Due to its exceptional charitable performance, YOFOTO (China) was given the Best Charitable Enterprise Award.


3. YOFOTO “The World’s Largest Fingerprint Painting” set a Guinness World Record

On April 26, 2014, at Chaoyang Park in Beijing, The Organizational Committee of the National Community Care Campaign and YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. began the activity to attempt the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest fingerprint painting.



We adore this company’s standing and dedication to its employees and customers. They support numerous worthwhile causes worldwide and have a strong sense of community. Yofoto has a reputable charitable division and provides food to the FDA and APAC. The business is currently developing and implementing stem cell research and therapies.

We suggest them to anyone interested in a career and wants to visit a location that claims that you will be treated with respect and given all the tools for success.

We believe this article will help you to search for reputable multi-level marketing businesses to dedicate your time and effort.

Please post any queries or remarks you may have in the space provided below because we appreciate obtaining reader feedback!


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