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Natural Health Trends (NHT) Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company based in California, United States, which allows you to make money with their Multi-tiered compensation plan structure. They sell health and wellness products and nutrition supplements. The person who joins the company can earn money by selling their products or through referrals.

As I said, NHT Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company. So before we move into more details about the company, we must know about Multi-Level Marketing Business.




Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is also known as ‘Pyramid Selling,’ ‘Network selling,’ and ‘Structure Marketing,’ among other terms. As the name indicates, this direct selling involves people and a network of sales distributors. Typically, in MLM, individuals begin by becoming distributors for the company, and the distributor also works as a salesperson.

Selling occurs through recognizing and recruiting a new distributor for the network. Every distributor eventually becomes a buyer because he begins using the product for himself, his family, and friends. Thus, sales occur through self-use and distributors with who the individual has enrolled.


Why is MLM an opportunity for everyone?

Whether in an office, corporate setting, at home, among friends, clubs, or wherever you go, you are very likely to come across a Network engaged in Multi-Level Marketing. You will most likely receive calls from long-forgotten friends who try to renew the relationship and bring you into their network. Homemakers, students, professionals, bankers, teachers, and even retirees are all involved in this one-of-a-kind business known as Multi-Level Marketing.

The below factors will be the main reasons for joining as a Network marketer.

  1. MLM is for Everyone and Anyone
  2. No Investment is required to start the Business
  3. No risk involved.
  4. Earn money gradually
  5. Work at your convenient time.




Terry Lacore founded the NHT Global MLM Company, formerly Lexxus International, in 2001. The company’s main office is in California, United States of America. The President of NHT Global is Chris Sharng, and he has been in several positions within the company since the beginning.

NHT Global, Inc. launched the product, which is now called Alura Lux, on Monday, January 22, 2001. After only 48 hours on the market, sales of this one-of-a-kind product reached $500,000 in the United States. NHT Global launched in Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand within five months, and the company reported first-year revenues of $20 million!

NHT Global has branches in many countries, such as:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • The USA
  • India




NHT Global sells four categories of products available in the market and is very popular. We will check what they are and the products available in each category.


Beauty Products include skincare, personal care, fragrance, haircare, and colour (cosmetics) products, as well as all components, ingredients, related tools and implements, and tools and accessories used to meet them. NHT Global sells many Beauty Products, and the following are some of them.

  • Skindulgence Probiotic Ampoule – Our skin is constantly under attack from environmental elements that disrupt the skin’s natural barrier and leave our complexion dry, dull, and irritated, from pollution to allergens to stress. The Skindulgence Probiotic Ampoule will provide your skin with the necessary support.
  • ADAMAS – Is your glow being harmed by dull or uneven skin? NHT Global’s ADAMAS provides the luminance you’ve been looking for. This transformative brightening trio, infused with highly refilling botanical extracts, restores skin’s youthful energy to help you achieve your most luminous skin.
  • BioCell SC – Give your skin the ultimate hydrating treatment. BioCell SC by NHT Global is a multi-tasking facial mask infused with an ultra-moisturizing essence that instantly restores the appearance of tired and aging skin.


Herbal, botanical, or phytomedicines are products from botanicals or plants used to treat diseases or maintain health. An herbal supplement is a plant product that is only used internally. The following are the Herbal products that NHT Global sells.

  • LivaPro – Our previous eating and drinking habits make it time to treat our liver nicely. NHT Global’s LivaPro, made with eight revitalizing herbal extracts, will help protect the liver against free radicals, support healthy liver function, promote the detoxification of unwanted substances, improve our overall mood, and provide other uplifting benefits.
  • Purus – A healthy, well-nourished heart significantly impacts our overall long-term health. Purus by NHT Global is an excellent choice for promoting optimal heart health.
  • Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 – Your kidneys are in charge of feeding your body and maintaining its physiological balance, and they act as your body’s natural filter, removing waste. Poor kidney health can have a domino effect on your body’s overall health. NHT Global has a fantastic product that can help maintain kidney health and improve occasional sleeplessness to promote more profound, more restful sleep.


Lifestyle goods express a person’s style, preferences, values, way of life, and social status. Customers have strong choices in this category and are frequently willing to pay a premium for goods that complement their lifestyle and personal image. The following are the Lifestyle products that NHT Global sells.

  • LaVie+ – A hectic lifestyle can slow you, and that’s why NHT Global created LaVie+, a tasty supplement that will help you conquer your day with clean energy and razor-sharp focus.
  • TwinSlim Probiotics – Have trouble meeting your weight-loss objectives? TwinSlim Probiotics is your new assistant. This powerful formula combines clinically researched ingredients and patented probiotics to attack fat loss from every angle.
  • Alura Lux – Alura Lux is a revolutionary cosmetic gel specially formulated to refresh and moisturize skin. Its patented menthol-L-arginine combination is based on the 1998 Nobel Prize-winning discovery of nitric oxide as a signalling molecule. This paraben-free formulation, sold exclusively by NHT Global, gives your skin an exhilarating “cool tingling” sensation where it is applied.


Wellness Products are Quality supplements, nourishing skin care, a tasty drink, sleep care essentials, and massage tools are among them. NHT Global sells many Wellness Products, and the following are some of them.

  • CalComplex – Calcium is an essential nutrient required for strong bones and good health at all ages, from young adults to seniors. NHT Global’s CalComplex provides powerful daily support to help you meet your nutritional requirements and achieve optimal bone health as a supplement to your diet.
  • Cluster X2 – Cluster X2 from NHT Global is purified water with a high level of electromagnetic power. This active, highly mobile water helps deliver nutrients faster, hydrates more efficiently, and promotes cell waste removal far more effectively than the “bound” water in older cell systems.
  • FibeRich – NHT Global’s FibeRich contains 7 grams of dietary fibre per serving to help with regularity and weight management. FibeRich also includes one billion compound high-density probiotics to protect your digestive tract and aid in absorbing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Sprinkle one scoop of FibeRich over food or in your favourite beverage and relax knowing you’ve improved your digestive health and well-being.




It is the company’s profit-making strategy. It specifies the products or services that the company intends to sell, its target market, and any anticipated expenses. Business models are critical for both new and established companies.

NHT Global has a proven Business model, and the following are the main points to becoming a successful company NHT Global has.

  • Worldwide offices
  • Availability in nearly 50 countries
  • Sales of more than $1.7 billion and growing up.
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (The Direct Selling Association is an American trade association that represents direct selling companies, primarily those that use multi-level marketing compensation plans).
  • Natural Health Trends Corp. is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company (trading symbol: NHTC)
  • Executive team with vast experience




According to my research, NHT Global MLM Company is not a Scam; it is a legitimate company we can depend on to purchase and do Business. I believe all businesses are not for everyone, the same way this Business is not for everyone. Certain people can only do these jobs and earn money; it is a little tricky for Businesses to make money. A person with more patience will be fit for this job because it may take more time for growth compared to other industries.

NHT Global is a Legitimate MLM company with actual and quality products available to purchase. The people find this company is a scam because they tried to do Business with them and failed means they could not recruit anyone.

Mainly if you want to understand whether this company is a scam or not, we have to learn about the company’s advantages, then only we will come to know whether we need to do Business with them and purchase with them.




  • Providing Training.
  • Better Service and Support.
  • Field Leaders to identify the Market.
  • Attractive Compensation Plan.
  • Product Development.
  • Good Incentives.
  • Events Participation.
  • They are giving good Promotions that anyone can afford.




Anyone can make money with NHT Global MLM Company if you are ready to work with their compensation plan. There are four ways to earn money with the NHT Global Organization.

  1. Retail profits:Purchase at a wholesale or member discount and resell at a retail price.
  2. Generation Bonus:Earn a generational bonus based on your personally sponsored downline volume.
  3. Express Override Bonuses:Earn bonuses on commission cycles earned through your personally sponsored downline up to seven levels deep in your Generation Tree.
  4. Matching Extra Bonus:Earn bonuses on commission cycles earned up to seven levels deep in your Generation Tree through your personally sponsored downline.



We can conclude that NHT Global is a Multi-Level Marketing Company where you can earn money by recruiting team members and retail sales. NHT Global (Natural Health Trends) is a trustworthy company that started with a single unique product and has made significant sales in the past. The offices, management, and policies of the company are also well-equipped. When building a business, you have enough options through this company.

Remember that we are not compensated to promote any of the review programs by the company. We believe that MLM is a great business model, but you could lose a lot of money if you are careless.


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