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MLM Billionaires

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Hey, what do you know about Multi level Marketing?

MLM is a legitimate business model to sell products and services. It’s that simple and is unlike traditional business. Pyramid selling, network marketing, referral marketing and direct selling are synonymous of Multi level marketing.

Now, lets look into different aspects of mlm.

  • How MLM works?
  • How MLM pays its distributors?
  • Are MLM pyramid schemes?
  • Why people mark it as bad?
  • Popular MLM companies


Lets answer these questions.


Working of MLM


MLM is a strategy to sell products and services to others by sales forces or distributors. Not only do they sell products and services but also can recruit other sales forces into business. Ones you are selected by MLM companies, you become a distributor or a contractor. Then, you will be assigned with the task of selling the products and services of the concerned company to the others by means of relation ship referrals or by mouth marketing. You can sell products via online also. Then you can also encourage to join their hands in the business. Thus, recruited distributors are known as down line distributors. These down line  distributors does the same duty. He/ she can sell the products and also recruit the sales forces. They form the network, as such it becomes network marketing.


MLM s are not salary based


Distributors are appointed not on monthly salary basis, instead they are compensated with commissions for the work they do. It is being done in two ways. The first form of sales commission is based on direct selling of the products or services. The second is paid out from commissions based on whole sale purchases made by other sellers whom distributors have recruited to sell the products.


Are MLM s Pyramid Schemes


Before categorizing MLM s as pyramid schemes ,let us first understand what is a pyramid schemes. An organization ,if it primarily aims to recruit rather than sell products ,falls under the category of pyramid schemes. When it comes to MLM s, a controversy exists as it is often compared to pyramid schemes. Though multi level marketing is legal, there are some MLM s, whose operations are closely watched upon and comes under investigation. Pyramid schemes and MLM s looks alike with respect to the expansion of business. Both recruits several layers of members, which assumes a shape of a pyramid . In pyramid schemes participants may loose all the money which they have invested in as membership fee. So pyramid schemes are illegal, but when we attend to MLMs, they are legitimate.


What is bad about MLM


Absolutely nothing. The thing is, we must have in depth knowledge ,close understanding about functioning of MLMs. Other wise there are chances for us to land in trouble.MLM s are frequently subjected to criticism. It has always been a target of lawsuit because of the similarity to illegal pyramid schemes. Exploitation of personal relationships to sell the products, over emphasis on recruitment of participants over actual sales, high cost in starting a business ,encouraging sales people to purchase and use the companies products are some of the reasons among many for labeling it as bad .Actually it helps many to earn bread and butter. It encourages people with entrepreneur mind to run a home business or MLM ,hence getting complete control of their career and life and become an entrepreneur. There are many who have amassed riches out of MLM s.

Popular MLM companies

  • Amway
  • Herba life
  • Avon
  • Forever Living Products
  • Ori flame
  • Tupperware Brands and many more…….


Now let us look at top six multi level marketing billionaires.

Iger Alberts and Andrea Cimbala


Husband – wife and business partners. They tops the list of MLM billionaires, having exceeded $135 million in life time earnings, with a monthly commission of $2.6 million. They collaborate with Success Factory, a network marketing company. Its major aim is to promote human potential and support latest technology, looks forward to innovative and creative ideas that brings solutions to the lifestyle in the 21st century. The company covers wide areas of technology, deals with education, sales skills and provides expertise in finance. This is a company that detects, offers and empowers sales professionals to be the heroes of the industry.


Kim Hui

Director of Jeunesse Global. She was born in China and brought up in USA. She earns $ 400,000 monthly and has hit $ 4.8 m in annual earning. Jeunesse is not the company that supplies any skin care products or so but it concentrates on science. It guides people to live healthy and to maintain youthful looks. It focuses on health ,longevity and cell renewal. It helps people to enjoy long lasting youthfulness. Company researches on adult stem cell technology, telomere support, repairing DNA and nutrigenomics. The company operates around 20 offices globally.

Rolf Kipp

A German manager of Forever Living Product.FLP was founded in 1978.The company,s motto was to help people who dreamed for better future, good health and more wealth. The company operates around 150 countries. They sell the products that are absolutely natural with aloe vera contents. The product list includes skin care, cosmetics, essential oils, personal care products and Bee derived drinks.

NAT and Chanida Panaputra

They hold the title of top earners, earning over $ 100,000 plus per month. They are considered asthe influential trainers and mentors in the world of network marketing and direct sales. They have had the privilege of being key speakers in over 25 countries and their resources have been translated into 10 languages. They help people to maximize their success and reach their true potential. They established their own sales teams, which was very much instruemental in building some target teams in South East Asia.


Founders of Amway in the year 1964. Their day jobs afforded them an average lifestyle in a small town .They dreamt very high and were consistent and committed and made Amway their full time business. They earned silver by 1965.Now they are crown ambassadors and their annual income is estimated to be $15.6 million. They spread over 40 countries. Their three sons Jeff, Doyle and Steve have  also invested in the business.  They altogether have established a business empire that  guides and mentors their downlines continuously.



Brіаn McClure started working with Ambіt Energy іn Sерtеmbеr 2006. Today he is the only member to receive  the company’s prestigious 30 Million Club recognition. Before Ambit, Brian worked as a representative for a beer company and also owned a small business. Today he  trains and mentors some of the Ambit’s highest earners.  Many people were benefitted out of Brian. He enabled many to start an independent business of their own and which helped them to lead a more rewarding life. His estimated annual earnings  stand at $8.4 million dollars.


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