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Multi Level Marketing Korea

As a spider nets its web in the same way the networking marketing is a program in which you have to make web with more and more people. You are earning on the basis of adding people and those people adds new one and this chain goes on , along with it you earn by selling products. The best part about the networking business is you don’t have to do a 9am to 5pm Job , you are a entrepreneur . By jobs you can only earn to fulfill your needs but as a entrepreneur you earn more than fulfilling your dreams. In Korea many people are working with networking businesses to fulfill their dreams. Korea comes on the 4th number in when seeing its growth.

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We have gather the details of best companies in which many Korean distributors are adding each year . Below is the information for the same:


Amway MLM Company, Korea


Amway is a one of the best multi level company and it is loves by many Korean. The origin of this brand was in America and it was started in 1959 by Richard Devos and Jay Van Andel .It is dealing with almost all every day essentials.

Kim , Jang Hwan (Amway CEO of Korea) said that this company believes in power of affection for those who are hidden in the progress of technology. Amway Korea will continue to focus its efforts on drawing a happy emotional guidance linking people and people.


NuSkin MLM Company, Korea


By  Manufacturing and selling personal care , skin care and nutritional supplements this brand earned a huge position. In 1984 it was founded by Provo in Utah. It states that it pay 43% of its product revenue in sales compensation. Many Koreans have found financial freedom by this company. This brand believes in empowering people to reach their goals . At present many distributors are added to it as it is in high demand in Asia.


Ariix MLM Company, Korea


With the purity of natural ingredients it develops health,  wellness, beauty, weight loss products and supplements. Started 9 years ago by Dr. Fred Cooper and today it is in top 10 list in just a short time. Ariix is one of the most loved company in Korea. It is different from other health and wellness MLM’s due to the high number of products and range of brands it offers.


Herbalife MLM Company, Korea


Through a huge network of distributors it is operating in many locations in world. This weight management and nutrition company operated first in 1980 by Mark Hughes. In Korea it is one of the best company in which many people are involved. The company aim of continuing its growth in the globe and believes in bringing balanced nutrition to millions of people around the world.

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Neora MLM Company, Korea


Previously named as Nerium this company was  started in 2011 by Jeff Olson who is its CEO at present .It offers anti- aging skin care,  personal care and wellness products and is based just north of Dallas in Addison. It got huge acceptance in Korea as Koreans care about their skin a lot industry describes itself as global relationship marketing company . Neora mission to make people better goes far beyond their best selling,  age- fighting products and life- changing opportunities.


Unicity MLM Company, Korea



This health and care MLM company was founded in 2001 . Its main headquarters are in Utah and it is grown in a good rate worldwide.  They sell best quality products because of it many people are attracted to this brand and currently many Koreans are working as distributors for it. It believes in changing people life and their world with good health and by this positive attitude they will make the world healthier and happier.


Atomy MLM Company, Korea


Founded in US in 2009  this brand is quite popular in Asian countries. It is a Korean company that promotes personal care products. It offers high margin and if have skills you can earn a lot in it. Atomy believes that there will be continuing growth of their business.  Cherish the spirit, create the vision,  follow the faith and serve the humility.


Seacret MLM Company, Korea


Seacret Spa international is a United States based company that promotes cosmetic and other personal care products. Company was founded by Izhak and Moty Ben in 2005. The best thing about these products are its production as they are made from the magical dead sea  minerals , mud and nutrients.  As Koreans take care of their skin so these products gained huge popularity in the Asian market. Seacret believes that it is the exclusive name behind the luxurious skin care and spa product line based on Salt, water  mud and ancient minerals.


ACN MLM Company, Korea


ACN MLM company was started in 1993 in North Carolina in US. It provides telecommunications,  energy,  merchant services and other services depending on the country through the network of independent sellers who also can recruit other sellers. With such a wide  variety of items,  Koreans have flocked to this opportunity. Last year this company informed that it is operating in 24 countries and today it is one of the world’s largest direct sellers of telecommunications.


Aphrozone MLM Company, Korea


It is a multi – level marketing company that was started in 2013 in California. It leads healthy and beautiful lifestyle by providing the mostly anti- aging products as the Ruby cell line and the ATO Rak line. The world of stem cell research has come to networking and Korea is one of the countries who are embracing the future.  Ruby cell intensive 4U has received the Gold Quality Award from Monde selection Quality institute in the 55th world selection 2019 of Cosmetics.


Networking marketing is attracting people day by day and it is rapidly growing. Korean are approaching these multi level business in 2017 the sale was of $4.5 B and next year it increases and end by $4.6 B. This industry numbers have even increased from 124 to 125.Over 8 M distributors are working in these brands. In Korea only legal services can run .As it is very difficult to get jobs in Korea for the reason people are adding to MLM so that they can earn well to enjoy life with their families.




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