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10 best Network Marketing Companies of 2023

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Every businessman want his business to touch the sky. Network marketing is in trend nowadays. Many persons want to be the part of it to fulfil their dreams. If you are among those who see it as their success opportunity then try to learn it from root. The networking business target is to make as more customers they can. For best outcome you must join hands with the companies which are in the upward trend from last 2- 3 years with few fluctuations.

Here we have researched and gathered the information about the top 10 best multi level marketing companies:
Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited : With a huge income of more than 1500 crores this multi marketing company was integrated on 13 August 2013 and is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Vittobha Suresh and Mohamed Omar Arshak Jawhar are the backbones of this huge company.This company is highly preferred by participants.
From health care products, lifestyle products to Wellness and nutritional products this company has topped the list of best networking companies in India. It sells coupons of various brands even. Products are not too expensive and Mi lifestyle is awarded as the best health care brand by economic times.



While searching for one of the oldest networking companies in india the Amway come up with the huge name. This brand was originated in USA in 1959 and at present it is 140 offices and warehouses in India followed by 34 cities.
Amway deals with wide range of products such as appliances, cosmetics, homecare ,home decor ,kitchen ware , personal care , wellness and even food and beverage. It promotes healthy lifestyle and price of these products are just like their quality. Amway sells its products on digital marketing platforms such as Amazon .



It is the another big brand originated from USA which was founded in 1980 .The Founder of this multi networking company is Mark R . Hughes.
It deals with cosmetics, personal care, wellness, food and beverages. It gives you one of the best nutritional supplements which includes weight loss and protein shakes made from herbs and fruits. If you want to join this brand then you will get 25% in its products. In India, Herbalife ‘s impact can see especially in urban areas.

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Aloe vera comes under one of the highly beneficial herb , in taking care of it the Forever Living makes its products from aloe vera. It is also Originated from America in 1990 by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan.



Indians are earning name and fame in every field .This indian networking company comes under one of the fastest growing companies The entrepreneur of this huge empire is Mr Samir Modi . This company is somewhere different from other MLM as it is based on objective of freedom. It revised its business plan and bathe modicare Azadi plan.
It deals with wellness, personal care, home care and skin care products. The company launched Modicare business apps and Modicare Catalogue which helps their direct sellers.

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It is the largest and oldest direct selling company in India which has more than 10 million direct selling partners. Main objective of this organization has always been to transform the lives of people by providing them opportunity to enjoy financial independence.
It deals with food items, household home care , personal care, nutrition, fashion and accessories, stationary and travel accessories. The prices of products are average.



Vestige MLM company started its operations in 2004 and currently it has many offices which provide online and offline services. It is also known as “Indian Amway”.The growth rate in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the products, the marketing plan and the management. It empower its members with opportunities to lead their lives in own ways
From personal care to house hold and air purifiers it deals with wide range of products with the surity of best quality. It has launched few apps and publishes vestige Catalogue on a regular basis in many different languages. It provides offline and online training .



With mind and dreams of 3 people Jonas , Robert af Jochnick and Bengt hellsten this company began in 1967. It is based on different concepts from other mlm companies.
It offers benefits from high quality beauty products inspired by Swedish nature. Today Oriflame is present in over 60 markets with over 3 million independent Beauty Consultants who share , promote and sell our beauty and wellness products.

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David H.Mc Connell founder of Avon initially sold books in New York .In 1886 he decides to sell perfumes. By this mode he gave many women the chance to earn independent income. It has been empowering women for 130 years.It is also the first MLN company in the world.
Avon is one of the best beauty direct selling brands .It is currently available in more than 70 places and in India it is working from past 20 years .it focus on women section such as beauty and skin care products. As a member of avon group you get upto 30% off on the products on other hand ots products are expensive to most Indian customers.

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Started from city (Hissar) in Haryana in 2015, now the future maker comes under the list of fast growing direct selling companies.
It is dealing with the health care, personal care and agriculture products. It offers high quality life changing products with concept of ayurveda. and unparalleled business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams financial freedom and rewards by helping others.

Above are the best direct selling partners with the types of products they deal with which you can engage to get furthur best opportunities. The networking business is a business by which you can earn a lot profit without disturbing your daily jobs. Some multi level companies offers you good percentage profit on making clients while some offer on distributing their brands.

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