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China which is the origin of this networking company is a country which is located in East Asia bordering fourteen countries including Mongolia to the north : Afghanistan, Bhutan , Myanmar, India, North Korea , Kazakhstan, Loas , Nepal , Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam. Natural resources like coal , iron , petroleum, natural gas, mercury, tin , tungsten, antimony, manganese & uranium and many more substances are founded there. China is a place where many gadgets are made and people are making new technologies for make hassle free life.

New Era is one of the best multi – networking company that is located in China and it manufactures and made the healthy foods , nutritional & cosmetics. It research on products and use advanced technology to develop products. The headquarters are in Beijing, China. The company is currently operating in many parts of the world with million of representatives. The Last year revenue of the company was above $ 1.33 billion .It ranked among the top 100 multi – networking companies in the World. The company partners are even in China and at many other locations.

It was founded 25 years ago , in 1995 . If we compare the last years turnover of the company it is in upward trend. It indicates that it is a growing company with positive results . The company was started with the aim of healthy lifestyle by providing health products to people. They have chosen networking as its marketing strategy.



It sold its products in the markets as the networking companies do . All you have to do is to purchase products and sells it to the people and along with that you have to recruit people. It works in the same way , it was started from China and now selling products in more than 14 countries.  During its initial time after 6 years it has grown for the consecutive years . Even the company has received many awards for its appreciation.

It is dealing with homecare , health care , nutritional supplements, cosmetics products which means you can take full advantage of products in your daily life . In terms of homecare it is providing many detergents , dishwashers and other smart gadgets . It has nutritional supplements which includes proteins , vitamins and other essential require for healthy lifestyle. Cosmetics serves in a huge range from the lipstick to maskara , from eye pencil to eye liners , from eyeshadows to blushers. All products to give shine to your beautiful skin to make it more amazing.

If you want to become the member of New Era company then you can join it through a representative or by their website. During sign up it will ask for your certain information which is related to your qualification and all . But don’t worry for the same because in networking companies there is no special terms & conditions on education, age , nationality and experience.  Afterwards you have to submit a sign up fee and you will become the member of this brand . You will be trained on the products and how to sell the products. You will come to know about the speciality of the products.



Although the compensation plan of the company is not revealed but as many people are connected with this network so it seems that it is giving good compensation plans . When you become member of the company at that time also you will get to know about it’s compensation plan or incentives. Apart from selling healthy products it is engaged in many social activities too. It stands for the environment and provide eco- friendly products.

Overall as a additional income source it is a good choice. College students as a part time job can apply , old age people can add their names as it is not a specific hours job where you to come daily . Moreover it is a always adding money plan even if you are not working, people are working for you . No one can become entrepreneur overnight , work smart with few addition of hardwork to become entrepreneur and fulfill your dreams.

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