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Belcorp is a USA based multi -level-marketing company. It manufactures and sells beauty and cosmetics products. It works with a aim of be the the best networking company in the United States . At present it is operating in many continents around the world with many representatives. It’s headquarters are in Lima , Peru. Erika Herrero is the CEO of the company.Eduardo Belmont in her 70’s also did his job , he worked till then as President. As US is a land of opportunities so even Belcorp took the advantage of same to touch the sky from ground with the height of networking stairs.

It is one of the oldest company in the networking market . It was founded in 1968 by Eduardo Belmont Anderson. Erika started her journey with the company in 2015 . In 2005 , Belcorp brought its line of luxury beauty and skin care products, which it sells under the L’Bel brand . It operated under the single -level direct selling model for almost 5 years . It gained success with the company in the Southern Hemisphere. Afterwards there was a decline in the economy in US even at that time the company believed that they can survive and succeed under these circumstances too. At that time Belcorp adopted a multilevel compensation plan.

During her new adventure plan when they decided of compensation plan , at that time one of company’s lady who had introduced Belcorp in the US market was taking retirement. Later Mona Ameli with the experience of many years in Multi networking company like Herbalife MLM Company and Shaklee joined the company. Even she has worked outside the networking company but again a come back in networking company made her happy. Ameli gave her best to strengthen the company so that it can reach good heights.

Belcorp already does business in 14 other countries in South and Central America and manufactures products in France. In 2009 the company was ranked among the top 25 beauty brands by Women’s Wear Daily and it added more than 8 million. It is the third-largest company in the Latin America. The products of the skin care are manufactured in France , where some the world’s most respected scientific laboratories and dermatological centre research and test innovative formulas. The products of company are tested by almost 1000 women before it is available to public. Along with that upto 50 formulas are tested before company approves any products . It cares for animals that’s why it don’t use animals for testing.

Belcorp objective is to empower women in the countries in which they are working. The company has even designed programs which help women to transform their lives . In which specific coaching and training were given to them . Many women’s in thousands were benefited with the program. They had started two programs under which they train women in the areas of self- confidence, business creation & how to become an independent entrepreneur. Along with it the second program was to provide scholarships to the young girls .



Belcorp sells plenty of personal care items . It includes fragrances, skin care , cosmetics and more . It is designed for very time of skin care . It’s time to say bye to the dull skin , dark spots , dark circles and other skin problems. It has products which will protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. It has anti- aging products so that your skin cannot show your actual age. It made products with the advanced science and technology.  It gives you a range of lipsticks, use lipstick according to your moods . Apart from it many cosmetics products are there which gives you comfort and confidence.



If you want to be the member of this amazing family you can join them through their website or through their representatives. The cost for sign up is $ 59.99 only . Belcorp comes with the good compensation plan in which you can earn good money. It has set the percentage of commission on the basis of sales in the month . If you sell products of $ 150 , you get $ 299.99 worth of product, earn a 30% commission. Get 35% commission on selling of $ 300 product and you get upto 50 % commission on selling products worth $ 600 or more . Along with it if you add member to your team you get rewards for the same and incentives on your recruiter’s sales.


Belcorp MLM Company is a good networking company to start your career with , as you get good commissions on the basis of sales and when you recruit people. The best part about the networking companies is that anyone can join it as there is no restrictions of age , qualifications or experience. You can become entrepreneur by just a small investment.


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