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Multi Level Marketing in Italy

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Multi-level marketing provides a lot of benefit to its users and that is one of the reasons why it is getting so popular among the people. You get to start your own business with little to no capital and effort. It also allows you to work in your own time and is a great source of passive income for those involved.

The principles of MLM marketing are basically the same regardless of the products and services offered by the company. MLM schemes are sales structures wherein a person sells products or services from a company that they trust. These people are called distributors. Distributors can get revenue either by direct selling of products to customers or by recruiting more distributors to the company. The newly recruited distributors are called ‘downline’ and the distributor who recruits them constitutes the ‘upline’.

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The upline distributors also earn money in the form of commission when people recruited by them make sales or recruit more people under them who make some sales. MLM marketing is often confused with Pyramid schemes which are totally illegal. In a pyramid scheme, distributors are supposed to pay a membership fee in order to participate in marketing and for recruiting new people. Pyramid schemes are illegal because people who operate pyramid schemes buy money from distributors with an intention to defraud them.

Multi-level marketing is in no way the same as a pyramid scheme. You won’t be asked for a membership fee. The distributors take up his or her role solely based on their trust on the company they work for and they genuinely believe that the product or service that they market makes a difference and want to spread the word.



Italy is one of the most popular direct selling markets in the world, in size as well as in numbers. This is because the economic factors are very favourable to direct selling (MLM). Italy has a very high percentage of women who are not working and generally low salaries. Hence, there is a need for an alternate income and people trust MLMs to help them with this. Also, since MLM has been in Italy for a while now, it is a part of the tradition and people trust in it, and with good reason too.

It is no new news that Italians are adamant about quality and a company will only grow if they provide something strong and new with quality to earn something substantial. MLM is considered to tick all these boxes and people, mostly women use this as a way of social selling with the companies offering them tools and social media which can attract the targeted audience.

Hence, Italy is full of opportunities, especially for inborn entrepreneurs who have always wanted to own a company but didn’t know where to start. The country offers a lot of possibilities and entrepreneurs have a lot of ways to exploit the traditional strengths of beautiful Italy like its amazing food sectors and the fashion industry. Where the Italian quality is often regarded as high by the world.

There are a lot of popular network marketing companies running successfully in Italy. As with other countries, most of the best selling and successful companies of the country sell products on nutrition, beauty and wellness. Now that we know about MLM, why it is getting more popular with time and how it is thriving in Italy, let us take a look at some of the most popular MLM companies in Italy that you have probably heard of, at least once.



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Vorwerk is a German company which was launched in the year 1883 and has a strong foundation of trust and age in it. The company specializes in home appliances and as of 2017, had revenue of  €792 million. The company is highly popular throughout Europe. Their major products are Thermomix appliances and Kobold vacuum cleaners which are sold through multi-level marketing.



Amway is basically a household name at this point and its origin dates back to 1959. Currently, the company makes over $8 billion in revenue and is one of, if not the most popular, MLM company in the world with a wide range of products in nutrition, cosmetics and skincare, wellness and home care products. Amway is based in Michigan, United States and operates in over 100 countries in the world.


Herbalife was launched in the year 1980 and is another one of the most popular MLM companies in the world. Their nutritional and weight-management products like their energy drinks, targeted nutrition products and fitness products, are used and appreciated widely for their effectiveness. They make over $213 million in revenue and is a trusted MLM company in Italy.



AMC was launched in the year 1963 and is famous for their cookware. They make over $2.52 billion in revenue and is one of the most popular MLM companies in Italy, as well as the world. The company is based in South Africa. Their most popular products include cookware like saucepans, Dutch ovens, grills and griddles, roasting pans, etc which are widely used by Italians.




Avon is quite an old company based in London, United Kingdom, which was launched in the year 1886 and has a revenue of over $5 billion. The company started out in New York City but was then shifted to London owing to the booming market in the United Kingdom. Founded by David H McConnell, the company is famous for its cosmetics and personal care products like deodorants, perfumes, makeup, etc. They also offer a very low starting package of just $10 which makes them a popular choice among distributors.



Jeunesse is a popular cosmetic company based in Florida, United States and offers high quality beauty and cosmetic products to customers which are widely used in Italy. The company is quite new and was founded in the year 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The moderate prices of their products are one of the reasons why they are so popular among the customers.

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MLM is a growing business strategy in Italy and around the world due to its huge potential and the products and services that we can get out of it. Through an MLM business, one can earn a good passive income and be acquainted with great products one will surely love.


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