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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is considered as one of the best ways to market and popularize a product. Here, the business roots are by building network connections and relationships. Therefore, the business will automaticaly grow as the network expands. Multi-Level Marketing business has turned many individuals’ lives to a whole new level and inspired more people to be a part of an MLM business.

Every individual in the Multi-Level Marketing business initially had a lower profile, and later they gained experience and a good set of skills. MLM associates transform their potential to create marketing networks with their methods and communication skills. They implement best marketing strategies for the success of their business and will earn a percentage of benefits and commissions from the sales and recruitments they make. The hard work on marketing and building a network will help you become a successful businessman and eventually get listed in the Top earner’s list in MLM world.

Today we will be discussing the Top earning MLM companies and more about MLM business in this blog. Before we go into details, let me explain Multi-Level Marketing and how people make money from it.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing model companies use to get their product sold to consumers. Multi-Level Marketing is also known as ‘Network Marketing’. Instead of directly marketing their products to consumers online or through retail stores, they use sales representatives to distribute and sell their products. These sales representatives are also called ‘MLM Distributors’. MLM distributors have the opportunity to work from home by purchasing products and sell it online.

The first MLM company was founded in 1855 and inspired many people in doing business that would forever change the role of retail trade. The MLM business model created one of the best opportunities for women to run businesses and took them to new confidence, independence, and freedom levels. The beauty about MLM businesses is that they don’t consider them as employees. Instead, MLM allows each distributor to own their business.



The common aspect of a Multi-Level Marketing business is recruiting and training other distributors to start their own business. These distributors will later make their sales and recruitments. Each person will be receiving commission from their recruitments and sales they make. And they will earn a percentage of the income generated by their downlines. ‘Downline‘ refers to the members you have recruited and joined to the network after you. Also, the distributor who initially recruited members to the network chain is called an ‘Upline‘ or a ‘Sponsor‘.
Many MLM programs are carefully constructed with attractive customer benefits.

For some people, MLMs are very expensive to join, so being a distributor will be much cheaper than starting a business of their own. So if you ask me, “If we can make a good income from MLM Business? The answer is Yes.”

In 2018, the MLM industry contributed $34.5 billion to the United States economy. In addition to the incredible products and services market, MLM is an attractive model for start-ups who can initiate their business with less investment and infrastructure. MLM companies provide the system to run an independent firm effectively, offering high-income potential. As we have talked about how people earn from MLM business, let’s now check the Top paying organization in MLM Business.



Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has become a popular method for generating income other than traditional employment. Distributors join a company to make money selling their products. By almost 165 years, 75% of MLM distributors are women working in different positions. In 2019, the MLM industries contribution to the US economy was $34.5 Billion. Let’s have a look at some of the top paying MLM companies in current market.



Forever Living consistently stays on top in the ratings as one of the best MLM companies in United States. Forever Living guarantee excellent returns and high commissions for marketing their organic products. Forever customers have significantly increased because of the natural product they sales. Hence, the current demand for Forever Living’s organic products has increased considerably.
Also, Forever Living is listed as one of the highest paying MLM companies. The joining cost is meagre, ranging from $88 to $250. A member of Forever Living will be provided with a 30% discount on products you purchase. And as a distributor, a bonus will be added with your income as an appreciation of your effort.


Tupperware is an American company founded in Massachusetts in 1948 by “Earl Tupper”. Tupperware has always been a famous brand worldwide, by their wide range of products from household goods to portable containers. Now, Tupperware initiated manufacturing and selling clothing and other merchandise as well. They also offer an attractive opportunity for mothers who are starting up with their homes, not only for the income they generated from sales but also for products beneficial to every home. All over the world, an average Tupperware dealer can earn about 700 to 800 US dollars as an extra income. You can’t list the highest paying MLM companies without mentioning ‘Tupperware’.
Today, Tupperware also produces clothing and a few other merchandises. One of the benefit of being a Tupperware distributor is that, you will be reciving a 25% discount on purchasing their products. Tupperware markets its products through 2 million distributors in almost 100 countries. When you enrol a member to your network, you will receive up to 6-8% as a bonus and up to 35% commission on each sales they make. You can also win a Tupperware subscription for three months, including some of the selected products for free.


doTerra is a Network Marketing company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, which was founded in 2008. doTERRA mainly sells essential oils and related products. Essential oils are used for almost everything. They also blend oils for topical treatments and even as purifiers too. There are waves of important oil brands out there in the market as more people prefer fewer chemicals. However, many have spoken out in support of doTERRA because they are committed in producing 100% pure essential oils. doTERRA has consistently been rated as 8.5 out of 10 points among the product quality. There is a high level of customer satisfaction rating concerning the excellent ratings, of 4.5 out of 5.
In addition, doTERRA ensures high customer loyalty, which helps them retain customers and keeps coming back for purchasing additional accessories. The start-up cost for a doTERRA associate is between 150 and 2,750 US dollars, depending on the plan and company policies. The returns are pretty high compared to the start-up cost.


Amway remains one of the largest Multi-Level Marketing companies in the world. This US-based company sold products worth almost $8.8 billion in 2018. The Amway company actively works in 100 countries, with 17,000 employees and nearly 1,200 scientists in their research and development department. Amway is one of the chief Multi-Level Marketing companies in the world. Amway offers more than 450 varieties of high-quality nutrition, beauty, and home care products. Among all the products, ‘Nutrilite’ is the most famous trademark product of Amway.
There are more than 3 million sales representatives who make money being Amway Associate. Amway MLM company has been paying bonuses, commissions and incentives for the last 60 years to their MLM business. Amway also encourages new recruitments for developing their skills and supporting them in marketing as well. Amway has reported earning around $205.42 million every month and nearly $2.47 billion as net income per year.


Herbalife is a network giant known for its nutritional products. The company started in the 1980s and is based in Los Angeles, California. Herbalife is famous for health, wellness, beauty products, and its protein and weight loss products. For over 30 years, Herbalife has managed to stay afloat despite its adversity over the years, more insourcing than selling products. In 1984, the company improved its formula and was then ready to open in the United Kingdom. The company has enjoyed immense growth and popularity despite the negativity hovering over MLM Business.
Today, Herbalife is one of the top-selling MLM companies. According to their reports, the company had sales of $ 4.9 billion in 2018, and its strong sales team also sells in more than 90 countries around the world.



This list of Multi-Level Marketing companies highlights the most successful, which have revenues in the billions. The top-earning MLM companies, Amway, Forever Living, and Herbalife, have outlived many competitors with their best quality products and services. Here is a list of highest earners in MLM business with their annual income and monthly generated earnings.



No: Company








1. Amway USA  $ 205.42 Million $ 8.47 Billion
2. Nu Skin Thailand  $ 86.03 Million $ 1.03 Billion
3. Melaleuca USA  $ 78.75 Million $ 945.0 Million
4. Forever Living Germany $ 67.38 Million $ 808.5 Million
5. Jeunesse Italy $ 39.38 Million $ 472.50 Million
6. Juice Plus+ USA $ 20.21 Million $ 242.55 Million
7. IM Mastery Academy USA $ 13.13 Million $ 157.50 Million
8. Total Life Changes USA $ 11.81 Million $ 141.75 Million
9. Success Factory Netherlands $ 11.18 Million $ 134.20 Million
10. MyDailyChoice USA $ 7.12 Million $ 85.44 Million




It is never easy to decide which MLM company to join. Make sure you choose the best company with growth potential and opportunities and has stability. MLM businesses offer flexibility, but that doesn’t mean it is a time-pass job. MLM Business is a job where you can earn much money, only if you put so much hard work and commitment into it. The earning range depends on the companies and the plans they provide. In MLM business, you need to be 100% motivated and motivate others to give their best performance. I hope this blog has helped you know the earning potential of the MLM Business.

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